Request for Furniture Additions to Ep 43

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Achikah, Apr 17, 2022.

  1. Achikah Committed Player

    So, Episode 43 is out and, once again to my disappointment, no new furniture.

    I know it was stated this wouldn’t be the norm, so I'm hoping this is the last DLC that won’t have its own furniture drops. What I am hoping for, however, is that we’ll see a few new items get added to Cheetah (the new base item vendor) in the coming weeks/months. I know these things take a while to prep and put into the game, so I don't know if it's even doable to request at this point. Regardless, I still wanted to throw out some cool things I saw in this episode that’d be great for us to play around with in our Bases and League Halls.

    • Dark Robin Transformation Pits- From the open world; would have to include the green flare animation though or else they’d really just look like a different size Lab Vat.
    • Apex Red Light Barrier- The red light barriers used to cage the lanterns. These would be SO cool to have, especially since tech dividers/walls are scarce (and they’d also look stellar with the new HoL Bleed Tube items.) Would love if they came in both a pin item as they are in the open world, or as a single wall so we could build our own!
    • Perpetua’s Throne- From the last boss of the new alert; could be a larger base item, for both larger base themes and league halls, or I’d settle for it being the size of a Throne of Skulls for more accessibility.
    • Source Wall Rocks- The raid is absolutely lovely and has the desert stone walling/debris I’ve been wanting for years. If there’s any way to make that available as a base items for the ceiling, wall, and floor I’d be over the damn moon (or moons depending on how many the Source area has, hehe.)
    • Source Wall Entombed Icons- This could be like the Sixth Dimension Iconic statues from the previous DLC where it’s various statuary done in the same style. This time though it’d be varying sealed/entombed Icons of the Source Wall. I know the light eye beams would be a big and pretty much impossible ask, but just having them as larger divider-eque reliefs like the Kahndaqi Statues would be epic.
    • Red Sand Piles- the flooring texture from the new raid put into a Sand Pile/Mass form like any others available for base decor.
    • Blighted Floor Tendrils- we have the coned Black Energy Tendrils, and the Blighted Wall Corruption, any way we could get those cool Blighted Tendril pools that spawn up when the tentacles do in the new raid?
    • Johnny Quick’s ‘Ring’ed out corpse- Ya know, 'cause it looks like Samara and Perpetua have similar finishers. XP Bit morbid but… I do have a few bases that could really utilize him. >_>’ Just sayin’.
    While we’re on the topic of added goodies for the episode, here’s also a list of cosmetics I’d love to see added when x2/x3 mark days comes around.
    • Any and all things Perpetua: The headpiece, the cosmic necklace, the tendril skirt, her hair, eyes- anything that’s possible, PLEASE. –insert ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney.gif-
    • Apex Predator Feet or Tail style
    • Apex Predator Henchman
    • Shadow Batmage Henchman
    • Dark Robin Sidekick/Accomplice
    • Darkfather's Alpha Box Trinket Pet
    • Metal Sups Hairstyle
    • Source Crystal Supply Drop (could have the standard colors of regular Supply Drops to differ it from the ones in the raid)
    • Perpetua’s Meteor Orbital Strike
    • Murder of Crows Orbital Strike
    I'm going to post my furniture requests into the Developer's thread too, but I wanted to see if there was anything anyone else thought was cool this DLC they'd like to see as furniture or cosmetic too. Feel free to add to the list!
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  2. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    I don't even need new base items to be actual new base items. There are literally tens of thousands of things in game that can be turned into workable base items. I mean they've done it before...

    Right now before i forget it I would love to see the fire, clouds and ice panels we got with the flash museum base items expanded to be able to fill a wall.

    also some of the pools and large fountains found in metropolis.

    There are still lots of planters, shrubbery and flowers we could use just to have some extra variety of color.
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  3. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    I’m still hoping for the star field door that 6th Dimension Superman used at the end of last episode’s alert
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  4. Achikah Committed Player

    Oh, I definitely agree there's a ton of unutilized furniture models the building community could benefit from, and several I'm dying for. Hell, I've been wanting the winged stone statues from both Giordano Botanical Gardens, either broken or intact, and and the golden equine ones from Metro since furniture became a thing, as well as some of the Art Nouveau paintings in a lot of the interior metropolis leveling missions. And don't get me started on everything in Fellowship Of The Arcane I want (looking at you Saturn Devouring His Son.)

    However, with each DLC, newer things need to be created anyway for the player base immersion and story, which they already were for this episode, and thus become in-game models like everything else. Hence the list. I can't see why both can't be a thing so long as the internal resources would be able and willing. This was just specifically for the Episode 43 tab, and the potential for a furniture collection feat along with it.

    Make no mistake, I'm for furniture in any form, in any way. Everything can/will be useful. These were just some things I enjoyed this episode.
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  5. Achikah Committed Player

    Also, I just realized I typo'd Darkfather's Alfred box as Alpha Box, haha. Oops.
  6. Zneeak Devoted Player

    It feels like such a ripoff to suddenly have new Episode-base items added to a vendor for even more episode-marks to spend, rather than them being drops off of content.

    If they can't make the base item-implementation in time for the content's release, sure, but not having them drop off of the content and only able to get them through even more episode-mark spending is lame. I'm getting really tired of running new content and getting old, lame placeholder base items. Surely they could swap those out for the ACTUAL EPISODE-BASE ITEMS once they release them?

    I thought the point of the Cheetah-vendor was to allow us to purchase base items from older episodes, not to fleece us off of even more Episode currency from new Episodes.
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  7. Achikah Committed Player

    Let's be clear, I don't condone this method of furniture rewards. At all.

    I understand the need for bigger ticket items to be rewards to fuel the rat race as the content runs stale, but unless that furniture is highly sought after (like base NPCs, new amenities, monumental/animated items, or specialized item packs) adding them later is a slap in the face, especially when every other DLC since bases were introduced had their own furniture pools and drops throughout. Hell, I would have been pleased with the Collections or Briefing giving up at least something, but again, we're rewarded with source marks and a single exobit or catalyst.

    However, I also don't know what goes into making the game behind the scenes, what the devs are going through or are working on. I know they're training quite a few new staff members/designers, and that there's a big update coming in 2023, so I try my best to give the team the benefit of the doubt, even if I am outright disappointed.

    So, for now, I'm just trying to get at least something out of this DLC, because despite my dislike for the Metal content, the confusion that is the storyline at this point, and the lackluster appeal of the gameplay itself, I did really enjoy the scenery of the new raid and found some enjoyment from items in the open world that I thought could be utilized in a base decorating sense. Just trying to bring some positivity out of a bleak situation is all.

    On a somewhat brighter note, I asked a similar question last DLC (since I unknowingly had no idea there weren't furniture drops) and was told by the Devs this wasn't the new norm and they planned on righting this in upcoming episodes. I had some hope this would be that episode, but it's not. So, for now, I'm just going to assume since this is the conclusion of Metal that this will also be the conclusion of this format of rewards for us builders. If not... I don't think Episode 44's furniture thread is going to be understanding and optimistic as this one was.
  8. Achikah Committed Player

    Few other additions that'd be nice to have-
    • The Exhaust Flame Cauldrons against the far wall in the last room of the Apokolips Duo
    • The Uprooted and Dead Trees found out in Death Metal DC
    • The Destroyed Lexcorp Cars in the Apex Predator area of Death Metal DC
    • An Apokoliptian Window- like the Window to Thanagar or World Forge, but with the view and frame matching an Apokoliptian theme.
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  9. Achikah Committed Player

    I just ran the event duo for the first time today and saw that around the lava area before the last boss fight there were barriers up. I don't know how doable it is for those to be converted into a base item, but if you could use a flat screen with that texture/opacity between two Apokoliptian-styled posts/pillars? Oh man, that'd be such a great base item. I've been wanting more standing, see-through dividers since the Sigils from JLD. I feel like this would be a great chance/time to put another out.

    Also, upon further inspection, Darkfather's boots and gloves would be awesome for cosmetics too down the line.
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  10. beardrive Committed Player

    Hello, I've not read any of this.

    My biggest concern with base design is lack of readily available environmental elements like wind, fire, water etc, and large room walls/dividers that divide a room and yet have enough elasticity to seal off corners. Many of my bases have at least one item at the end of each of a number of walls since so many of them don't fit against anything. Half of large walls can't even fit under most of the ceilings in our normal-sized lairs so corridors are usually a hybrid design of a number of walls/dividers.

    Look to the Coluan set making base items for future sets, as as most of those items are totally versatile in ANY base, as they have small handles and large items rise easily above ceilings.

    Windows are essential, and they've been thankfully coming in spades.

    Ceiling items are rare and hard to get unless attached to Seasonals.

    People like myself and others are talking about clicking on a wall for texture like stone, glass, computer etc. rather than trying to puzzle in wall vines etc.

    My biggest vote is for textured flooring though! Yup, Small handles, wide spread--like sandstone source wall material. Thanks for listening to my vote. XD
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  11. Zoe· YouTuber

    I want all of these. Did we get the Ultra-Violet Lantern Emblem on the wall?
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  12. Achikah Committed Player

    I agree with all this, 100%. When the Manor theme dropped I proposed a event in the Furniture request thread for updated, enlarged items for larger bases and league halls. It was something centered around Giganta or Mr. Myx where something goes awry and you have a chance at getting oversized or shrunken versions of varying base items. That way it'd just resizing items already in game. Again, pipe dream for sure, but it'd be nice to have some love for larger walling, especially since the 2 Story Ice Walls were so wonderfully generous with size and the clipping hitbox.

    Also agree with the larger dividers not fitting in the basic themes. The Housing Fences probably make me the most sad; I really needed them to work out in a Deco theme base I had to scrap since they wouldn't go under the lower ceiling areas. If only there were more dividers like Dark Stone Walls, and, like you said, more items with Coluan hitboxes.

    We did not, nor did we get the requested Lexcorp vehicles either, so let's add that to the request list.

    • Ultra-Violet Lantern Wall Banner
    • Lexcorp Open World Vehicles
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  13. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    I would like to see base items of the Shards of Umbrax scattered in front of the White House in the open world.

    I like the idea of collecting trophies from our adventures. We fought Umbrax (by proxy, at least); and a piece of his shattered remains is just the kind of thing to display in a JLA style trophy room
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  14. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Lmao the first thing i did “i wonder if Achikah is as crazy as i am & wants johnny’s corpse” xD -high 5-
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  15. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    •Statues Of The Other Dark Knights (to join BWL)

    •Devastator Floor Gas

    •Source crack/ripple (to go over floor patches, effect from Perpetua’s incoming Orbital)

    •Ultraviolet Construct Base Pets

    •Dawnbreaker’s Tentacles

    •Monument (League Hall item)
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  16. Achikah Committed Player

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  17. beardrive Committed Player

    Why pillars around the barriers? The Sigils, all of them, have none and they look great like that. In fact it's quite a bit of fun creating boxes and display cases if you have four of them, and put things inside them, like the statue of Mxys. XD

    BTW I love all your design ideas for base items, and so easily implemented as they already have the assets for it!
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  18. beardrive Committed Player

    Another thing I'd like to see is when the base items DO drop this DLC, even though they may cost in the Cheetah vendor.

    I think we deserve for them to be a dropped item in all the current content, every boss, and from daily/weekly lootboxes, not just in a loot table to choose from.

    We have been missing base item drops since this DLC launched; at least this way it will make up for it.
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  19. Achikah Committed Player

    I agree 100%. If plans and generator mods can be an inclusion of every drop, base items should be no different.
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  20. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    We need any floor coverings like the sand piles to be in both Large and Small format. Requested this some time ago for the Summer Water puddles (small version), but Charon is gone and the old list probably went with him.... There were a ton of good suggestions on there, some of which would be quite easy to implement from a modelling standpoint. Along with red sand piles we could use various rocks and a red sand ceiling item. Rocks that hang down, rocks that stand up, rocks that come out of the walls. Like zamaron but not pure crystal...source or red would be spiffy, or even both! (omg i know insane!).

    Halloween: Can we please get a thicker fog layer? like up to a short characters ankles? Some floor based, floating but not moving stand alone windows would be good too so we can add these to walls that are not against a base wall. Posters along the same lines would be great too.
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