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  1. TunezCottage New Player

    So I had a thought on a quick way to balance and push the amount of people playing PVP up. Remove tier gear and make it all cosmetic. Hear me out. Who plays PVP? It's either the people who love it and recognize it's a mode that takes skill (i.e. tiers are irrelevant) or newcomers. I mean newcomers try it out, see if they like it or else they'll most likely never play it again unless they're feat hunting. Which is basically impossible as is because it takes ages to even get into a lobby.

    What do you guys think? It's a simple solution, and I genuinely think it would work.
  2. Brit Dedicated Player

    I personally believe this would be counter-intuitive. The big upticks that we see in PvP happens every time we get a new gear suit. Even the people who enjoy PvP stop playing it eventually when there are no rewards left. If you take away the gear treadmill, you take away the reason to play.

    In contrast, what they really need to do is release the CR102 set, and have a minimum of one new PvP suit with slightly upgraded stats per year. Create the semblance of a PvP season with people working towards the new suit. Then, older suits need to have their costs significantly decreased so that playing catch-up does not involve thousands of match-ups being played at a handicap.
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  3. IceRaider Committed Player

    They need to release a few new maps a year in the market place for 2.99 to 9.99 depending on the size of the map and objectives used to win a match. If it's a small map for 1v1 or 2v2 2.99 4v4 and 5v5 medium maps 4.99 and large scale maps featuring 8v8 I'd like to see free for alls added personally 9.99. Put effort into them, release a couple a year tied to current dlc stories. Extra income to work towards some QoL PvP fixes.
  4. Koolguy1609 New Player

    I tend to enjoy the pvp gear, pvp is what strives me to keep playing because I want to get better and actually be capable of competing with others. How is this done? by giving me a physical goal to strive for (the highest pvp gear.)
  5. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    If you look at the stats. The tier gear is really not a big deal. It's more like the difference between elite and regular gear in PvE. Do you need 101 gear to pvp and be successful, no. It's more of a badge of honor that you spent the time grinding. Kind of how skill points were before time capsules.

    The only thing I believe that will not save PvP, but bring people back is new feats. I play with many completionists. The only way you'll get them in there are feats. When the Harley map was released. There was a nice surge of people to que with. Once feats are completed, people move on.

    My thought, just run seasons like every other game. Bring out some type of gear every 8 to 12 weeks. Add some type of free, maybe reduced for legendary members or something. The gear no longer has to increase stats, because they are capped at a certain point anyway. Just come out with new styles, with feats. Challenges with new feats. Maybe a map with each or every other season. Oan Science Cell for the win!!!

    There are plenty of things they could be doing. Just wish they would move on it. There were so many people that play DCUO not just because they love it, but because of the time sink. If they introduce feats, many will come.

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