Request about Changes to Light

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  1. Rich Homie Quan New Player

    Weapon Mastery is nice... It hides power imbalances, and some people even think that powers are balanced due to it because the scoreboard says so.
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  2. Sir That Guy Loyal Player

    i highly agree to the highest point of agreeing... HL needs change, it is currently in my opinion THE WORST POWER IN THE GAME
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  3. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    The guy who helped you figure out what you do agrees with Dr Strange and you still maintain the position it's fine like it is.

    You are entitled to your opinion but this borders on the hight of hypocrisy.
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  4. ErnieB Loyal Player

    You are using the wrong thread, that was made long before there was supposed to be any changes to each mechanic, there is another thread which was started by Captain Liberty where he explains the 3 mechanics, and how Rage, Celesital and Light are the only 3 powers that will never need WM to achieve the awesome mechanic because these are precision based power sets which already used the basis of WM to inflict damage, or as he called them the Top 3. He said the only way any other power could reach their level was with weapon mastery, at one point I even asked him if Light didn't need WM, and he said no, which is clearly a mistake as you have proven yourself. Our problem isn't using WM, is the fact that ween a mechanic that wasn't meant to be used by us to achieve the level of damage we once had, in most cases without even using a weapon.
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  5. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Again your incorrect. I started the thread and never mentioned wm. Chompers is still a 45 percent damage mod. Nothing in the original post will make it op. The set is incomplete and missing changes that we're planned to be changed. It's out of balance with other controller powers.

    I'm glad u enjoy it. Please understand I'm not and most everyone else is not saying it's broken. I can still fulfill my duties in either stance. That doesn't mean the planned changes shouldn't occur.
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  6. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    I'm with ya on the PI thing. I just don't think they'd likely pull it out after implementing it. I would rather it not be a part of the system but ehh. Thanks for the post. I really like that last part its hilarious.:)
  7. kajutsu New Player

    +1 just because i agree HL need fixed.
    I think it will never happen. kindda desesperate here.
    Only way to bring HL to top DPS power, is to use a broken power(as JC, which was a broken mechanism).
    Broken light, should be his name since it's been released.
  8. Grim931 Committed Player

    Most of us don't even care if it is top tier, I like, many others, want my power to be functional and more fluid to use.

    I wouldn't change the damage side's output, just the speed at which various combos throughout the tree flow from one to the other.

    I feel that if we had a more diverse loadout with a combo chain that was faster it would ease the use of more powers we have available. If some of the long cast type powers were different as a combo than with the power cast it might help.

    I've suggested a rocket type effect be put into place of the Minigun power. Instead of the long cast it would do the same damage as a burst, shooting two or three rockets at one target instead of a blanket of bullets hitting multiple enemies.

    Light Blast could change into the AoE that most want Snap Trap to become in it's combo power variant. It could execute a burst on a single target as a finisher type AoE similar to John Stewart's Legends attack.

    I also would like to see boxing's combo become a ranged combo similar to one of Hal Jordan's NPC attacks. He can shoot orbs of light lanterns. If we could mimic this and shoot multiple orbs directly in place of the Boxing power's chain, I think that would be a huge help as well with keeping a range attack combo instead of a lunge.

    None of these suggestions are meant to replace the any power cast animations, only when you combo into them with the chain.
  9. GammaGreenLantern New Player

    LOL @ you denying the high power costs of HL!

    Go give your head a shake....
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  10. denverweise Well-Known Player

    considering that the power is precision based and has the ability to combo into other moves AT NO COST...yeah I'm denying the high power cost of HL. Those moves need a higher cost than a comparable ability of other powers because they CAN lead to free moves
  11. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    Here's a hing to, when light was originally created DCUO was prohibited by DC from using the green lantern symbol.

    Since then we have been given rage.

    On or in at least one of rage's tray powers revenge, and I think on the plasma capsule consumable, used an animation the contains the red lantern symbol in an explosion on the ground.

    This is a huge hing for me and something I wish they would have addressed when they came back to HL.

    One of the main reason I use MA with HL is thus spinning punch animation that uses the GL symbol.

    One of the reasons I am huge advocate of snap trap being like Jon Stewarts light grenade is 1 - it make sense and cover a deficiency In light 2 - pays homage to Jon Stewart with a tray power 3 - light uses he green lantern symbol in its animation

    Really missed the ball failing to incorporate that animation somewhere.
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  12. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Your right about the original attempt/intent. I don't know for sure that that fits current user play styles. What the dev team envisioned and how the user base has used the power is two different things.

    I'm not saying that for sure this should happen but it could be looked into that is all. Knowing that other powers will be able to perform from the power tray(primarily) gives me the impression that our original power cost may become outdated.

    That is something for a green name to decide.

    As always everyone please keep the discussion polite and constructive.(not at anyone in particular)
  13. Grim931 Committed Player

    Also, to add to that we don't get any other bonuses when using combos other than damage. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't celestial get a healing bonus when corrupting or cleansing a power? Rage can turn almost any power into a precision based form as well as having burst combos that directly flow from the power used. These powers are in sync with their "Awesome Mechanic" and you just don't get that feeling with Hard Light.

    Personally I hate the standard DPS cookie cutter loadout for HL, I try to use a variety of powers as well as combo chains. I switch what powers I use often and when I use combos I can maintain a chain going through both trees. It still feels clunky and slow. Some powers just don't work well when using the combos, either they don't respond to inputs leading into a combo break or they are so slow everything gets killed by the more fast-paced DPS's.

    When in the controller role they are almost a waste of time. Sometimes while using the combo version of Light Blast my character even gets stuck in animation... Hard Light needs something done to get it where it needs to be, we can't just accept this power as is anymore. What some have asked or imagined wouldn't make Hard Light overpowered, most want to improve the power as it does seem the most outdated.
  14. Sixfiguredice Well-Known Player

    Wow just wow, Light power set is perfectly fine besides power cost compared to other powers. I just switched from rage so yeah if can play it a similar way and it does awesome damage. Dps/Troll I don't see anything wrong I'm still topping boards and putting same damage with the same dps gear if not more. Controll side is fine I play it like my Quantum but with a buttload of stuns and dazes. That one move can hit 4k a target forgot what's it called and has a little DoT that's higher then elects static push. Tired of reading Light is nerfed threads and switched. I do not regret it even though I had rage tank full t6 I'm having fun with this power in 91 dps gear LOL synthetic 5s for the win
  15. Worlok New Player

    Oh you get numbers that you can appreciate? Well, I guess we need to make a new power set where you stand in one spot and press 1 button every few seconds. It will be extremely boring but it's gonna have these amazing looking numbers that make one extremely adequate on a bloody scoreboard. How could anybody argue with your point of view that you like it and enjoy the numbers you see.

    I've been playing this power set from day 1. This is by far the worst incarnation. It's clunky and incredibly not fun to play. This is the opposite of what it was. I can barely stand to play my main as the other troller sets are actually fun.
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  16. Sixfiguredice Well-Known Player

    It is fun to play and you can switch it up I still can't believe that other Lights can't put out more damage it's not that's hard. Just because you can't jump clip to front load damage you think it's slow and clunky? You can still clip powers just not as much buts it's actually the best incarnation I actually feel like a green lantern not a mad hopping bunny. A few minor tweeks but Light is not as serious as most mention like power cost or maybe make there 35% add Crit Chance like Rages and Electrics Healing Move. You mention troll but really? Green lanterns pull is better then Quantums it's like Ices pull then Entrap is just as good as a Quantums Freeze. Impact stuns and gives pot now I have a quantum T6 but Light is actually more fun then that to me atm with so many different ways I could play it.
  17. FuryX New Player

    You summed up what's wrong yourself lol.. the am is a joke you play it like every other power which is apply pi-> wm-> burst abilty... or in our case small burst combo. It will get you by but surely it will disappoint those that want something unique from the class.

    Nobody is saying you can't stay competitive I don't think you are understanding the origional post.
  18. Sixfiguredice Well-Known Player

    What's wrong with myself? Please lol People should learn how to play there power and not try to make a power OP the uniqueness is already there you just fail to see it and ultilize it. Electric mechanic say what light mechanic say what you don't need that need that unless they change might itself in game but light can ultilize both might and precision. Light has uniqueness all the way just like Rage, There's different loadouts from melee to range they both work. A majority of you just want Light to play completely different like a new power completely. Just wait for a new power?
  19. FuryX New Player

    No idea what you said but now I'm completely convinced you don't understand what this thread is about.. not once did the original post claim the class is underpowered. If you want to play this class to its max potential you have to play it like every other class as I said before. If you think you can out dps me by stringing together construct combos you will be disappointed.
  20. ThatGuyLee Committed Player

    If it hasn't been mentioned already there needs to be an increase on the cone on fan. 2+ targets can be standing right next to each other and will only hit one unless they are in a straight line, which i believe is absurd.