Reason why Photon Blast is broken but no one talks about it

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by ???, Dec 18, 2013.

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  1. Too Many Toons Dedicated Player

    Fair enough..but this is gadget strong suit. It has no 60%, very few not sure neutering this power is going to do anything except kill the powerset as viable. (and its still interruptible..)
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  2. TrueOlympus New Player

    Wait a sec... isn't what you are saying only part of truth according to your numbers. You specifically said that they were all in the same range.Looking at the numbers you are correct..... But Your numbers also clearly depicts that Photon Blast is in the upper echelon of that range, if not the very top. Unless I'm reading it wrong. And is it too much to assume that Photon benefits from multiple chances to Crit? I'm confused here. I thought you said Photon Blast is in line with the others?
  3. ??? Well-Known Player

    If that´s the case, it´s still a 22% more.

    Need to be brought in line indeed. Also the proc of escalating might needs to be addressed.

    Now my question is, why does it bother you guys if this gets balanced?

    It´s even game for all
  4. ??? Well-Known Player

    Use the empowered ch. mod ;)
  5. ??? Well-Known Player

    You are giving arguments with no facts like the other guys to justify this not to be reviewed.
    CC? Breakout
    More dmg? Block
    I just ask one question. why are you against the balance?

    I am asking to be addressed or be balanced. Is not like the end of the world. How does that affect you? Are you relying to much in it?
  6. TheDark Devoted Player

    Are you serious? Those numbers are TOTALS.
  7. ??? Well-Known Player

    As i stated on previous post, then it´still a 22% over the lower finisher.
    Needs to be balanced. Why are you guys so afraid of it?
  8. Giggles Loyal Player

    I am not against balance, as I am always posting when things are broken. When NN was broken I was one of the first to ask for it be brought in line. Just check my post history. I have fought many people who have used photon and other finishers on me, and I feel it is balanced. I don;t have the problems some have fighting against photon. I seems like you are among those who seem to ask for "balance" only when it suites you and your inability to react. Photon is by far the easiest finisher to see coming, and overcome. As I said if you need help, or tips, pm me in game I will gladly help you, however in this particular situation you are wrong.

    I explained many facts, you just didn't read them properly. You may want to go re read that again, since you obviously missed them. ;)

    Haven't you been asking for this for a while? Did you ever stop to think there's a reason it is not being "addressed"? Could it be that there is nothing to address and this is simply a problem on your end you must figure out? Come on now. :)
  9. ??? Well-Known Player

    Well, your totals still represent a 22% over the lower finisher, when you said they were all in range.
    Thanks for the information, we appreciate it, now it can be addressed. :)
  10. ??? Well-Known Player

    You talk about "inability to react" = Subjective.
    Numbers and facts = Objective
    And fixing photon blast is a step in the right direction. ;)
  11. TheDark Devoted Player

    LOL. dude you altered the totals. You couldn't register that the numbers I used ARE totals. Look at your percentages again on the the majority of the finishers. The ones that have a high base of 135.

    You're discredited. You have no idea what balance means. You idea of balance is to give a 6 tick finisher the same damage base range as a 2 tick finisher. Yes, that makes perfect sense. Your idea of balance is to make a specific power IDENTICAL, not similar. Which is not going to happen lol.
  12. TheDark Devoted Player

    You're comparing to the lower finisher. A finisher located in a powerset that is precision based. That makes perfect sense. This information supports my position. You and your band of failures haven't accomplished anything other than proven you're all biased LOL
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  13. ??? Well-Known Player

    Totals, singles.
    It still a 22% more damage, also the neck extra proc represents 87 more might.
    1 point of might represents .45% more per point at lvl 30.

    87 * .45% = the extra proc adds a 39.15% more dmg.

    That is a 22% + extra proc 39.15%.

  14. Giggles Loyal Player

    The best part is you totally calculated Dark's number improperly. So your fake "numbers" are subjective. There is a reason why it has not been adjusted, and that is it is working as intended. As I have said countless times, if you want to counter Photons CC, use breakout, PvP trinket, or a shield. If you see yourself getting close to 35% HP, use a soda. You can pretty much expect a finisher from every power set, and photon is the easiest of the bunch to over come due to its slow ticks and long duration. If you have trouble with photon I would hate to see how you fair against impaling thorns, impaling ice, etc.

    In short, stop blaming game mechanics for your short comings in PvP, you are your own problem, not the game mechanics. As I have stated before as well, if you need help just ask. I am in game. :)
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  15. ??? Well-Known Player

    SO now you are trying to focus on my mistake that i corrected, and still represent a 22% more, plus the extra might proc represents 39% more. Nice attempt.

    Listen, you need to learn and adapt to improve and become better. And if you say it has not been adjusted because is working as intended, i don´t understand why are you guys so worried about. The gadgets users capable to improve are not even worried because they are not worried to perform correctly. I hope you are not worried because, if you are, i can understand you for being worried about this to be fixed. There are some guides on how to improve in this forums that can help improve the game :) I have some links that am more than happy to share if you need them ;)
  16. TrueOlympus New Player

    wow, man. I simply asked for clarification. This is the first time I've even responded to you, or had any type of meaningful communication at all with you. Better direct that tone else where, because as of now, I've done nothing worth such bad manners. I asked "Is the damage higher"? Statistically. I asked for clarification. and even admitted I was confused. You'd best chill out, and stop getting so worked up over fictional numbers in a game of fiction. Channel the righteous rage somewhere more productive.....

    I'm done with this thread(barely started). If I'm gonna be met with blatant disrespect, rudeness, and hostility then I'd rather just not join the conversation.
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  17. TheDark Devoted Player

    K bye.
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  18. TheDark Devoted Player

    lol. Yep. factor in an external variable to justify nerfing a specific ability. It's completely logical.
    So ignoring the 8% less damage a 2 tick finisher like Impaling Ice and Snuff Out. or a 12% reduction in damage from a 2 tick ability like Terrorize or Impaling Thorns. OR 7% less damage from a 2 tick finisher like Final Ruin. Let's completely forget that the lowest finisher IS a precision based powerset and that this thread is SUPPOSED to be focused on balancing a MOD yet it's focus and clear intentions is to nerf a power. Such a fail. Shame on all of you lol.
  19. ??? Well-Known Player

    Is a shame you had a bad response from angry users. Don´t take it personal man :), sometimes people gets passionate about something and when an advantage is given, they don´t want to give it away, since it´s their comfort zone, and is natural to feel afraid when someone is taken away from that comfort zone.;)
  20. ??? Well-Known Player

    Now you are shooting ducks in the sky. Chill down, the good thing about all this, is that attention is been given to this thread and it will be reviewed, so there are only 2 paths:

    1) If its balanced, it won´t be changed. Nothing to worry about.

    2) If once reviewed, same way 1h was broken, they find out photon b. is not balanced, it will be addressed and the extra proc fixed.

    So, if you with all your numbers think is not disbalanced, is a respectable opinion. I have another opinion. But the balance is not given by opinions. So the devs will figure out this, and if it doesnt need to be balanced, good. If it needs to, it will be. So why are you worried and be rude with other users on this forum? Relax ;)
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