Reason why people have trouble with assault & battery

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  1. Abstrakt Loyal Player

    weve run it with the 2222 and 1 tank 3 trolls 3 dps and one heal also have ran it with 1 tank 3 dps 2 trolls and 2 heals . have to say i like the 1 tank 2 trolls 2 heals and 3 dps the most. The reason people dont finish is because the group is not communicating watching placement or calling out the manhunters. The end boss fight can get messy real fast if your not paying attention.
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  2. Remander Steadfast Player

    My favorite approach is having a balanced group with a second healer and tank that can use Armories to go DPS before and after the split. With a good team, you don't need a second healer and tank in the boss rooms.
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  3. thatnoob New Player

    Yes and if you are really good you can 4 man it like oddysey. The point of this thread was to help out people like pugs because they are the least liked. Like you said you only run with friends because the pug life is harder so I made this thread to make easier on them. I 100% agree on you on the last part you can have all the comm you want but if you don't know thegame mechanics u will fall no matter how geared or comm u have.
  4. T20thoughts New Player

    The "no communication" thing is the main culprit, really. My only run so far was with five out of the three players being Spanish players who were doing it for the first time (like me), but didn't understand the two English-speaking players who HAD done it before. So the support lanterns got to hang around the tank, who went down no matter what we healers did. Talk, talk, talk, people.
  5. StopPerving Dedicated Player

    Oh, and want to make it easier on your tank(s)? Don't pop pets that'll give the boss a thousand immunities. It does really make life easier. I know you're thinking you're helping burn the boss.. but honestly, it is far better, if he blocks, if he can be blockbroke.
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  6. thatnoob New Player

    There is a lot of reasons why people can't pass it. The main one that I encountered is because the tank dies first. Why does he die first? Because he is under geared? Yes and no. He meets the cr requirement but he can't continue. What do you? You kick? No because if you do the cycle continues and hell be kicked everytime at the last boss and be forced to farm the t5 alerts so what do you do? If you can't get one of your DPS to tank obv the tank will get replaced but now you know that not every tank can make it at the end and the next time you'll make the group you can ask the tank if he has done it before and if he needs another tank before you go in there
  7. thatnoob New Player

    Lol I never had that problem with pets almost no one uses them but I'll make sure I'll look out for it next time.
  8. Sheniqua ELITE New Player

    I personally only run it with 3 Trolls and 3 DPS, but that's because of the fast burn and lots of power for the team. Also 3 trolls are great for lots of stunning on the manhunters.

    However I do understand your point with reference to a pug group. You don't know half the people sometimes, so to ensure a pass on the RAID..... might as well go 2,2,2,2

    I run in league the great majority of the time so I don't run in that play style. I do see the 2,2,2,2 as a GREAT way to train other tanks in the league on how to do A&B. Have the other tank side by side to watch what you do, and also for him/her to experience the fight first hand is a great idea for training.
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  9. Gunny New Player

    The 2-2-2-2 setup is never, nor will ever come back. These kinds of posts are redundant and unnecessary as there is a new one every week and they are shot down time and time again. The only way to REQUIRE a 2-2-2-2 setup is to make the difficulty so high, that other groups will not possibly survive - an idea that was shot down with the OC raid nerfs...which even with the raids in their original states, THOSE were not even hard enough to require a 2-2-2-2.

    The only reason a 2-2-2-2 setup is useful is for - what you said - survivability. The problem you dont see is PROVIDED EVERYONE FOLLOWS THE RAID MECHANICS, a 2-2-2-2 setup is a huge overkill in survivability and your raid group will be far more effective with other setups. When you do not follow the raid mechanics and people take more damage than necessary or otherwise make the raid more difficult, it will not be long before the group setup will not save your raid - regardless if your setup is 1-2-1-4, or 2-2-2-2.

    If everyone has some sort of inkling on what they are doing, the operation can be successful in any commonly-found group setup - and perhaps with even less, as mentioned earlier with the 4-man. Im not sitting here professing that a 4-DPS setup is the best setup for everyone, but I will say that there is a large variety of group setups that attempt this raid, the most common one in my opinion is the classic 2-2-1-3. Honestly, the change in difficulty that would force people out of a 2-2-1-3 would be so astronomical that I am certain that people on these forums would probably be better off QQ'ing the lack of a 2-2-2-2 than the difficulty that a 2-2-2-2 would require to be the most effective.

    Be happy that the most common raid setup for this OP is a 2-2-1-3 (although variety exists). This was definitely a step in the right direction mechanics and difficulty wise.


    Group setups are a drop in the bucket when it comes to doing this OP. Learning the mechanics always has and always will be the main reason a group fails or succeeds in a raid - better than 99% of the time.
  10. thatnoob New Player

    That is exactly how I found out about that set up. We were having trouble I knew it was because the tank couldn't handle all the damage specially with one healer. Thankfully when one of the DPS switch to healer things where going a lot smoother. People started getting there hopes up again but the tank still couldn't keep up with the dam so I just went for it and used my armory to switch to tank. The poor tank thought we were going to kick I saiid relax and. Do as I say he did and we all passed for the 1st time NP lol we started off as 4 DPS 1 healer 2 trolls and 1 tank we ended up with 2 of each role lol but its because we wanted too if was because we had too lol
  11. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    I know Odyssey is the best PvE group out there. My point still remains this (and all the "hard" content) revolves around communication. Plain and simple. If they can pull it off with HALF the amount of people in most PuG groups what's the biggest common denominator ?? They communicate....

    I've tried to run it with PuG's setup just like we would do a league run and it's a total fail sometimes. I notice I am mostly the only one on a headset when that happens. People don't pay attention, stand on AOE's, watch Atrocitus run rough shot through the group, etc. Since nobodys talking, or saying who's picking up you have a group of toons all standing in one location begging for an AOE. Then theres 4 people down, nobody to do pickups, etc....

    Communication is key !!!!
  12. thatnoob New Player

    Yea just run run with any set up you guys feel most comfortable with. Lol thanks for understanding me. Exactly the more tanks you have there the more confident they will become.
  13. thatnoob New Player

    This is rare when you have different language speakers but you do have a point
  14. Archangel Rafael New Player

    2-2-2-2 is the easiest and most stable and obviously the design intent of the OP.
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  15. thatnoob New Player

    Yes exactly I'm not trying to change anybodys setup I was just saying that if you tried everything else and youre about to give up just try the 2 2 2 2 before you leave it is not fair that you get to the last boss wipe a couple times and just give up
  16. Revoemag Committed Player

    Played for 3 years and I still don't think I've ever done a 2-2-2-2 setup...I've always wanted to try, seemed to me like the best setup.
  17. Sumeric New Player

    From my pugging experiences, what typically wrecks a tank in these raids is in-effecive use of the countering mechanics. I see so many of them just continue to block while the boss is either:

    1.) Range attacking them

    2.) Feinting to announce a range attack

    3.) Blocking (so now both the tank and the boss are just turtled up next to each other)

    Admittedly, the last one isn't a problem, per say, but why pass up on the opportunity to just tap triangle and have damage immunity (which is essentially no-power-cost shielding equal to 25% of your max health) for a few seconds?

    If the tank in the group has difficulty read the counter-tells from one or two hard-hitting targets simultaneously, they're going to have a bad time with a single healer. Two healers or a second tank can help alleviate the stress to perform, but any tank regardless of power set that can land counters when they matter is going to sail through the content with a solo healer.
  18. thatnoob New Player

    I never said that it was the best or that this set up will stay forever. This raid if fairly new and not that many people are geared enough but do meet the requirement. What are you going to do if you know that tank can't handle? Because you are assuming everybody is geared enough for it. 1 3 2 2 may be the best set up but that is not the point of this thread. If that 1 cant handle the damage will you kick him or will you try to work around it? The tank may know all the mechanics in the just because he does doesn't mean he will suddenly not die. I'm just trying to wok around problems like this that arise like this in the game
  19. Remander Steadfast Player

    Another little tidbit that may help groups in the last room: use single target or narrow cone attacks only; avoid any broad AoE. I was guilty of this once myself. Wasn't thinking and was using PcDL in there to add a DoT to Sinestro and Hank. Problem is that any damage to the Manhunters will break the stuns that the trollers have placed. If you just leave them alone, they are very controllable and the stuns will last the duration (based on the troller's Dom). The trollers can easily refresh the stuns periodically, and you won't even have to worry about the Manhunters.
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  20. StopPerving Dedicated Player

    Exactly. We do the same. I have a couple of videos up, that are just TS audio, to show what it's like. There's no rabble, everyone is calling things out, and the raid progresses. Without that communication keypoint, we could have never completed the all boss out EO that we did recently.