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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Veritasum, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Veritasum Loyal Player

    Hello, I took advantage of the 50% off sale. Not as much $ as I wanted to give away, but enough to make some moves. My new favorite toy? Portable work station, ftw!

    Anyway, I have power respec tokens now to aim for those role specific gears. If anyone would be so kind as to point me in the accurate direction or provide a list of role specific gear that I would need to get while in those roles, I would be indebted to you. I am not sure how I would pay you back, but know you have my utmost gratitude.

    The idea is to not be that other role or power for too long since I have all of my efforts invested on troll gear on my main.

    Thank you!
  2. the swoosh New Player

    as far as i know the only styles you have to switch powers for are the t3 vendor styles.
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  3. Buckley Loyal Player

    yep T3, should be in meta wing
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  4. fyshinatux New Player

    I was under the impression that there were some loot drop styles that could only be equipped via role. Talon Lord is one that comes to mind (though, if it isn't for a feat then no worries). Are there any feat styles that are role specific? or have I been misled?
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  5. General Zod 10000 Post Club

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  6. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    There are still a few styles that are in 2 out of the 3 roles. Like you can get controller and tank, but not healer. Stuff like that. Zod has the right idea.
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  7. Gunny New Player

    I suggest stocking up on those role-specific style pieces in your inventory.

    If you run some content, and land a piece of gear that's locked for you, but a style you haven't collected? Move that bad boy to the bottom of your inventory. That way, you can collect those pieces the moment you switch powers.

    The style feats you should be concerned with are -

    Talon Lord.
    Aerial Defender.
    All 3 T3 Role-specific styles.

    Some of these are only accessible for 1 role. Some are accessible for two of the 3 roles, one being FAR easier than another. Rapture can be obtained by TP alert in DPS role, but they are actually rather easily obtained in role-gear in lower level content.

    Any other style not listed above is availiable in DPS, or in all three roles.
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  8. fyshinatux New Player

    Copied that to a word document so that I could use it when I get around to style feats later.

    a big thanks and a thumb in pointing to my URL bar for you sir. :D
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  9. TheRealDeathern New Player

    The T3 role specific styles no longer exist in role specif form only. They have added DPS to each of those sets, so that anyone can purchase each style set... it has been that way for some time now.
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  10. StealthBlue Loyal Player

    You can't purchase the healer style on a dps piece. What happened was the location for the T3 dps armor was reused for the first T5 vendor. So they now allow you to buy the dps style from the tank, troll, or healer vendors.
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  11. StealthBlue Loyal Player

    Rapture is available as dps in the Trigon duos now. Aerial defender and talon lord do not drop as tank or dps currently. I know heartshard doesn't drop for troll, and i believe kryptonian doesn't drop for healer but i don't remember the second one for those two roles.
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  12. TheRealDeathern New Player

    Thanks, I thought I said it pretty clear, but anything that removes confusion or misunderstanding is appreciated in my book.
  13. Veritasum Loyal Player

    Thank you all for the input. You are all invited for dinner at my LexCorp Penthouse once I place enough dining room tables.
  14. Gunny New Player

    My bad.

    I forgot to mention the kryptonian set. This set is also not available in DPS or some roles.
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  15. Veritasum Loyal Player

  16. LowerWiskers New Player

    This is incorrect. There is a set of DPS armor at the top of all three T3 vendors. It is the same style in all 3. Below that set is the role specific set and they have a different style in each.
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  17. Veritasum Loyal Player

    I have been collecting some of these styles in my bank. Ideally, I'd like to change my power for a week or two max just to get a taste for the power. So yeah, I wanna have all of the styles lined up ready to go.

    Am I right to assume that my feats menu will not show what style pieces I have from a particular role set if I'm not that role? And the only way to make a list of what I have is by looking through my style/customization menu?
  18. TheRealDeathern New Player

    I thought they had added dps to each of the roles, the tank the troll and the heal... your saying it's the same generic dps style set at the top of each of these role specific styles?

    I'm at work, and cannot check this. Could someone with access please verify this?
  19. Veritasum Loyal Player

    That is correct. They moved the dps set into the menu of each of the role gear sets. However, it is the one dps set that has always been available. You would still need to switch roles to buy the role specific gear.
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  20. StealthBlue Loyal Player

    a style feat will only be listed on the feat menu if you are able to collect that style. I'm planning on doing the same thing and just about have all style feats compared on my main (a tank), i know about the two that don't drop as tank or dps from looking at the feat menu on ALTs and not being able to buy the feats.
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