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  1. Shanir1 New Player

    Hi all,

    I got a ps4 over the weekend and thought I would download dc online again the game plays amazingly I can't honestly notice much difference with the graphics but it runs so smoothly and mobs don't take ages to spawn , awesome.

    I have one question are all the servers linked? Before I left there was loads of people LFG and stuff but it seems so dead the world looks heavily populated but no one seems to talk or anything it's a bit weird!

    I was on villain side and it was quiet so I went hero side with the same result. Do I need to enable chat or something? To be honest it's putting me off playing I might as well play a single player game. Any advice would be awesome maybe it's the holidays and people are away or something.
  2. Arcpope New Player

    Its because of the watered down dlc that was released.

    Everyone hit 106cr pretty quickly and only log now to do their dailies.

    Now that the marks changed I won't even log to do that.

    Gonna go play destiny for a bit I think.....
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  3. Shanir1 New Player

    Man that sucks I love chatting and having banter on an MMO.... on an unrelated topic Destiny looks awesome can't wait to get it