Replay Badges - How have they helped you the most?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Twilight Man, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Twilight Man New Player

    They were introduced back in 2012 and have become so entangled in the way people play the game, that removing them would be like ripping off a limb.
    Some of us hated the idea (still do) and some of us loved the idea (still do). Regardless we've had a long time to get used to them.

    In what way would you say Replay Badges (RP) have helped you the most?

    For me it was the Summer Event of 2013 (i think) where I caved in and stopped hating RP and used them to re-run the Summer Event Instance rather than waiting to run it once a day as always. This helped me complete the remaining Atlantean style I had left.

    How about you?
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  2. Titans1373 Dedicated Player

    Any end game content. Re running raids for gear, marks, and experience. Taking all that with me into future groups and helping them out.
  3. Feydakeen New Player

    In 2 situations:

    - When Origin Crisis got out and we needed to gear up as soon as possible to beat Nexus/Paradox;

    - When I needed to level an alt quickly.
  4. Tikkun Loyal Player

    Gearing up myself and leaguemates in Nexus and Dox before the loot system was converted to the hot mess it became at the time.
  5. Too Many Toons Dedicated Player

    mostly for the feats thing recently..prior to that it was the very occasional Gates run for more MoW. With a crap ton of alts, most content I can just re-run on another why pay to do so?
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  6. Iron YoJimBo New Player

    Gearing up from Cr 88 after a seven month break from the game. used the ones I got for being legendary & bought the rest with loyalty points.

    Also worth it for content you have plenty of fun running. :)
  7. SkullGang Devoted Player

    Hmm well once I have enough RP and Fire and Electricity get fixed they will become very useful in getting my alts SP up.
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  8. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    I don't use them a whole lot, but there are a few exceptions:

    1) On the hero side, I will use them on the T3 STAR & Monarch challenges when my toon first hits the tier to get a good jump start in marks.

    2) Events - I have enough alts to farm out the seasonal currency, but I reset often to help leaguemates.

    3) Feats for alts - Glad I saved up a ton for when this feature first hit. It was a huge help because my 3 most used toons had many mismatched feats.
  9. MetaMax75 Devoted Player

    Getting my level 10 villain 130 sp. Made the trek to 30 even more enjoyable.
  10. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    I was on the hate them list. and I still rarly use them. I belive they speed the pregression up to much in the game as it allowed people to rush through the content and get fully geared in a day to a week time frame. which to me is a detrament to a MMO game which gets its longivity from running the content over and over to get better and to get better gear.
    great example are the tryhards that when a new teir of gear comes out they have the entire set the same day and then come on here crying and complaining that they dont have anything left to do.

    example: first poster : I reset the new t6 alert a hundered times this week and have all my t6 gear but _______ piece wont drop *boo hoo* can you increase the drop rate on ______ piece so that then I'll get it and complain that I have nothing to do :(

    second poster (two days after DLC drops): yea me too but I dont care about the drop rate Im already geared I'm just tired of the same old content all the time whens the next DLC drop Im bored again

    and so on and so on
    where if they didnt exsist people will still get burned out on the content but in a much longer time span and we dont have the same YES moments with gear that we used to have when you have been waiting weeks for something to drop and then it finnaly does was exciting. but hey to each their own I just miss the old way better
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  11. VariableFire Loyal Player

    Resetting the Raven bounty and grabbing enough pieces to fill out both roles(this obviously after they redid it so you could always choose a piece of armor plus a MoR). Aside from buying feats on alts that was pretty much it.
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  12. COMBATICUS Dedicated Player

    Got my alt from t1 to t5 in 2 days lol
  13. Rox New Player

    I use to use replays to reset, but I found it as a waste. I only use replays for league purposes and Feat Unlocking.
  14. Octantis New Player

    I got a character from cr 84 to 97 in a day (thank you Raven bounty). It was awesome. Saved me 3+ weeks of work, and spent the time saved chasing my toddler around the room. Good trade-off, I'd say.
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  15. Twilight Man New Player

    The Raven bounty is the only other place where I really used replays with a goal. There were so many different groups running that bounty and needing a healer, I kept bouncing between them and needing to reset it to still get my rewards. It was an interesting experience I owe to the badges.
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  16. 139 Masks Dedicated Player

    Using them on the lowest level and easiest daily I can find to get Marks for low-level characters so they can get Henchmen (and Henchmen 2) as quickly as possible.

    I was just going to do a couple easy Dailies each day, but one of my characters was locked so that they wouldn't reset each day after doing them a couple of time, so .... since I don't use Replay badges for anything else ....

    I am currently still Legendary, so I get them each month. I would NEVER buy them.
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  17. General Powers New Player

    Thanks God they removed Replay Badges from PVP.
  18. Derio 15000 Post Club

    It allows you to gear up real quick and farm things countlessly. Let them build up before each DLC.
    Many people dont know that after the game went F2P, that saved the game, but Replay Badges stabilized and helped put the game on the right track.
  19. Mary Bliss Committed Player

    Never bought or used a single one same as escrow.

    Learned to have a character for each day of the week I wanted to raid back in 2011.
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  20. Twilight Man New Player

    ...and I mean that.