Reduced sourcemarks in fos3, why?

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  1. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    That sounds fine, but as you mentioned, it would require an additional change. I do think that removing a few marks is the path of least resistance, which is likely why it was done....but it also only addresses an issue that a certain percentage of the players were taking part in. It would be easier than having the previous suggestion of diminishing returns across several runs to a 'minimum' amount, that I was replying to there.

    Again, my only objection is not to the actual reduction. 4 less marks for the 1 or 2 times I'll hit these runs a week across all toons won't matter and I have enough source. Heck, take all 10 of the source out of DD and I'll still be happy to land in it for Omni because it checks the tick that gets me my reward box, and that's the only reason I'd run Omni. My objection is that they gave us an option...'we' (the players) used that option...they didn't like we used it so they take it away. This is not a glitch, or exploit to be 'fixed'....and the next thing they 'fix' likely won't be either. They aren't fixing the game....they are attempting to 'fix' the players behavior.
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  2. OneWhoLaughed Well-Known Player

    If you guys ever hire a data analyst HMU. Will only wfh and based in the UK, but will work for marketplace cash and a food per diem
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  3. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    Mepps with the HUNDREDS of ARTIFACTS/CATALYST/STYLES/GEAR/COLLECTIONS/MODS/BASE ITEMS... Why aren't the devs encouraging SPLURGING source marks??? You guys should be PAYING US MORE so we are encouraged to keep buying things throughout the game.. Why cant you guys allow us to earn a lot of source marks so we can SPLURGE throughout and enjoy the total game.. These high prices make it all items too difficult or time consuming to obtain which makes grinding for the item less and less fun... Making everything little thing a RIDICULOUS grind is crazy.... I'm pretty sure more people would buy source marks from the MP if you sold 1000 of them at the same price you're selling 70 source marks currently..

    There are soooooo many things needed to be obtained by source marks... Players will never obtain everything unless they constantly GRIND for that 1 thing.. rinse and repeat

    Standard vendor item cost 100 source marks but to grind to make a 100 source marks outside of cr relevancy at the new rate of
    6 source marks per 15+mins..

    that means i'd have to spam the same content 16x for that 1 item(100 source mark item)...
    Total time length would be 240+ mins(AT MINIMUM) or 4+ hours per 100 source mark ITEMS.. WHY????????? This is absurd..

    Why can't other content scale up to match FOS 3 payout?

    Why do you want us to invest 4 hours for 1 item??? Where the fun in that?
    We would rather spend 2 hours and get 2 100 source mark vendor items...

    Again the MP is better of SELLING 1000 source marks(for the same price you currently have the 70 source marks) to encourage SPLURGING.. Allow players to access and achieve tons of SOURCE MARK ITEMS...
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  4. Tiffany6223 Dedicated Player

    I think they are trying to modify player behavior to encourage greater participation in a wider variety of content available so that new & returning players can better benefit from an increased population pool.
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  5. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    So pretty much, what you're saying is that, you don't actually value your real life time and that, your real life time can be devalued by someone else's perception of what your real life time is valued at.. wow smh

    That's like your job paying you less and making you work harder to get the check you've already been used to getting paid for YEARS!!!

    But Oh its not soo bad guys, at least we still have a job LOL

    People that agree to these new changes sound crazy lol o_O

    There is a sweet spot that the population is willing to TRADE their REAL LIFE TIME for VIRTUAL REWARDS! This new update only pushes people further away from running content in the LONG RUN!

    Our time matters more than the game.. Stop making our Virtual lives extra difficult and compromise with our real life time to support the longevity of DCUO.. Life is already hard enough.. lets have fun and enjoy the game.. smh It could all be so simple..
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  6. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    great moves devs make us less likely to want to play your game

    greats minds are running this show it seems

    why do yall care if there is farmable content we still have to run the instances
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  7. Proxystar #Perception

    You're not "relying" on landing on anything in omnibus, that's entirely the point of omnibus - RANDOM.
  8. Proxystar #Perception

    Look; we as players can't sit here and moan about a dwindling game population when then on the other hand doing everything we can as selfish end game players to stifle the experience of a new player.

    This game isn't going to grow if systems aren't in place to encourage all players to run as much content as possible, this includes end game players as well.

    The community likes to sit here and complain about "CR Boost" characters and "Low SP players" don't deny the threads constantly exist, yet stifle their entire ability to farm omnibus content, where all the feats are, while they're off selfishly running FOS3 cause all they want are source marks.

    You're all attempting to set up the next premise of outrage regarding the next raids that will have their marks nerfed and the answer is yes, they should be nerfed, anything similar to FOS3 should now become 6 marks for consistency.

    FFR should be the same 6 marks, FFE (critical etc) should all have a scaled increase of rewards.

    End game players can be some of the most entitled players out there, I'm telling you, it's all about them, almost certainly incapable of looking at the bigger picture, wider community and wider impacts to the game.

    Screw actually growing the game, nah let's just do everything in our power to make the "new player experience" #$%^ so that we still get our 4 extra source marks in FOS3; but we'll make sure to whinge and cry when the people with 100SP dare step foot in our content :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  9. Proxystar #Perception

    Ok so, put it this way.

    New players in the game are going to learn and progress through running all aspects of content, Agree, yes?

    New players are notoriously bad at joining leagues, groups, using LFG, random queue is where a lot go certainly to start with, yes?

    Even when in a league, new players have to do a lot to help themselves, because old players are less motivated to repeat things they've done in the past, yes?

    When friends and league mates are not around, random queues become an appealing options for all players, yes?

    What do you think happens in that experience when all the end game players are off forming custom groups to spam FOS3?


    Yes.. that's right, you got it.
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  10. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Maybe they should just turn off custom queues? Rip off the band-aid and strong arm everyone onto Omnibus? That'll teach those evil marks farmers.
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  11. Proxystar #Perception

    Stop the cap.

    I'm actually apathetic about the change entirely, I never spent any time mass farming source marks from FOS3, it wasn't what I did and for the record I've never struggled to get things completed that require source marks.

    The next part of your sentence however, portrays the difference between you and I.

    You're suggesting I'm explaining the 'reason' for the change as a desperate attempt to "cope" with it, when that couldn't be further from the truth.

    This is why you're so upset about the change, you're allowing yourself to be driven by emotion rather than, reason and logic that you're no longer capable of comprehending the reason why the change was made in the first place.

    There is quite literally so much "Rawwwwr my source marks!" you're not even prepared to listen or look at it from any other grounded perspective.

    My post articulately explained the reason why the change was made, not in an attempt to cope, but rather to explain the reason - the person desperately attempting to "cope" here is you, if it makes you feel better to "project" that desperate feeling on to me to make yourself feel better, you're welcome to do so, but the reason this got done, won't change.

    You'll come around eventually, it's clear you're still in the angry phase of the grief cycle ;)
  12. Proxystar #Perception

    The custom queue is there for a reason, because it allows a new player to target certain instances in need (or for that matter any player)

    Omnibus then does the rest, disabling the custom queue would ruin the system.

    But you know what else ruins the system? When everyone queues FOS3 and only FOS3 ;)
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  13. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    My point was your statement that I should be happy about omni now as the marks payment is about the same. Except when I'd get those few marks pre clamp, I knew how long it was going to take for how many I'd get. To be happy about Omni, I'd have to have that same NON RANDOM outcome. So makes me no happier about Omni.
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  14. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Driving players away when developers consistently make weird decisions that affect individual gameplay?
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  15. Tree Well-Known Player

    “Daddy, chill”
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  16. Tiffany6223 Dedicated Player

    Ok..., um... what?! This has confused more than usual. I thought Daybreak/Dimensional Inc. was attempting to divert players to more than one piece of content that seems to be very preferred. And I thought Omni was random in the missions it selects .... no, then?
  17. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Again, I said I'm not really disturbed by the marks. It's the constant re-locating of the goal post to get us to run what they want us to run HOW they want us to run. Sure sounds fun, doesn't it?

    Especially when the people who are really to blame are the people who are also most likely the ones who are 'enjoying' the changes. These are the same people who had an issue 'one shotting' the know, because THEY one shot the bosses. Personally I wasn't one-shotting bosses, especially in runs with random low players who might have not enjoyed it, but maybe I'm weird that way. I also wasn't spamming FOS3 or DD, yet....I get to have the changes applied to me as well.....again.

    And if you want a better 'new player experience' how about a decent tutorial, or ANY kind of real incentive for experienced players to share knowledge...cause, you know what? Pulling a few marks out of the fastest runs isn't going to make those same spammers want to run the slow runs any slower. It will likely encourage them to A) leave any run they feel is 'bad' quicker and B) have no qualms about leaving those same new players in the dust.

    And how does pulling a few marks from FOS3, DD, Necro, COU, Gates, FVR/FFR or bounties make the new 100SP player experience 'better' exactly? Cause new players need a LOT of marks in case you forgot....and killing a few 'spam' runs isn't going to get them those marks any faster either. Oh right.....the fallacy that if you pigeon hole vet players into running old runs with them, they will magically get better by osmosis or those vets will suddenly feel like mentoring a noob.

    Didn't we hear this fairy tale about a year ago? If it worked so well then....why are we having issues now? Honestly, corralling the spam crazy 'entitled' end game players into a few runs should only have helped things work out better for the noobs to keep their runs 'pure'.
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  18. Proxystar #Perception

    It's always worth noting of course you're still comparing apples and oranges.

    Under the previous system, you could go in to FOS3, by yourself and get 3 marks, once.

    Under the new system, you can go in to FOS3, have to include other people (better for community) and get 6 marks, and you can do this more than once.

    The constant daydream you keep living is "take away the clamp, take away the loot lock"

    You want to have both, when that's unreasonable and worse for the game and the wider community, you're asking to be able to play 8 man content and not acknowledging the "number 8" in that equation, because only "number 1" seems to matter ;)
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  19. Proxystar #Perception

    A 4 mark reduction in a 5 minute raid is going to drive away players...


    Haha, calling that bluff right now, ain't nobody quitting over this @#$%
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  20. VIRALITY Dedicated Player

    What, exactly, is the issue?

    If it's time to marks ratio, then like I said in my previous post, you would have to go through each and every single piece of content and figure out what a good ratio is, and adjust every single piece of content to match that. This is just an on-a-whim band aid "fix" for a "problem" that was created by Dimensional Ink.

    As it stands now, the savvy players will find the next shortest raid with the highest payout to get the most marks per minute. What's next, in 3 months we'll see whatever that raid is get nerfed too?

    Proxy also gave some metrics (see the quoted text below), as to what a possibly good ratio would be for time to marks would be, will the team take a look at that? 1 mark per minute seems like a somewhat fair ratio.

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