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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Plower Girl, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. Plower Girl Active Player

    I'm very curious about this chest mod. I always run with this because in my opinion it helps a ton when I am doing anything as a single troll. Everyone has always said that it messes up when you use it with two trolls though, however, I just realized I ran A&B today with no problems while using that mod. What exactly does it mess up? Maybe they fixed it.
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  2. TheDark Devoted Player

    There's nothing wrong with it.
    Players seem to make excuses for their performance and blame it. They completely fall for the visual illusion and don't understand how their own instant power heal works.
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  3. Little Sister New Player

    Controllers can use most of the Chest Mods; it's personal preference.

    Some players don't understand how Recharge works with Reserve Tank. So they think it's broken.

    Some players think Extended Supercharge means the SC costs less. It doesn't. It's not really helpful, because really, when are you going to get to 100% ? Most players use their SC as soon as it's available.

    Personally I use Core Strength. I know I'm not a Damager, but all Damage helps. I don't find the others useful. It's very rare that I run out or power, so I never think to myself (Gosh I wish I had 875 more Power !) Especially once you are T5, 875 isn't really that much.
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  4. Agnetta Dedicated Player

    if you build up your SC before instances
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  5. Volkenraider Loyal Player

    Disagree with that, assuming you have 135% SC before the raid starts and use it when needed (work with the other troll) you can have the 135% by the time you get to end fight. Use it right and thats 6 SC.. maybe more if you use the drone as gadgets

    Using SC as soon as you get it isn't ideal tbh
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  6. VIRALITY Dedicated Player

    The "reserve tank" power does not get refilled with instant recharge. In the heat of battle, you will almost never see that "reserved" power come back to you. Visually it's frustrating for trolls because it appears that your power is lower than full, and we can't refill it with instant power. It's mostly a useless mod.
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  7. TK PUSHA Dedicated Player

    i use reserve tank exclusively for controlling.
    don't listen to anyone that tells you its broken.

    Even people that do understand how it is supposed to work often overlook one major thing about the mod--
    -yes, you cannot fill it with recharge, BUT besides 'filling' a reserve tank from just PoT or being out of combat there are a ton of ways to get your reserve back IN combat:
    __SODAS, SuperCharges, Weapon mods, and especially Supply Drops which a large majority of players use in raids.
    ...Most boss fights i can refill my reserve usually 4+ times just from supply drops alone.
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  8. Little Sister New Player

    I can understand that point of view. I'm usually limited for time though, so I don't charge SC before hand.
  9. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    In addition to that you can pretty much just nuke one room or boss with it. Overall it isn't worth it and you'll deal much more damage just using penetrating strikes or core strength and over all you will deal much more damage.
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  10. Darth Loyal Player

    I get the eerie feeling that I've seen this conversation before. Anyone else getting a case of deja vue or is it just me?

    P.S. I'm pro Reserve Tank. I've made a ton of posts explaining why in many other threads.
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  11. TheDark Devoted Player

    And here is a perfect example of someone falling for the illusion and doesn't understand of the instant power heal works.

    It does receive recharges/defibs/etc. Visual confirmation off the blue numbers over your teammates head, watching their power bar, but most importantly, the Combat Log does not lie.

    If a Controller ever says that's their main reason for not using it all that says is that Controller isn't very good. Why? because they're relying on another Controllers instant power heal as their strict source for power in, aside from PoT, and not taking advantage of other tools.

    Reserve Tank starts a player off with more power and depending where they are on their power bar when their weapon HT mod activates, pop a soder, receive power from a supply drop, or pop a power return supercharge, they'll receive more power than a controller not wearing it.

    A controller's power bar is rarely at full anyway in high power in groups just like it is while using RT so I don't take that point serious.

    To the OP, and anyone curious, if you want to you can use Reserve Tank. Or any HT mod. Understand how the game works, specifically the Controller role's blue bar healing mechanics, and any myths you hear about this mod will be brushed off.
  12. Bokugo New Player

    It is immensely helpful to me. A lot of times I need to let everyones power run out so I can recharge the healers and tank. This just helps me spam the insta a few more times giving everyone more power overall.
    Plus I dont think a controller should ever have 100% power. If no one needs the insta dump, throw a cc or something. Your pot will give it back in a few seconds so theres no sense wasting free power.
  13. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    I just vote to kick anyone in any group I'm in who has it I'm a troller and I see what it does to power so I don't waste a second dealing with it i just kick them .
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  14. EPICQ New Player

    Are you guys serious? even the Dev's said it is broken and looking into fixing it.
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  15. VIRALITY Dedicated Player

    And here is the perfect example of someone trying to sound authoritative without having any clue of what they're talking about.

    Completely and utterly false. It DOES NOT receive recharges. Go into any instance with someone who has reserve tank as a mod, their blue bar will pretty much never refill.

    As a controller I would never wear this mod, and I hate seeing others wear it, because again, in the heat of battle, the blue bar is almost never refilled by controllers because instant recharge does not refill it.

    Yes it does - and as anybody knows, it takes all but 2 seconds to burn 875 power.

    And that power is easily burned with one recharge or power use.

    Which is just another reason not to use this mod.

    Yep, anybody can use this mod. Just know that the mod isn't very effective.
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  16. TheDark Devoted Player

    Prove that I don't please.

    Please explain to me how the Instant Power Heal works for all powers and under what circumstances they'll receive power. Then explain how in the combat log it states I healed ____ for XXX amount of power, saw the blue numbers above this persons head and saw his bar recover power while both of us were wearing the mod.

    I mean, why don't you just group up with someone right now. Put both of your bars at half way, both put on Reserve Tank and hit the IPH. Do it in a group of 2 then a group of 3 or more. Tell me what happens.

    It's fine you don't wear it but again, power bars aren't full anyway and I already explained in what situations the extra power bar is useful.

    The first 2 are obvious idk why you felt the need to say it but I thought you should know incase you felt you were making a point.
    As mentioned, it's effective under the right circumstances.
  17. TheDark Devoted Player

    They never said it was broken. Mepps said they were either "investigating" or "looking into it." One of the 2.
    That was said months ago.

    There was one time where no Instant power heal registered on my bar and that was back around the summer time. A few months later I looked into it again and I did receive Instant Power Heals.
  18. Plum Crazy Committed Player

    Yeah they been whining it's broken since it came out, and I have used it since it came out :) The ones who complain are your lower geared trolls or trolls in training. As I've used it since it came out I've done every raid no problem some people just make excuses for their lackluster performance.
  19. VIRALITY Dedicated Player

    Burden of proof is on you. You make the claim, you prove it. You accused me of "falling for the illusion". It's pretty clear for any controller anywhere that the blue bar does not fill up using instant recharge when someone is using reserve tank. It will fill up if power over time finally reaches that "resevered" power, but instant recharge will never refill it. I will do my best to record video proof of this (just need to find someone stupid enough to use reserve tank). If you were on USPC I'd ask you to group up with me, as I'd love to be proven wrong about this mod.

    Fairly simple, I can only go off of what SOE tells me that instant recharge does, as well as my own observation - "Restores Power to the three most fatigued group members." From my own observations, if everyone else's power bar is full, it will not refill the most fatigued members power bar if they are using reserve tank. If you're making the claim that you see their power bar fill up AND saw their power bar recover - I'd love to see it. Otherwise, I'm keen to believe that this mod does not fill their power bar with instant power based on my own observations. Again, I will do my best to provide video evidence that it does not.

    If I could find someone using that mod, I would do that. I would love to be proven wrong and hope this mod is working correctly. I will gladly retract all of my statements and admit defeat if you are indeed correct. Unfortunately, in every instance I've been in, this mod has caused nothing but trouble, and based on my own observations, is almost rendered completely useless.

    Many have commented on the fact that reserve tank is "broken", or rather, not working as you say it is. This spans from July of last year all the way to January of this year. Either they haven't a clue of what they're talking about, or you don't. Again, I would love to be proven wrong. (Mepps reply of "we are investigating" on this page)
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  20. TheDark Devoted Player

    The links you provided have players complaining about a mod because they don't understand how it works.That's what people do on the forums.
    The link from Mepps is just what I said it was. It is the only statement made by Mepps on the subject. Never is it confirmed that it is broken or was fixed.

    In the second to last link, Darth and myself clearly explained what's going on. Given the fact that a majority of the forum posters don't really understand how to test for anything before they complain it's no surprise there is that many threads on the Reserve Tank.

    Instant Power Heals return power to the 3 least (numerical) powered members. It is based on the numerical position of your power bar. Not visual appearance of where you power bar is. Anyone who is aware of this knows why a player wearing Reserve Tank is not going to be completely filled with power during an engagement.

    Find someone. Record this too. Go to the watchtower. Both of you wear Reserve Tank. Go to halfway on your bars then hit your Instant power heals. You'll see you it receives power. Then do it in a group of 3 or more in the watchtower. I'll be waiting for that apology.

    Oh yea, you said "in every instance I've been in, this mod has caused nothing but trouble," There are several reasons why this is the case and they have nothing to do with the mod.