Recovery kit IV... (Green name answer plz)

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Dee Pius, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    I have never seen a temper tantrum quite like this before, thanks for the smile Dee Pius
  2. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    they already said the ones your buy from the vendor is the lowest possible plan :rolleyes:
  3. Agent Flores Well-Known Player

    Schimaera is right. Like IV plans out there you are going to have to find it IE: raids/ops, alerts, etc...
  4. Kevington New Player

    So are the kits one-use per or are they like plans, learn them then use 'em over and over? I got an Exceptional Recovery Kit from a PvP box and haven't used it yet...
  5. Aiden Warren New Player

    Buy Recovery Kit IV, and go to Supplies IV, and see what you need to make the kit, I did and I got 16 Aggressive Exobyes, by Recovering Mods from a couple of gears.
    Very Simple, you want 3000 Marks?
    get 150 Replay badges and ru Wayward Souls 4 times, it gives 1125 Marks Total.
    geeeez, your acting up instead of doing research, why complain, ask around, calm down and just ask and you will get the answers you need.
  6. Nitefelina New Player

    On a side note. Simple materials stock is going way up. Buy in while you can!
  7. TK PUSHA Dedicated Player

    yeah this needs major clarification.
    people on the forums are getting so condescending about all of this, but it is VERY CONFUSING.
    i read the forums thoroughly every day including the test server and all the notes, but im still not sure what is what.

    right now i have an exceptional recovery kit from a pvp drop, but from what im guessing it is a one time use thing.
    so MY question is, shouldnt i just sell it? and then buy the plan from the vendor so i can make these kits over and over again?
    very confusing.
    is there any point to keeping/using this exceptional recovery kit?
    and also, are there actual plans that drop? it has been stated there were, so im assuming there are both "kits" and plans dropping... just really cant see what the point of using a 1 time kit would be then.
    3 mil in the broker sounds better than something i could just craft on my own.

    any clarification is appreciated. thanks.
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  8. Yui Loyal Player

    If you buy recovery kit plans from the r and plan vendor, you can craft recovery kits which can be used once. The mods you can recover depends on the recovery kit's tier. If you get recovery kits from pvp boxes, they're most likely a one-time use item.
  9. Im Charlie New Player

    Logged into my villian just to put all your toons on ignore. OP = lazy bum
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  10. DCUO Anon New Player

    Out of the Frying Pan: Into the Fire.. lol and to think of all the Simple / Complex material I was storing the mail until as a good citizen of DCUO I culled my mailbox day one after they announced the 30 day overwrite. SMH.. btw.. I'm not a mule herding player or a MGS Drebin 893.

    On a point that needs attention: Using Recovery, I found that the inventory list (Recovery) is not reflective of the (sort order) of one's inventory HUD.
    So it behooves one to be careful not to think top down. Ie you placed a Demonic Runed lvl 76, IV modded gear at the top of your inventory (to be recovered) whilst all your Norseman lvl 79, IV modded gear sat happily at the bottom (to be saved, for us duel role players).

    /yells fix sort order
  11. Abstrakt Loyal Player

    Meds? have you taken them? [IMG]
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  12. TK PUSHA Dedicated Player

    still looking for clarification.
  13. Zhouz New Player

    The recovery kit is single use.
    The plan vendor has T2 through T5 recovery kit plans that you can use to create kits, of varying effectiveness.
    The difference between what drops in PvP is the rate of return on those exobytes. The pvp one operates on a percentage, with a chance of full exobyte return. The plan based kits operate on fixed exobyte return ranges. The T4 (3125 marks) recovery plan gives you the ability to craft recovery IV kits that can get back 4 to 8 bytes from mod III and up mods.
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  14. segundoblz New Player

    More even simple: Run Gates 1 time. It gives 4000 marks total. -Fixed.
  15. Dee Pius New Player

    I had fun beating the absolute tar out of your league yesterday in FoS 8v8, so i guess we're even! Good riddance scrubb.

    BTW, what good does ignoring villains do when you are an idi...... nvmd. Bye!

    P.S. ask tsvarless how them block-breakers tasted, for me, would you?...'cuz i was wondering. THX, YOU ARE A REAL PAL CHARLIE!

    Sincerely, Dee
  16. zorile New Player

    now i might be a fool but i thought that when you removed a mod in a ring yu could transfer in it in the shared bank......... what ever lol nice thought right
  17. Shadow Vlad New Player

    I wanted to give it a shot so I bought the alpha kit and only got 1 exobyte back, 20 minutes later got a good kit to drop for me FML
  18. The Johnny army New Player

    Oh thank god the OP is PS3...
  19. Statman New Player

    No one takes the time to figure things out for themselves anymore ey, haha.

    If it's not right in front of your face it's time to RAAAAAAGE.
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  20. mgkaenzo New Player

    I get 4 recovery kit ( don't know the level, it's if I remenber 66% to 100% recovered exos) in the PvP reward box.
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