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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Predicament, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Predicament Well-Known Player

    As a Legendary member of the game, we are at the highest level of membership to the game and yet we have a cap on the amount of prom lockboxes we get every 30 days,(15 max per 30 day cycle). I don't find this fair as a paying player, I would just like to suggest not having a cap on them, with the ability to get triple station cash a premium player can be on level with Prom. Boxes by buying 3 5packs of keys for 3.33$ for a total of 9.99$. A legendary pays 15$ a month. I know we also get a few more perks but for most end game players having a cap on cash and more auction house slots isn't much. Station cash still works on DLCs and we can purchase those for 3.33$ with the triple station cash sale as well. I just feel a cheated because this month's run of lockboxes i received 15 sodas out of 15 possible boxes, and yes i know it's random and i'm fine with sodas being in the boxes, but there are more things added and going to be added into these boxes and will hurt my chances of getting a ring, neck piece, or styles to help me finish feats. Either remove sodas or just not put a cap on the number of boxes a player receives, we as legendary pay for 30 days of legendary status but only really get 15 days of full legendary and then we get handicapped.
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  2. Statman New Player

    While I don't neccessarily support increasing the lockbox allocation each month (I honestly don't think it's neccessary, they're not that special), there needs to be a soda adjustment.
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  3. Maxx_Watt Loyal Player

    I havnt gotten a box in at least a month,
  4. Predicament Well-Known Player

    I currently have 4 full stacks of sodas in my bank 2 stacks of dps and 2 stacks of support, 48 sodas in the last 3 months. So yeah something needs to be done, random is random, but something needs to be done statistically to fix this remove sodas to increase chances of getting other things, or not cap boxes to increase our chances of getting things, I say remove cap so more boxes just drop in general so even if you're not legendary SOE is making more money on people buying more keys.
  5. Statman New Player

    I think an adjustment to the drop formula would be better off. More boxes more often than not means more sodas, which isn't neccessarily solving the issue you're having.
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  6. Zizzi New Player

    I think a combination of ideas would be the best:
    More boxes per month
    More items in those boxes
    Lower the Soda rate slightly and increase the rate of everything else
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  7. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    Agreed with everything mentioned.
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  8. Predicament Well-Known Player

    I would love for this to happen but it's gotten to a point where I would compromise one of the two... which is sad, this wasn't a huge problem when those boxes first came out because it was just sodas and neck/rings, now they added auras/glows and styles so the stat went from 1 out of 3 chance in getting a ring/neck to 1 out of 21 chance in getting something other than a soda (12 styles and 6 auras added)
  9. Midnight Strike New Player

    I have a lot of alts, so more boxes per toon wouldn't affect me personally, but I can see the need if you're only playing one. I am tired of getting so many soders.
  10. tukuan Devoted Player

    If not adjust the ATK/AUX drop at least add a furniture drop to them. Don't get me started on the WW/Cyborg styles, 2 pieces of Cyborg is all I've ever seen over multiple toons.
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  11. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    They just need to start adding more variety to promboxes.

    Break out some new 52 styles. Break out some golden age, silver age styles. Break out some new flexsuit styles. Break out some new accessories like bandoliers that have several knives attaches, multipouch bandoliers (think checkmate belt) or a combo multi pouch-multi weapon bandolier, or several hand guns attached, bullet bandoliers, cross bandoliers so people can get their Rambo styles on etc. Generic helmet #24 or something. Tons of styles to add. Just tons of stuff to start adding more variety overall.

    I still dont have might rings with might affinities, one troller ring with vit affinity, troller neck with vit affinity, need just about all the cyborg styles (only have hands and boots). I completed the noble warrior set, but havent seen either of these styles in ages.

    Mo' stuffs fo da prombox yo.
  12. Luckyme92781 Well-Known Player

    Send in a ticket. This happened to me twice. Turned out that my lockbox cap never reset. So they reset it for me.
  13. uXix Committed Player

    If they won't remove the cap then at least give us a way to know when the cap is reached and when it will reset again so I don't play my alt for nothing (that's why I made it).
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  14. Zylo Committed Player

    there shouldint be any restrictions/cap/limits to legendary members. 4aminitys in a lair? really? keep the restriction to freemium and premium players. give us a freaken reason to subcribe then be restricted to stupid reasons. 15lockboxes is ez to obtain in a month. only way to get more is to make an alt which I shouldint have to do.
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  15. Predicament Well-Known Player

    I completely agree, the whole restricting us on things just doesn't seem right when we pay for this game monthly
  16. BlackLanternCore New Player

  17. Designated Well-Known Player

    I think we should have a cap because if you remove it, many players will get everything they want out of the boxes in a month (four a day at six hours per box). After that you can say goodbye to a lot of Legendary subscribers and therefore funding. I do believe that we should have the cap increased so that there is greater incentive for premium and free players to become Legendary and further fund the game.

    Of course I am presupposing that the funding will go to new and more interesting raids, alerts and gear, and not couches.
  18. Ice Lantern New Player

    I don't really think it's needed. As far as the colas go, I've gotten to the point to where I prefer getting colas over yet another necklace or ring that I have no need for. There are still come rings I'd like to have, but at this point a random cola is better for me than a random aura, ring, or neck.
  19. Brit Loyal Player

    I destroy all my Promethium sodas.

    I heal, so I have no need for the DPS ones.
    The AUX sodas have a lower Resto bonus than Nutri IVs, so I can't use those either.

    That means the majority of boxes contain something that I destroy. And the boxes is the only reason remaining for me to be subscribed.

    I want to stay Legendary; really I do. But I need the Legendary plan to offer something that I couldn't get by spending the same $15 on Station Cash. Right now it feels like I'm paying $15/month for character slots in a game where alts are pointless, unlimited cash cap in a game where almost everything is No Trade and couldn't be purchased anyways, and 15 keys for 15 boxes which will contain 14 sodas that go straight to the trash can, and then one ring that still will not be Resto/Resto affinity.

    Please, I've been non-stop subbed since launch; give me a reason to keep throwing money at you.
  20. Redhot Well-Known Player

    I only managed to get 6 boxes this month then I stopped getting them its so stupid @@