Releasing content the same week MGS:V gets released?

Discussion in 'Joker’s Funhouse (Off Topic)' started by Galil ACE, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Galil ACE Well-Known Player

    It seems like a bad idea to me, don't you think?
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  2. Delta795 New Player

    Many people (like me) don't actually like MG
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  3. Vesper Dedicated Player

    No, seems just fine to me. Reminds peeps that there are more fun things to do with their video game hobby than play MG.
  4. Van_Gho Committed Player

    And other people (like mike) know that choosy moms choose jif
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  5. Dark Horus Dedicated Player

    I already preordered and can't wait to play but that doesn't mean I still won't log into Dcuo
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  6. Delta795 New Player

    Ugh Jif?
  7. Xenia B Well-Known Player

    So you are saying that DCUO shouldn't put out content at the same time that could keep people from leaving to another game?
  8. Scarlet Rise Loyal Player

    Of course their will likely be players that will not play Phantom Pain. The question is will there be enough that do to hurt DCUO sales and population.

    Note: The design of Phantom Pain is different enough to where no one (outside of playing it) should truly know if it is "fun" for them.
  9. Ichiro Loyal Player

    What's MGS:V
  10. Scarlet Rise Loyal Player

    It is not an unsound idea. It is a business tactic that I think has been used before in gaming.
    Not facing off against the heavy hitters could be DCUO's best interest. However, DCUO probably should not hold back given its current status.
  11. Veritasum Loyal Player

    I had the same question, but then it hit me. I think it's Metal Gear Solid, 5. I hope I'm right.

    Those are very cool. Played the OG and 4 I think. I enjoyed them.
  12. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    *-* This thread makes me happy for some reason lol.

    I'm pretty sure i'll log on DCUO, but not so much since apart from the game i also have to play with the arm. (Tho sadly my copy will be available until the 2nd D:
  13. Xanoth Dedicated Player

    They are on a monthly schedule now.

    You might have a point about them picking the best week of a given month if they were still on a 3 month schedule, but with smaller pieces of content and less time required it's not really going to have a major impact, in this light their decision to switch to monthly updates looks like a good business plan. Even if some new major title comes out, there's still time and opportunity to pop onto DC for an hour and run the new content.
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  14. Dezaras Loyal Player

    If I was at tier I'd choose Black Lanterns over Metal Gear, any day of the week.

    Nothing against MGS, I've even met Paul Eiding, but the games aren't for me.
  15. ProfessorKanua Committed Player

    I don't know, if they waited a week then DCUO would have had to compete with Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX. Then like nobody would even bother logging into DCUO. Dodged a bullet there, Devs.
  16. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    Definitely not. In fact, going up against MGS is an intelligent decision.

    When GTA5 came out, which is a bigger game than MGS5, the developers did nothing. Still had the same ****** loot system on DLC7 and were touting the launch of DLC8, which offered less of a challenge than DLC7 with nothing at all to chase. It was an easy decision to cancel membership and play something else for many people. Including myself.

    Many people will play MGS5. Many DCUO players will be counted amongst those numbers. But ultimately, DCUO will be in the back of their minds, because of the launch of exciting, new content and new rewards to chase with the next batch of content after that already on the horizon.
  17. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

  18. tukuan Devoted Player

    With the monthly cycle, especially given that they look to be targeting the first week of the month for subs and the following week for prems, you could probably make this thread 3 out of 4 months. This is the new model they can't, and more the point shouldn't, be expected to change the schedule everytime another game drops about the same time.
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  19. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    That's awesome but at the same time it sounds so wrong lol
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  20. Physique Dedicated Player

    It'll still be there once people finish MG:V. As far as it goes, MG:V has a short shelf life because it's an action game whereas DCUO is still an MMO. Whether you play the content now or later doesn't really matter.