Reducing waiting time in armories will break the game?

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    But what of artifacts? There's no cooldown, and opening the menu to swap creates a considerable distortion in design and performance, for reasons... Reducing the awful in combat cooldown on armory swapping would level the playing field and allow for more strategy and tactics to be employed. Let's be real here, the game is going to crash from time to time, regardless. For example, when reviving from being downed or whenever you use a teleporter (especially in Themyscira.) What's the point of all the armories if you can only swap during a cut scene or when you are out of combat? Things go sideways, a tank or healer goes down and somebody swaps to cover everybody's backside. The combat cooldown needs reduced by a minimum of half the time. Performance isn't going to get better on the server/engine side of things. Time to loosen the top button a notch.
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    Maybe PS5 will not have this performance issue? :)
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    Make a post about this cause this needs to be heard.

    Regarding armories … why can’t this game have what many other games have had … the ability to switch your bar with a weapon change …eso does this .. it would be helpful in raids. When there are ad waves and then single target … I just don’t understand why this can’t be done. Armories would stills be useful for style changes and role changes and bar changes.

    Example one armory can be your raid damage armory … brawling on your aoe bar for hallways and ad waves and handblasters on your single target bar…just pressing one or the direction keys could switch the weapon ..

    Then you can have a support armory where let’s jusy use atomic tank as an example since this is what I main. ..two weapons brawling and shield .. brawling armory would have two of my combos my break out my self heal aura shortcut my ranged pull and self shield .. back bar or shield bar would have mass density 2 more combos… hard light shield, another combo short cut in case I miss the window or stuff on the brawling bar is on cool down and Amazonian deflect or some other ability. This would be saved on another armory.

    Armories would still be useful but we wouldn’t have to worry about using them to switch your actual load out just your set up.

    It’s a pipe dream that will never happen sadly
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    Personally, what I'd like to see changed around the armouries is the equipment actually integrated into them, so that the equipment allocated to an armoury is no longer stored in the inventory, but in an "armoury inventory" slot.

    Another change I'd like to see is for equipment mods to be attached to the armouries themselves, rather than to the equipment (this could use the visual augmentation system), to allow more optimisation/customisation of mods depending on the armoury.