Reserve Tank Mod, is it broken?

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Scarlet, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. Scarlet Level 30

    Looking for some clarification on the workings of the Reserve Tank mod. There is the issue of a controller's power dump not filling a players power bar past their base power when they have this mod equipped. This may be an intended mechanic, but to a controller watching power bars, it is a bit of an issue. I have wasted countless power dumps trying to fill up these players' power bars. First I think they must be out of line of sight, try again, and then assume they have a reserve tank mod equipped. Then I have to remember which players I'm not going to be able to top up with power to save wasting more power trying.

    If it is the way this mod is intended to work, maybe there is a way to let a controller know where the base power bar stops and the reserve power section starts. Perhaps you could make that section of the bar a different colour or have a visible line, rather than have them look as though they need a power dump. If its not, and its actually broken, can we please have a fix :)
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  2. Little Fire New Player

    Yeah this is a problem for me too when I play my controller. Is it meant to be like this? It definitely needs to be looked into either way.
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  3. Cable Girl Active Player

    Not that i control very often but when i do i find this to be incredibly irritating.
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  4. ARI ATARI New Player

    has to be broken, no way it could be working as intended.
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  5. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Someone posted this on the old Forum. The explanation was, that life-healing and power-healing have different mechanics. The solution would be to make the mechanic of power-push's similar to single-target-heals. Until then, the use of the reserve- tank is a bad idea while in groups...
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  6. Scarlet Level 30

    Thanks for the info. I went to the archived forums but I couldn't find the old thread. Was that a response from a Dev or a player based conclusion?
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  7. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    IIRC instant power out looks for the lowest 3 power amounts and pushes power to them. This does not mean the lowest % but the lowest number. So someone with a 2k power pool at 75% is at 1500 power, another person is at 1499 power max and at 100% is actually registered before the first person.

    At least thats how I remember it, I remember seeing it on some healers who stacked power mods.
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  8. TheForsakenEvil Well-Known Player

    The reason you see their power bars restoring more slowly isn't because of your lack of power out, but because their power pool is larger, thus requires more power to keep full. Frankly, if you're going to use reserve tank, you might as well use a feet mod that restores power based on your movement. I use Innertial (Incorrect spelling by the devs lol) Innervation whenever I have reserve tank and I just need to do inertial flywheel and it will restore 6% of my MAX POWER over 3 seconds, and can be done every 15 seconds, which effectively gives it a 12 second cooldown.

    Edit: To sum it up, its not you, it's their max power. Perhaps suggest they use a feet mod for power regen.
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  9. Scarlet Level 30

    I think you may have misunderstood, I'll try and say it differently. The reserve tank mod increases a players power pool by 875, a controller can fill that players power bar up to their base power pool with their power dump but it will not fill that last 875 no matter how many times power dump is spammed, however, PoT will. I'm pretty sure power dumps are supposed to be able to fill that extra 875 but atm they're not and that is the bug I am referring to.
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  10. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    It was a player. They seemed to have done some testing just to find out the reason, why a few players didn't receive power when their bar wasn't full.
  11. Scarlet Level 30

    I think I found the old thread, actually made by a league-mate of mine, who I did some testing with, also in which I posted :oops: (may not be the one you were referring to)
  12. Scarlet Level 30

    I'll quote Infernale's post from the old forums, he explains it well -

    Infernale wrote:
    We were having some issues with trollers giving power to some people, and are now able to reproduce the issue.
    It relates to the "instant" power moves like defib. If a player has used a buff to give themselves a higher total power pool (like an aux/atk soder, or the new "reserve tank" mod that in it's highest form adds 875 more power), the trollers can only give back power with their "instant" power dump up to the characters "normal" total power.
    So, say that I had a normal total of 2000 power, and I equip the reserve tank which would take me to 2875 power. If my power goes above 2000, and a troller uses an instant power ability like defib, I can not get power from that ability - so if I'm sitting on 2100 out of my total 2875, with no-one else in the raid needing power, and the troller casts instant power - I get nothing.
    Supercharges and Power Over Time abilities still grant power as normal, it's just the instant power abilities that are having the issue, and I'd assume it's something to do with the way that the "instant" power abilities have to determine which 3 players they're going to give the power to (the 3 people with lowest power). Supercharges and P.O.T don't need to "decide" like this, and they're working fine, so I would think that something about the calculations used to decide who gets the effect from an instant power ability that is broken by "power boosting" effects/mods.

    Hopefully we can get a fix for this in the near future :)
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  13. Infernale New Player

    It's most likely to be the worst if a tank was using this mod - as their gear doesn't usually give power without mods, they could have as low as 1000 power at their "normal" level.

    If they use an aux/atk IV soder and have the reserve tank mod, they could have 2358 total power, of which only the first 1000 is able to be replenished by the "instant" power abilities like defib. What the troller would see is someone with over half of their power drained (their power bar would be at approx 42%) - but if the troller tries to give instant power, it won't work, because the tanks "normal" power level of 1000 is full/above full, at which point this bug commences.

    I honestly think it's been doing this in the past before the reserve tank mod, it's just made it alot more noticable than mods + aux/atk soders did on their own.
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  14. Sytenia Committed Player

    That is not how it works.
    This problem only shows up when there is more than 3 possible targets for the instant power.
    I'll use an example to try and explain it.

    A group of 5 players, one of them is you as controller, the rest are possible targets for your instant power.
    3 of them have a maximum power of 1500, another one has 3000 as maximum power.
    If this last person is anywhere above 1500 power at the moment you use your instant power this person will not recieve power from you, only when this person has less power (amount not percentage) than atleast one of the other 3 then you will be able to give power to that one.
    This is because the instant power looks at the actual numbers instead of a percentage when it pick targets.
    Even when people have full power the instant power from controllers will still target them and attempt to give them power.

    This is an old problem that could already be reproduced before the Reserve Tank mod was there, even without using a soder that increases total power.
    The mod only makes it more obvious and annoying.

    This problem can be fixed by making the instant power look at percentages instead of actual numbers just like how the single target healing powers pick their target.
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  15. Scarlet Level 30

    This must have been in the old thread I couldn't find. It's making more sense to me now, if this is true it might explain why I thought there were 2 separate bugs, I knew I had problems at times with healers not getting my power, well before the mod was introduced and without other power boosts (this would explain why).

    I may have to start a new thread to get this fixed, now that I understand the issue more, and seeing as the voting system is now the way they prioritise the bugs.

    Thank you for the information :)
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  16. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    +1 Was wondering about this myself, And also of why I could never fully re-power healers to 100% of their bars(Always would be 35%-10% of power I could never give them and only my PoT would do it.).
  17. Infernale New Player

    Hmm, interesting, I thought we were getting the bug to occur with just 3 people in the group...

    Just tried it with only 1 person in the group and instant power was refilling their power including the reserve tank - but i know that in that type of "duo" group instant power works differently to anything considered to be an alert/raid group... I'll see if I can test it in an alert group.
  18. Scarlet Level 30

    Dammit, you're right. Just when I think I'm getting my head around all this :p Although, I did try to replicate it with a group of four just yesterday and it didn't happen. I think I need to do some more testing...
  19. Infernale New Player

    Sorry Scarlet, I edited my post (that you replied to) after doing some testing.

    I think we may have been having that problem in a group of 3 because we were in a raid? Even though everyone else had left, it was a raid we queued into, the others were still in group but outside of the instance, perhaps it was still looking at their stats somehow...

    But I tested with ra1nne just now, in a duo my instant power was refilling the reserve tank, and also in an alert. The limited testing I've done so far supports Sytenia - but I haven't tested in a raid or with more than 4 total group members yet.
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  20. Scarlet Level 30

    Yeah, after my own testing last night I came to the same conclusion, I couldn't reproduce the bug until I had a raid group of 5, which also supports what Sytenia said. It was definitely happening both with the mod and without. I was running five accounts and was able to adjust the power levels of them all, add and remove the mod etc., and the results definitely pointed to there being an issue with the way the game determines how the power is distributed. It seems the mod has only made it more obvious.