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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Gangeral, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. Gangeral New Player

    Moving this post from Joker's Funhouse (I didn't realise complaining about player toxicity is considered appropriate for a "general gameplay" forum, go figure). Edited the post to be more in-line with forum rules and updated the timeline.

    I got out of an alert last night with two toxic players from a certain league. I'm playing CR appropriate content and these two guys with their high CR come in and start waiting for myself and the other group mate to die before they did the objectives. It was very frustrating trying to play in that group with them literally standing there waiting for us to make a move before they did anything.

    Occasionally they would attack a group of enemies and as soon as we attacked them, they would run away so all the enemies would focus us and we'd die. They tried this during one boss fight, but thankfully the boss room is enclosed so they couldn't lose aggro from the boss. This would happen multiple times throughout the alert until i just got sick of it and wanted to kick one of them out of the alert. The other group mate decided to just let things be, and eventually they decided to kick me instead.

    I've already submitted a ticket towards these two guys but I don't know how robust the reporting system in this game is so I just came here to rant. Please share any awful stories about how you've met horrendous people in your alerts/raids, cause right now it's left such a bad taste in my mouth it's sucked a lot of motivation to play this game (returning player here, just got membership for a month).

    P.S GM got back to me and said they're looking into the situation, so I'm just posting this for me/other people to air out their grievances if they don't have people to share their awful stories with
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  2. Brit Dedicated Player

    I've had plenty of obnoxious people in various alerts and raids. People who intentionally mess up the cards in Dark Multiverse. People who intentionally body block the jumps in Shattered Gotham to get you killed. All the normal stuff.

    My least favorite form of griefers is a very simple move in PvP. In 1v1s, which is the majority of what pops, I absolutely cannot stand it when somebody is better than me and able to easily dispatch me, but refuses to stand on the capture node. They actively work to drag out the Arena as long as possible, instead of just winning. It's such a simple and obnoxious move, taking a 3-4 minute match and stretching it out to 15 minutes, but with the same outcome still locked in the full way. It's like a subtle way of them saying "I am happy to waste my own time and intentionally go slower, if it either messes with you and wastes your time or pressures you into dropping the match and giving up your rewards.
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  3. Psyfur Level 30

    I was having a little dps competition with some buddies in DMe. Halfway through, the tank tells us in the nicest way possible, and I mean that sarcastically, that he doesn’t tank raids just for dps to have comps. I get that, but he didn’t have to talk about my mother.
  4. dresserball Dedicated Player

    Perhaps she shouldn't be in a dps comp then.
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  5. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    don't waste your time. just move on.
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  6. Psyfur Level 30

    I was worried no one would catch my humor.
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  7. Reinheld Loyal Player

    The sad thing is, that while from your angle this looks like they were TRYING to be jerks, some others might have thought they were 'giving you a chance' to participate. We've seen numerous posts on here where people trying to run old content at level end up in the run with an OP player who proceeds to faceroll the run and leave the at level people in the dust or sitting on their hands. It's a double edged sword. If they came in, wiped up all the mobs before you got a hit in, you might have also come in and lodged a grievance. Not saying you would, but some could. The fact is that most OP players would probably prefer to stay out of your run, but other than trying to put together a group on LFG...which is time consuming...they don't have a choice. Don't believe me, look at LFG at the number of "need 2 to queue into XYZ alert/raid...you can leave once we are in" shouts that go on for 20-30 min a pop...sometimes way longer. Not saying this is the case for your example...those guys were probably trying to be jerks...but MOST would not act that way.

    The issue is that anytime people at level get stuck in a run with super OP players, someone could have a 'bad' time. This is why we need a way to let the OP players go in on their own if they choose to. As mentioned before (like 100 times), a way to adjust the queue size should solve this. That way the 2 OP players could end up in their own run and your group would have filled (eventually) with some at level or near level players. Now, it's true you'd still see some OP goons queuing into old content and maybe do exactly what they did, but at least then their intention would be more obvious. Yeah, some would say this is unfair to the lowbies as content would pop slower, or that they wouldn't be in a run with anyone to 'learn' the run from someone who's done it before, but there are several options for that scenario. I'll see people in WT or open world asking if any lowbies need 'help'...and youtube is a great resource for learning how to play your role or for what the raid/alert mechanics are. It shouldn't require an OP player to do that.
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  8. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Leave and reque. Right now, there are plenty of people playing. My son and a couple of his friends have gone from brand new to 140cr this past week. Plenty of people playing, so just leave the toxic players to their fun and move on.

    Thursday I was in doing the open world bounties. Some low level was attacking NPC and hiding behind me. I watched for awhile, then moved. He kept doing it. Kids will be kids. There are other phases, and that's where I went.

    This isn't real life situations. This is people playing a game. If someone wants to troll people. Put them on ignore and leave.

    With everything going on right now. It would be hard to prove to a GM, without video, that they were doing this. Who says they didn't keep running back because their kids needed something. I've had people send me tells in the stabilizer mission that they would report me because I qued, got in, and my kid or wife needed something.

    Sorry, but just as you would do in a raid. Kick them or leave and move on.
  9. Lantern_AdamK4 Well-Known Player

    Just playing Devils Advocate here, but is it at all possible that because you were the appropriate level, and they were so high above, that they were trying to give you the opportunity to work your way through the content? A common complaint is when people with higher CR just blast through low level content, giving people who are at that level no opportunity to do any work or try. I know that personally, if I'm in a duo with someone who's at the relevant level, I'll watch their health and let them do a good chunk of the work so that I'm not just blasting through and stealing the experience from them. If the health gets too low, or there's too many ads, I'll jump in and take care of business.
    In the outside world, at my job, we have a saying "Assume positive intent" and I try to apply that to my life in all ways, and it makes things a lot better.
    I'll put a disclaimer that I wasn't involved in what you were running and so I don't know what the intent was. I don't know what was said or what was done exactly, so I could be wrong, but I wanted to throw out another possible version of things from a high CR player that often runs old content. It's hard to gauge sometimes. Some people prefer the higher levels blast through everything because it makes it easier, especially when feats are involved, but there are also people who want to do the work and enjoy the experience.
  10. Walvine Well-Known Player

    One my alts joined due last night ,Upon entering the other player was missing and did not type back , I check in score list and see 2 othere names with 0 score , Since they were all 0 score in a t9 instance it's clear their intention was to waste time so instead soloing I decided to put group player ID on ignore leave instance and reque ,If im lucky I can usually Run t9 dailies and seasonal for 4 toons in single gaming session or if I skip seasonal I can then speed run all 7 but it takes its toll on enjoyment , I don't mind if player takes part in content at min combat rating just do not afk when runing instances and make sure to click leave if you decide not to run it to allow reopening of instance for others in group , We going to experience allot players like this during this current event .
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  11. FlawlessTime Committed Player

    I don't play enough to meet them anymore and when I do stick my league ant nobody got time for that and even so with everything going on Shame on them for treating The OP like that.

    But sadly online gaming is like that and def with MMOs.
  12. Faerie_Knight Well-Known Player

    What I don't understand is why someone who's able to faceroll the content is bothering with low tier alerts. It's not like they are going to get anything that's worth their time from it. They should have already gotten all the investigations, briefings, and collectables (if there is one). The loot drops are going to be far below what they are looking for, and they probably already have the styles already. And they aren't getting Nth metal or marks from it. So why bother slumming in low tier content?
  13. Faerie_Knight Well-Known Player

    Expansion to above point:

    I'm considering doing the various raids I've missed, once. Namely so I can knock those missions out of my journal. As well as the various Alerts I haven't done yet, once to complete the mission in my journal or to experience the storyline I missed due to mostly doing Solo and Open World content with the occasional Duo thrown into the mix. What keeps stopping me from doing so is the fact that I'm currently CR 84, and it wouldn't really be fair to the CR 43 through CR 55 players trying to run the raids or alerts.
  14. Reinheld Loyal Player

    They might be helping someone get feats (the OP did say there were 2 people queued in) or getting them for themselves, they might be farming an old style or base item, or they might have blown past the old content if they were power leveling and going back to get those investigations and briefings. There are a lot of 255's out there who missed a whole lot of old content with the CR jump. It's not unreasonable to think they need to go back and go through a few times. BTW...on occasion source marks are on the loot chooser table, so if that's the only thing you believe is of value, yes...they are there as well.
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  15. High Troller Loyal Player

    be sure to place those players involved on ignore. personally, i would have left that group sooner to avoid that level of toxicity.
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  16. MsTickle Fate Loyal Player

    This and the idea that somehow everyone will already have the styles just because they're high CR doesn't seem connected to reality.

    Those of us who have been around for eight years or so can reasonably be expected to have most or all old styles and/or feats/investigations/collections, but people who have come along in the last three or so years, who have zipped through content, power leveling themselves at 10+ CR levels a day?

    Are you kidding?

    Carefully being sure to level thoroughly, collecting all styles and investigations in every instance before raising their CR, simply isn't the way most players joining the game in the past few years have been playing and it's not reasonable to expect them to play that way.

    People who have joined in the past few years zoom through leveling to get to endgame ASAP. And the game makes that intentionally as easy as possible, even if we didn't count CR skipping.

    I don't know where you get "should" from, but it isn't descriptive of the reality of non-longtime players.
  17. Faerie_Knight Well-Known Player

    But why race to the endgame? I mean, I understand the general view is the "real" game doesn't start until then. But that means you miss all the game's actual content.
  18. MsTickle Fate Loyal Player

    I completely agree, but I'm not one of the people you need to convince.

    Goodness knows that if any noobs ever ask my opinion, I encourage them to go as slowly and thoroughly as possible.

    For one thing, it's actually the quickest way to get everything done in the end; otherwise people have to go back and redo almost all of the game anyway, to get those styles, feats, investigations, etc.

    Which is the source of your complaint.
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  19. Reinheld Loyal Player

    Agreed, but you were speaking as though there was NO reason for a high level to be in there. There are several reasons, one of which is indeed those who raced to endgame (as most do), or maybe started with the 255 skip in Jan. Guess those people are just out of luck in your opinion? That seems harsh.
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  20. willflynne Unwavering Player

    Beyond what you mentioned, there's a variety of reasons. Some may be new to the game and anxious to run content with their friends who have been playing for a while. Others may not want to bother with all that "old" stuff. A person may want the newer shiny stuff that's available on the vendors, or they may simply find the new content more interesting than other older content.

    Add in that the devs make it possible for players to check out all the newest content for a period of time and you've got the perfect recipe for folks racing to endgame if they so feel like it.

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