Redo Mental's AM

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by MentosTroll, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    I've played Quantum, Gadgets, Ice, Light, Celestial AMs, and I learned that AMs should have some sort of variety/creativity in them. It doesn't have to be 1 2 3 4 5 all the time, and the 1 2 3 4 5 powers should be the same.

    Mental AM is not only the most boring AM in the game, it's also the least practical, and least damaging.
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  2. kawe Loyal Player

    While at that, revert the changes Mass Terror and Pyrokinesis.
    Why is my WM loadout affect by AM? Mass Terror and Pyrokinesis didn't need that change. And yes, I know the dot just moved from one power to another. But the way Pyrokiensis works now is inferior in my eyes. And Mass Terror was optimized to AM, which means WM users get an inferior version.

    Mental AM was the only AM to get such big negative feedback form live, and even prior by ppl on the WIP forum. Mental really deserves another look.

    I loved mental, it really saddens me that I don't even want to log my mental toon anymore for dpsing.
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  3. wintermute Well-Known Player

    Mental's AM redo was the laziest in the game, imo.

    The changes to Mass Terror and Pyro brought the powerset down as a whole and compared to WM, the AM is weak to the point of comedy and place range restrictions where they don't need to be. On the upside, it doesn't run out of power so you can keep looping the same rotation ad infinitum if you're not interrupted.....which is utterly impossible because of it's total lack of mobility.
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  4. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    No that title for laziest goes to sorcery and earth. Their am design consisted of..."they have pets, boom. AWESOME. "
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  5. Ghostof91 New Player

    Plz Change Mass Hysteria like wolf forme Am. and remove invisibility, it's useless.
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  6. kawe Loyal Player

    I think advanced mechanic first was meant to be more simplistic. Back then pet and combo power mechanics where seen as AMs. The other powers had to be brought in line to Sorc and rage for example, but ended up surpassing them greatly with their AM.

    It looks like they where striving for balance, but just created more imbalance they'll need forever now to even out again. But hey, power tokens do "Ka-ching".
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  7. wintermute Well-Known Player

    You don't like a 100% supercharge that restricts movement and spawns several extremely low level pets that instantly die?
    What's wrong with you???
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  8. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    Then I see Quantum and Munitions where the damage of the AM adjusts depending on the range...I was like WOOOOPTEEEEDOOOO, we have to have 2 powers for melee and range, gee thanks(gadgets says hi too).
    So munitions you have a 1 power AM, wow even easier, It's like they went out of their way to make mental terrible.
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  9. lukelucky Devoted Player

    when did they say the process to balance was done? i saw annamation times, wm, then the addition of AM. as they made AM for the powers some fell behind. unforseen things happen and you cant be prepaired for everything. i am under the impression all the powers need all the parts b4 you can work torward the end result of balance. rage is not even done so why would we have balance now? the game is 4 years old and 3 years in they finally started a legitamate way to obtain some balance. will the final results be perfect? realistically we can hope they get really close.

    like the kid in the back seat also asking i say people we are not there. i use fire so dont think this has not hit me poorly also but we wanted balance. this is the path chosen and we are well down that trail so all we can do is endure and hope the end is near. i would guess as they crunch the numbers they will then go back and some powers could be adjusted. maybe pet machanics cant keep up once the crunch the numbers and gets redone.

    rage and celestrial were the first powers with AM and after adding the others what seemed good early with rage and celes did not measure up. they have limited resources and are working on a long project. one thing is the powers team have made some genius moves developing power's so i have confidence they will get this done sooner than later. we have to be closer to the end then the beggining
  10. Bobburt Committed Player

    I've been going through the stream playing it 0.25x speed and reading all the descriptions of the powers. From the looks of it, they've given Munitions TONS of different choices of powers to use for its AM, versus Ice's 2 (Arctic Gust mid-range, Avalanche range). Quantum also has lots of flexibility (darn-near the entire Time tree).

    And it looks like it has 2 powers that grant the state of Eye of the Tiger (power-back) versus Mental's 1, Quantum's 1, Ice's 1, Gadgets' 1.

    It's probably too early to tell but it looks like they've given Munitions plenty of options for both dpsing and trolling. Here's to hoping they can go back and do the same for the under-performing powers.
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  11. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    And 1 of the moves is also an aggro dump, isn't that convenient. And the other one is a might buff, isn't that even more convenient.
    From what I gather it's like you pop Survival and you get power back and increased damage from your powers.
    I see it as like Ice, except you pop 1 power instead of stacking 4 chill effects, and except powers adjust damage based on range similar to Time bomb.
    They are capable of making a convenient yet interesting AM, I wish they spent more time making the Mental AM, instead of just having the rush job it got.
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  12. Tracmar Well-Known Player

    Mountains of feedback on the testing forum and developer discussions ... and still there was nothing really done about the mental AM ..

    And yet people keep trying , and trying ....hopefully one of these days ..something will happen ... something ...
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  13. Trial 1 New Player

    Can you quantify that?
  14. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    it's been quantified multiple times in the testing feedback, developer feedback, mental guide, etc etc etc
  15. Trial 1 New Player

    Just to clarify, you truly mean that you believe and presently have current evidence that the Mental AM is the least damaging.... IN THE GAME.


    Well, I can't touch the boring bit... that's subjective (all AM's are pretty boring to me) but, the least damaging of all AM's... really?
  16. Biester New Player

    Um, try spamming Dreadful Blast repeatedly until your head explodes from boredom.
  17. Tracmar Well-Known Player

    Try doing mass terror once in a few seconds and then stop and sneeze .. and then get down on your knees and weep in despair when your sneeze hits harder than mass terror ..
  18. Biester New Player

    I'd prefer diversity over high damage anytime. Even if Dreadful Blast was op, it's a horrible concept.
  19. Itazuki New Player

    I personally like Mental's AM... And the damage isn't low... To each their own though.
  20. chipzes Committed Player

    How are Mental, Quantum and Gadgets diverse though? Alright, Gadgets has Distract and Stealth and can choose different colors for their 3 PI setup, Mental and Quantum don't even have that. True, at least their AM consists of more than one power as opposed to Rage...

    I hope one of the next powersets gets an even more #advanced mechanic that only needs to press one button repeatedly to do damage. No combos or "interactions" needed. Now that would be advanced.