Returning after nearly 2 years. What's the best way to gear up?

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  1. krimzonk Committed Player

    Hi everyone,

    I left the game nearly 2 years ago and returned only yesterday and the amount of content I have to catch up is overwhelming.

    My CR is 126, any tips and guidance on:

    - Quickest way to increase my CR
    - what content should I run to gear up fast?
    - fastest and easiest way to gear up?

    Many thanks!
  2. VariableFire Loyal Player

    The easy answer that some will hate: pug some raids and hope for some carries. Between waiting for those, run whatever duos are relevant for you for marks.
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  3. Menelaos Dedicated Player


    Unless you are in a League that is willing to run them for you.
    Stay away from UM, BN and DFW...pug groups just can't seem to get those no matter what CR they are.

    When it comes to buying gear from vendors, buy only from the highest vendor until you can graduate to the next. Don't bother completing style for now. Get your CR up by moving to the next vendor. You can always go back later when MoT are useless to you.

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  4. r0kX1n9O4quzdJi Well-Known Player

    This would be my recommendation too,i've started playing with my current toon at 2/7/17 (skip tutorial) and atm i'm at cr 174 and going my way to my first cr 165 item (weapon)

    so from my own experience,do ALL duos that are relevant to your cr,same for alerts,always queue for raids

    Make sure optional role is enabled in your gameplay options when queueing for raids,raids like Happiness Home,Throne of The Dead,New Genesis Now and The Bombshell Paradox have atleast one CR 180+ who will faceroll everything,so these are easy marks and gear,they should take from 7 to 15 minutes each and enable you to reach CR 154 in no time (1-2 days)

    After you get to CR 154 go to Equipament Supplier 242526 and buy each one of the CR 154 items (exept trinket,it will replaced,thus a waste of marks),don't waste marks on styles until you are atleast 174,at this point gettings marks is not as easy,after you reach cr 166 queue for Raising Hades,most players who queue are 188 and will solo it,if you have a sorcery or earth (my powerset) doing Seeing Shades Again at cr 168 is possible (it takes time and luck,your pet needs to keep aggro 100% of time)
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  7. Crimson Veil Dedicated Player

    And when you do buy a piece from a vendor, try to replace your lowest item level piece if you have enough marks to do so
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  8. Menelaos Dedicated Player

    Aaaahhhhhh I forgot to say that!!! Thx :)

  9. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    Most new Vendors look like "Repair Bots" They can be found if you're a hero at 1st, outside Phase Changer,
    otherwise in the Hanger of the Tech WIng. Until you qualify for AFIII, then it's at Typhon in Gotham Under Siege via Portal or Urgent Warfront Mod.
    AFIII gear has best gear in Vendor (at a Price of Ancient Coins), or drops via solo in Gotham Under Siege, Duo, Alert, and Raids. The new gear is unattuned, and slowly improves as you CR improves. Unattuned gear is tricky to adapt to. Replace your lowest CR pieces first, otherwise the gear you replace may add no value.