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  1. Toshknight Well-Known Member

    So . there was a Thread talking about the new energy weapon styles. even the blue and yellow ones that were put on the market early and removed... so . what does this mean.. are we actually going to get Red and Blue lanterns in the future... a Quote from mepps. said " YOUL BE GETTING LANTERN EDUCATION VERY SOON" what does that mean. anyway. some in the thread suggested if we do get the Red and blue ring powers they wont be dps/troll theyl be tank / healer /dps. i am freakin exstatic about this. ever since light came out and i saw the red lanterns i knew they would bring blue in.... anyway heres some screen caps i found in another thread of the blue and yellow energy weapon styles



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  2. Toshknight Well-Known Member

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  3. shinros New Member

    Please no more lantern powers plus blue lanterns can't even fight they buff green's plus reds would never work with sinestro corps they would kill them. Plus we already have HL in the game.
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  4. Neph Well-Known Member

    You can bet that if they were to introduce new HL powers they would have power interactions with the current HL powers! ;)
  5. Jax Prime Well-Known Member

    Im all for new Lantern powers. Preferably Orange or Red.

    The only option IMO is create a system where you sort of graduate to a different corps or you change your ring for a different colour (corp graduation is non existent i know) but say, HL DPS could either go Orange/Red or White/Black and be locked to DPS stance etc

    Its a whacky idea but id love that and maybe a little prologue to the Blackest night or start small with Emerald dawn etc
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  6. Senshirou Well-Known Member

    The speculation begins..... yet again
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  7. Neph Well-Known Member

    One cool thing I do like about all of the colored energy weapons they just released is that they made sure that it wasn't just a color change being the only difference. They actually changed the styles between the four. Kudos
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  8. SmokeHus Member

    I cant find that particular thread , but i remember the guy asking "why Blue" and Mepps said something along the lines of "You need to freshen up on your lantern education " . I think he assumed that he didnt know who the Red Lanterns were , but then again i might be wrong and he was indeed foreshadowing something :)

    True the weapon packs are based off of existing power sets . But i was under the impression we were done with the Lanterns for some time now , with FFTL and HL powers being already in the game . Then again , that might be perceived as a good thing . If DCUO is ever going to get our characters out of the earth to fight even bigger , badder bad guys ( Anti-Monitor , Nekron , Darkseid ) the lanterns will surely have a role to play in that . So perhaps DLC8 will introduce as interlude story arc to something space related ? Would be great :)
  9. WorldsDown Well-Known Member

    I just wish the green energy rifle didn't look like a t-shirt gun that they use to give away items at a sporting event. Would've bought that $5 weapons pack immediately, otherwise.
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  10. Neph Well-Known Member

    Mepps tries to be like Spytle :)
  11. Toshknight Well-Known Member

    HATE ON HATER, its gonna happen... its gonna be heals or tank, and blue lanterns do fight... yes they buff supercharge greens. but they have constructs too... theyd work as tanks.. and as for red lanterns... same thing they can tank or heal. plus like any class they can dps... mepps said were in for a suprise so i really believe were gonna get red and blue lanterns. plus the energy weapon packs. kinda say something
  12. Toshknight Well-Known Member

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  13. Toshknight Well-Known Member

    AVAROUS AKA ORANGE would be cool but Red is already for villians. and blue is pretty much the only one that works for heroes. the rest of the lanterns are rogue. not saying their Good or bad... but Black. indigo, orange, their all villians for the most part. and pink saphires are just angry women. that wont work as heroes, but RED FOR sURE will be for villians cause there in game already
  14. Jax Prime Well-Known Member

    I understand what you mean but im sure they could find a way to incoperate Blue lanterns in. I dont really care much about them Tbh, would rather Black/White and Orange added :p
  15. WorldsDown Well-Known Member

  16. Yallander Well-Known Member

    I don't think "hope" works with "fear" too well, so I'm guessing "rage" will be the companion of "fear" and "hope" the companion of "willpower."

    Just my take on it if they come out. Chances are they will be healing sets. Can't see blue being a tank tbh.
  17. Lightful Well-Known Member

    I definitely would love this as long as the animations weren't similar to hardlight.
  18. Neph Well-Known Member

    HL and earth are the only 2 powers left that have not been updated. They said earth was not getting an update cause it was playing as intended in the game so far, but I think they have left HL from being changed in the game due to the new HL powers that will be introduced.
  19. Yallander Well-Known Member

    I must of been asleep because I totally missed the Nature, Sorcery, and Electric revamps or any announcements about them being in the works--please do tell where you get this information. :)
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  20. Comixfan Well-Known Member

    We already have a ton of Lantern content in the game. I'd much prefer to see others get their time in the spotlight before we see more Lantern stuff.

    Let's see the Legion of Super-Heroes, the Outsiders, Challengers of the Unknown, Rip Hunter, Haunted Tank, B'wana Beast, & that's just a few suggestions off the top of my head :)
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