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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Lightful, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. Lightful New Player

    Is there someway the devs can implement a remote that allows players access to their mainframe? It can hinder raid progress when players have to leave and go renew their generators/upgrades.

    Or at the very least have a blue symbol similar to the damaged gear symbol, that pops up next to the radar and represents mainframe maintenance. When the mainframe is a couple days away from shutting down, the symbol will turn red to help give players a more accurate description of time.

    If my fellow players like this idea, please give this post a +1.
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  2. Minnion Devoted Player

    This would work great as another Legendary Perk... +1
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  3. THEMYGOD New Player

    Please consider this. I'm of the opinion a status indicator should have been a standard feature at the outset. It's very easy to miss those chat window notifications.
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  4. Lightful New Player

    Lol I'm sure freemiums will appreciate this.
  5. myandria Item Storage

    Hmm...great idea!

    It reminds me of COH and how players could go to certain buildings to access their base maintenence menu. For example, on the hero side players could visit certain City Hall buildings and talk to the Supergroup NPC for remote base access. The chat menu had a base upkeep notification toggle; if it was turned on, a message popped up when your base rent needed to be paid when you logged into the game. If you were the Supergroup Leader or an officer with access to base upkeep payments, then you could go and pay the upkeep with the Supergroup's funds.
  6. Starblast Well-Known Player

    this is cool and would be convenient and all but would render having a base somewhat pointless aside from vanity. the whole left/right centers of the watchtowers are now pointless since they condensed the bank/ah/mail all into one area. Not that I'm complaining I'm just saying I never hardly leave one wing ever anymore. I would almost rather them remove the wait time from teleporting between your base and the WT/HOD. I think that would be a better idea. They could still leave the warp option wait if you are warping from gotham/metro etc. but I don't see why we should have to wait if we warp from base to HQ.
  7. Lightful New Player

    Well that's the point. It was the whole "create your own base" concept that was suppose to draw buyers. That was the highlight of the DLC. Not "visit occasionally to pay your dues to your generator".

    Even if they didn't implement a remote, a mainframe icon would suffice.
  8. JoshuaBagwell Committed Player

    i hate it when I get new gear and put it on just to forget that I need to get a new mod.
    Think easy fix for this is when you equip new gear the mods transfer over
  9. Starblast Well-Known Player


    that doesn't make any're asking for remote access to lair features so you don't have to visit your lair so clearly you don't want to "visit occasionally to pay your dues to your generator". if you are into the vanity aspect of it then you would have to visit your lair so it shouldn't matter to you if you have remote access to its features or not. not sure if you've read much of the forums in the past but the whole lair DLC was not all that well received until they added the generator/mainframe stuff and they are still constantly adding ideas to engage people into being more into their lairs. adding remote access would just be throwing a lot of that out the window. there are already enough bare bones empty lairs as it is as evident in pvp battles. I really doubt this is something they would ever do as they want people to have an interest in building a layer.
  10. Dogzday Dedicated Player

    Well I think that's immoral. Here's why. How would you feel if you pay for a DLC and cannot access all of its features? You are told you must subscribe in order to access the Mainframe remotely. By making remote access exclusive to Legendary players, you are hurting the Premiums.

    Sorta like how some people were trying to claim that cash cap should increase once you get to T5 (mainly T5, because this is where Exobyte Mods are NECESSARY). That people could not afford Interface Types. That people who have DLC7 should be able to get the Interface Type Vs even though they are not Legendary, and hence argued the cash cap should increase.

    In that case, you people who buy DLC7, do NOT buy Interface Type Vs. Exobytes and their upgrades are NOT bound to a DLC. They have been introduced in a major update somewhere near when it went F2P I believe.

    Just as they are not bound to a DLC as they did not ship out in one, Home Turf and ALL of its features can only be accessed via having that DLC. There is a HUGE exception to this - DCUO decided that EVERYONE can have a lair and some benefits. If either a Freemium, Premium, or Legendary (exclusive) were to benefit from a DLC despite owning the DLC, then all must benefit. Doesn't make sense to me because the devs have mentioned they will expand on Home Turf.

    They said something like being able to create PvP or PvE challenges in your base, different layouts, something to do with the Generator thing in the basement of your base, and a whole bunch of other things.

    If the person owns the DLC, the should have all of the DLC features.
    If the person does not own the DLC, it's up to the devs and how they want to market/advertise/tease some DLC content to the people so they are enticed to get it.

    I strongly agree that the modern 21st century superheroes of a city as advanced as Gotham and Metropolis, that our PDAs should get a new upgrade allowing us to upgrade/maintain our Mainframe/Generator at any time.
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  11. Minnion Devoted Player

    It was just a thought... (Perhaps an amoral moneygrubbing one as you have said but I still suggested it since popular opinion is that SOE wants people to sub up rather than remain premium. But eh, if done your way Legendary players would still get the same benefit.)
  12. Poo New Player

    Lairs are 100% completely useless.

    The fact that mainframes and what not expire w/o warning is a terrible design.

    I don't understand how some things get approved.
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  13. Poo New Player

    There are notifications?!
  14. Poo New Player

    Freemiums are not real people.
  15. Dogzday Dedicated Player

    Fair enough, I understand if it was just a thought, but it's good you brought it up so people can talk about it.
  16. Dogzday Dedicated Player

    They have feelings too... These...


    (Fallout: New Vegas DLC Old World Blues reference)
  17. THEMYGOD New Player

    Yes, or at least there used to be. For sure, I used to get messages that my mods had expired. Haven't noticed if that's still the case.
  18. cravex15 Dedicated Player

    No one would ever go to their bases again.
  19. Wilder Midnight New Player

    they should give the old mail space the same treatment as the bank space. put the mail, broker and bank all next to each other with r and d vendors and stations.
  20. randomkeyhits Dedicated Player

    I'd actually rather be able to have the ability to top up my mainframe.

    Got 15 days left? click on the battery, pay for 15 days to bring up to 30 again.

    Got 10 days left on boost 2 tactical mods? click and pay the number of marks needed to bring it up to 30 again.

    I don't even mind if the devs round up so I lost a bit of a mark occasionally. It is much, much more convenient this way.
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