Renown Earning Logic

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  1. Prindacerk Committed Player

    I'm trying to understand the concept of earning renown. To earn renown, we need to play Elite content. To play Elite content, expectation in general LFG is to already have the Elite gear for it. So isn't this a chicken and the egg problem?

    Unless you play with your league and they carry you until you earn enough renown to start buying Elite gear. Can't expect people to carry you in LFG channel.

    I'm talking in general player level (200-300SP) and not the veteran level with 400+SP.

    Wouldn't it have made more sense for people to earn renown through normal mode which then they use to buy Elite gear? Or get renown through buying normal gear and then that unlocks Elite gear?

    I'm just trying to understand. The difference in gear CR is very little. Max level on purple is 338. Max level of normal gear is 340 and max level of Elite gear is 342. So it's not a huge jump in CR.

    Just curious on the whole renown purpose.
  2. Limey Committed Player

    Your biggest issue is looking for logic from the general DC userbase.

    People expect elite gear going into elite content because they want easy-mode, not because they're following the intended function or logic behind elite content rewarding progress toward elite gear.
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  3. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    This is also the same people who will walk out if alerts cause someone dared to join and want to stay their support role…. Or leave the alert cause everyone isn’t 390+ lol

    Also the only time elite gear isn’t required for elite content is the first hour content is new lol (I’m being facetious)
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  4. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    It is something we have been seeing allllll the way back with Origin Crisis.

    With Origin Crisis the Devs listened to the Elite players and made the content Uber very difficult.

    But they gave the T5 gear Uber stats to make up for that difficulty.

    So sadly.... lots of gatekeeping would go on.
    People would kick you out of the group if you did not have T5 gear.... or if you did not have the Top Mods at the time.

    And for those who would be tempted to say form your own group.... it was the same.
    When people saw that you did not have T5 gear or the Top mods.... they would leave the group.

    So for many Origin Crisis was unplayable at launch. :(

    The one time I considered quitting DCUO.
    Although it was not just because of Origin Crisis.... it was Origin Crisis combined with the new Season 1 of PVP.

    That was a rough summer to be playing DCUO when we had both Origin Crisis and the PVP Season 1. :( :oops:
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  5. Limey Committed Player

    Yes, you are correct that many players are spoiled, entitled, and have zero patience. Unfortunately, this game doesn't have the funding or playerbase to actually suspend/ban all the toxic players, at most it seems like if there's a shouting match going on, they'll kill the phase which spreads everyone to different phases/zones.
  6. Limey Committed Player

    I recall the same form of gatekeeping happening in FOS2 and 3, especially after the glitches/exploits for those raids were fixed.
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  7. Leonite Well-Known Player

    Correct. League run is where you want to be running elite when you're just starting to collect renown. Don't expect to run elite in the first few weeks because that phase is for the elite players so they expect to group up with fellow elite players who are usually in their friends list.

    How long that phase lasts depends on content difficulty. For example, FGSe was untouchable to non-elite players for several months. I was hoping to run it after I've gained more CRs but the clamp came and now nobody wants to run it anymore, lol.

    Back to OP's topic, I understood it better when players were asking for maxed adaptive augs to run elite content because the augs provide real benefits to be able to run elite content (FGSe, for example). Also, it doesn't have the chicken-and-egg problem. I guess since recent DLC's adaptive augs now provide very little benefit to surviving elite, people have stopped asking about it and just look at your gears instead.
  8. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    I stopped worrying about Renown when Wonderverse came around. I got so tired of the grind.

    Only two weeks ago I found out the Renown in the Speed Force Elite gives you a boxes where you can choose which Raid Renown you want! So if people want to catch up, just concentrate on learning that one Raid. And play the hell out of it while it's around.
  9. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    SFFE gives a lot of renown. Each of those boxes is worth 650 so 2600 for a completed raid. Much, much easier to max out unfinished renown with the catch being you have to have some in order for it to show up in the box.

    We have elite solos, duos and alerts to help start us off with renown. It may not give much but its a start and can help you earn those first few pieces to appease the try hards who want easier elite runs. One of my lower tiered alts has finished one or two ROE runs but mostly does the solo elite (almost) every day and I'm a few days away from being full elite on that character. Sure there are lots of elite runs that tend to get uptight but theres just as many that aren't. I've solo healed RoE and NUE on my secondary healer with no issues yet I've had groups not want to run with my primary healer who is far better geared...just gotta keep grinding...
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  10. Rainnifer Committed Player

    Is that true? I could have sworn I had 0 Renown for Wonderverse and it still showed from the box, so I used that raid to fully complete the renown.
  11. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    On one of my alts the Shazamily renown wasn't there until I scored some from the elite solo. Same with Wonderverse elite (and getting through that Grail fight is a job of work).

    Keep in mind there may be something I'm overlooking, I never proclaim to always be right but I'm pretty sure.
  12. Rainnifer Committed Player

    Maybe it just depends on the content or level? I remember having to ask what the renown was called since it wasn't in my list, I had 0 for Wonderverse and used 8 boxes (with booster) which brought it to 6,496. So it was the last renown I had to finish and decided to just get another run in to finish it. It could be possible that I might've been in the wonderverse raid before but just didn't get renown (ran it loot locked I think and got first boss at least) so in a way you may be right still, have to run the content.
  13. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Before Origin Crisis... I was oblivious.
    I never encountered gatekeeping before OC.... but not surprised if it already was there even before OC.
  14. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    I remember having to report to Batwoman for inspection in the Watchtower if I wanted to run any FOS content.
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  15. Prindacerk Committed Player

    But SFEE is very challenging to get into and most end up dead in first boss. I have joined quite a few attempts and whole team ended up dead in the first boss. Then blame game starts and people start leaving etc. Been trying to get it done via the league. Joined a new one that seems to be friendly and active. Hopefully I can get it done at least once before it ends.

    Just curious. If I'm loot locked on SFFE, would I still get renown? Or do I need to spend replays to get the renowns?
  16. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    While you aren't wrong about all groups, as of the last few DLCs, there have been duos and solos that reward renown. Solos, obviously, are all on you. Duos, aren't that selective as long as you can stay upright. Alerts I found many people will accept a 'lower' player...meaning 380-387 (basically all drop gear), as long as you can stay upright and know the mechanics and don't slow things down. The raids? Well, this time, the E raids were pretty easy from jump. If you knew the mechanics (there aren't many), you should have been able to get in unless it was a feat run. With solo/duo or alert renown, you should be able to get a few pieces going to show you are some level of capable if inspected.

    Now....TSWE? Yeah, groups were (and still are) more selective, TSD...a bit less so. But again, the 2 flashpoint raids were not hard to get in even with 'non elite' gear.

    There is a bit of chicken and egg, but for that group at 6 or 7 of 8 for more than 10 min, you should be able to get in. If you aren't doing dopey things at that point, you should be ok.
  17. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Renown is part of no, if you are loot locked, you will not get renown drops either without replays.

    Good luck.
  18. Prindacerk Committed Player

    Maybe it has to do with the timing or because people want to rush through the 3x token farming. The solo/duo are fine. I can stack up on sodas and go through them. But I would need to do the solo 65 times to get full renown. That's just more than 2 months of grinding. Not a problem. Just mentioning the time it takes. Alerts seem to be more picky. Because I play support roles like healer or troller, when they spec and I don't have Elite gear, I get kicked out. Raids I don't even have to ask.

    And Renowns can't be purchased on alts using replays as well. So I would have to grind them on each alt. So 5 alts getting enough renown just from solo missions means almost 10 months worth of grinding.

    And my main point is the purpose of it. For example if you reach the max Elite gear, you have maximized your stats which means the Elite raid you have conquered. So I guess Elite Plus is the additional challenge? Now if the renown was dropping on normal where you get to level up and buy Elite gear which makes you fit to do Elite missions, it would seem gradual challenge increase wouldn't it?
  19. Leonite Well-Known Player

    Right now, I'd say most people run elite for the feat and the small CR bump. Few would run elite plus afterwards.
  20. bboy-rei Well-Known Player

    You will need minimum 3 SFFE runs to max one episode's renown, with 4 bosses, each box gives 650 renown (10 to 6500, 9 with a booster). Aside from one really bad group and one that disbanded on the 3rd boss, I haven't had issues through using LFG on US Villain side and was able to max renown from two episodes. Without replays, you can get up to two maxed throughout the anniversary, even better if you have multiple toons that can run it.
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