Recruiting For the Variant

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    League Name The Variant
    We also have discord

    1. All Artifacts must be 120 or higher
    2. 200+ skill points. 3. Must be premium member or higher. No free to play. This means you must have had membership at least once to be considered. 4. We are not looking for your leftovers. We want your main toon or none at all. We are the best we only want YOUR BEST. Period. 5. This is a mic only league. You can join without a mic but you are strongly encouraged to get a mic asap. I know it's a pain but we do have our reasons. Ty 6.This is NOT an iconic only League. All members welcome. 7. All members must run content weekly. This will help us keep our league buffs and be stronger as a whole. 8. 1000 League Prestiege a week. Just make sure your running content.