Rescue wins not counting?

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by ItsRem, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. ItsRem Well-Known Player

    It's counting towards "putting the safe back in safehouse" & "hostage negotiator", however it is not counting towards anything else. Namely "rescue 911".

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  2. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    For me it seems to be buggy in that way sometimes, that PDs count as Nightclubs and Nightclubs count as PDs.
  3. ItsRem Well-Known Player

    It's not counting either.
  4. iawgom New Player

    That's interesting. I was in a group with someone who earned "Rescue 911," however the Hostage Negotiator counter was awarding only 1 hostage per match instead of all 5. Similarly, the counter for 100 Safehouse wins did not count every win.
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  5. ItsRem Well-Known Player

    It seems hit or miss. I got my first win in Rescues, the rescue ranger feat popped, then after that, no more feats. I don't really know what to make of this.

    Also, I'm hearing that supposedly it's not granting credit for the group on hostage negotiator, it's only granting the credit towards whoever took the rock in.
  6. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    Is this Arena's or Legend's? Mine are counting for both, not too sure about the 100 win count feat tho.
  7. iawgom New Player

    I have received credit (albeit the incorrect amount) from both Arena and Legends. From what I understand the 100 wins comes from Arena only, not Legends.
  8. Sir Arcanium New Player

    It isn't 100% of the time but this has been a longer bug than just now. I remember with the graviton matches getting credit for winning when my team lost and vice versa. I think it has to do with the task for X. If your a hero and the hero's win you get credit some times, even if your on the villain team. On other hand if your on the villain side and win you won't get any credit if your a Hero.

    That's just what I think, it's not common enough for me to notice when it works or not however. I just know I earned a feat for X amount of wins when my team lost a few times and that's only explanation that I could come up with.
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  9. ItsRem Well-Known Player

    It's both. The only thing that's more consistent when it comes to granting credit is the 100 wins. For me, at least.

    ^ This.