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  1. Justibu Level 30

    So I'm coming back to DCUO after a long absence due to a friend of mine getting into it and wants me to come back. Everything has changed obviously from what I use to know and I need a bit of help.

    I use to play Rage when it first came out and am looking for current builds now. Is there a YouTube channel I can go to or can any of you guys post your rage builds here? I'm mainly DPS, but will bounce between DPS and tank if needs be.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Pale Rage Well-Known Player

    Welcome back.

    Yes, the Rage power has changed. I am Rage, also returned after 3 year break (in January) and had some work to do in order to adjust.

    Firstly, there are guides about artifacts and augments that you can find, so I'll neglect to write a dissertation here about that.

    As far as Rage DPS, there are a few builds you can use, if you're going might based. You'll want to focus on the likelihood of needing more than one dps armoury, as you'll want different loads for different situations. Generally that is one for single target (ST) one for hitting groups (aoe) and range for the last (for when you're not geared and high enough to melee a big boss).

    For general use and aoe, I use:
    1. Violence (can sub for eruption) clipped with,
    2. Severe punishment.
    3. Lacerate (full animation)
    4. Outage flip clip last hit with,
    5. Eviscerating Chain clip last hit with another outage.
    6. Neo Vernon boost. (Could sub for berserk, but you miss out on the extra defense buff for example).

    For range: (if using the grim verum artifact, which applies plasma burn to enemies).
    1. Optional. Redirected rage (if you need a shield for pickup, or a quick drop in HP), remorseless recovery (if you feel you need more heals), eruption (if you're close enough to get the boss and adds for the dmg over time), plasma retch (dot).
    2. Robot sidekick.
    3. Neo venom boost
    4. Dreadful blast clipped last strike to,
    5. Heat vision (using solar amp artifact), back to dreadful, last hit clipped with,
    6. Eviscerating Chain (if using la mort artifact) or channel hate (until dreadful is off cool down, back to dreadful).

    For single target, same as AOE, but use revenge instead of lacerate, clip last hit into the combo.

    For tanking, what I use is:
    1. Ragebringer (pull, taunt).
    2. Severe punishment.
    3. Ire (for breakout to stop rage crash).
    4. Eviscerating Chain (for cancel crash).
    5. Redirected rage (shield during severe cool down).
    6. Hard-light shield (for next rotation during severe cool down).
    Hard-light shield is also very strong, so you don't have to hit severe as soon as it's ready, generally I wait until the shield breaks.

    I urge to focus on one side first. Dps or tank. The time it takes to build augments up in level, and artifacts, will leave one side significantly weak until you can build it up. Building both at the same time will effect your dmg output (dps) and your sustainability (tank).
  3. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Obsidian Chill does the most comprehensive youtube videos.

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