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  1. GL_Xistel New Player

    Hey guys!

    Planning on going back into the game, so I started it up again and I immediatly was reminded why I had left:

    I finished the "core game" (I think), where I had to go to the Villains HQ and beat Lex Luthor. After that, I just could figure out what I had to do next. Suddenly CR was a thing and I have to buy armour? How does that even work? I bought some flash armor in the Watchtower but my CR is still 30 (I'm lvl 46 I believe)

    I'm a 100% PVE guy and just want to go through the story and episodes.

    Sorry for such a rambling post, but I really am lost.
  2. GL_Xistel New Player

    Hey guys, any help would be very welcome!
  3. Noble One Well-Known Player

    no your cr is 46 your level is 30. CR mean combat rating which is tied to your gear. this number will go up when you put on better gear. normally now you would follow the DLC stories via the mission tab (this is where you can choose to run solo, duo, 4 man, 8 man). also you journal shouldve unlocked new missions for you to run story wise as well.

    if you have a sub then you can run the wonderverse content while even being low CR. this is also a great way to boost your CR as everything dropping will always be better then what you have.

    also dont forget to do feats to get more SP (skill points) as this is a big thing that ties into your overall strengths for your character.
  4. Tenacity New Player

    Once you hit Level 30 you shift into the end game leveling system called Combat Rating. Source Marks are the basic currency for purchasing all tiers of armor I believe up until 264 combat rating, afterwards it will shift into a specialized currency specific to that DLCs content (Thanngarian marks for Metal Pt. 2, LexCoins for Birds of Prey, etc.)

    The supply bot in the middle of the watchtower, between the magic and tech wing will sell you the highest level gear possible (up until combat rating 264).

    Your On Duty tab is where you will go for end game content. Consisting of Solos, Duos, Alerts (4 player), and Raids (8 players).

    Hope this helped! If you are on Xbox feel free to add me @ NoKelvins :)
  5. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    So after you level up to 30 everything after that is CR and determined by your gear. There's a Mechanical Supply vendor by Central Hub in the WT that will always show you the best gear for your CR. It's a one stop shop as you get to end game.
  6. SekretVillain Dedicated Player

    Add me in game I can help you out with running your content, explaining things ect, in game name is Offending Habits USPS4 villain side

    I'll be back on tomorrow around 4pm est time (its 5:31p here now)

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