Reason why people have trouble with assault & battery

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  1. thatnoob New Player

    Because everybody wants 4 DPS a solo healer and 2 trolls. You ask why that setup? Well if you guys remember when nexus and wave came out if you didn't have the burn you would wipe because the bosses would enrage. After wiping enough times last boss a&b with the old set up I noticed a couple things 1. the green lantern hits me super hard and can ko me 1 on 1 2. Having another boss appear at 80% health meant I knew I wasent going to survive at all. 3 instead of inviting another healer so I could stay alive longer the group would just get another DPS because of the old mentality that you need more burn making tanking 2 bosses impossible. 4 from what I experienced THESE BOSSES DONT ENRAGE. What I'm trying to say here is that instead of trying to burn the bosses as fast as you may want to try to stay alive as long as you can. How do this ol wise master thatnoob. You use the old 2 2 2 2 set up witch is 2 trolls 2 healers 2 DPS n 2 tank. running out of space now if you guys want me to post a guide with this set up I'll do it. Yes I know my English is bad but I'm just trying to help people because they say plugging is impossible hard whatever. I say pug only player I want to change people mind that pugging isnt what it is made out to be. So yea lol
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  2. IDontNeedSP New Player

    Exactly. Unless your 3 dps are terribad, you don't need 4.
  3. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    Odyssey has 4 manned the operation already, so it's not people going there in odd groups.

    The reason why people have problems with it is simple. Communication.

    It's people not paying attention and communicating within the group. People will just sit there and die on AOE's expecting the healer to "do their job". People will get KO'ed and say nothing. People wont say who's doing pickups and you get 5 people all trying to pickup one downed player who then all end up in an AOE. People want to pew, pew, pew instead of picking up and helping out, etc....
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  4. thatnoob New Player

    Oddysey is a league maybe the best one there is that's why they are a bad example. Not everybody is as good as them that's why I made this thread for pugs that had trouble. While I agree that some form of communication is good IMHO I don't you NEED it if players knew how to play their role/used common sense. If you were to used my 2 2 2 2 no one would drop.
  5. thatnoob New Player

    Yea 3 DPS are good but 2 are best because. Some tanks including me aren't full purple yet witch means that we can't take all that damage by ourselves if you have 2 the damage is split and there is a better chance of you surviving
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  6. T20thoughts New Player

    The "no communication" thing is the main culprit, really. My only run so far was with five out of the three players being Spanish players who were doing it for the first time (like me), but didn't understand the two English-speaking players who HAD done it before. So the support lanterns got to hang around the tank, who went down no matter what we healers did. Talk, talk, talk, people.
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  7. IDontNeedSP New Player

    Right. I gave up doing it on my tank for that reason. I'm not full purple(only 1 ring and the vendor chest because nexus and wave think I'm a healer/troller) and couldn't take all that damage. lol
    If you're a USPS hero, I'll gladly attempt to 2 tank it with you.
  8. thatnoob New Player

    If you had 2 tanks one of them could of been tanking the adds and the other the boss while the rest followed that's why again 2 2 2 2 is the best for groups that can't pass it
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  9. Masta New Player

    I'm assuming the issues is in the last room, in which case you are failing for one or more of these reasons:
    -Weak Trollers
    -Lack of communication
    -Weak Tank
    -No communication on pickups

    I pugged it last night (not my first time), with about 5 people who were good players, but who haven't done it yet. I walked them through it before starting and we got a good first try. On the second try, we wiped but everyone was progressing. The tank then asked a few questions, the trollers retalked and adjusted the strategy, and we got it on our 3rd time. It's extremely simple. It all revolves around communication.
  10. thatnoob New Player

    Its just too much damage for one tank. Its hard making groups with 2 tanks because people assume you are are weak. That's why I went in there as a DPS and change to tank at the last boss. Sorry I'm a USPS villian
  11. Masta New Player

    Im not a tank, but I'm willing to help out. Im a USPS Hero controller.
  12. Kroye Loyal Player

    Not errybody. Some groups want 3 deeps/3 trolls.
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  13. thatnoob New Player

    With 2 2 2 2 most of those problems dissapear more power for everyone because there is 1 less DPS to power. weak tank? You can split it with another. Communication wouldn't matter with pickups because you shouldn't be dying with 2 tanks hold everyone
  14. IDontNeedSP New Player

    Do you have a nice league willing to 2222 it? (ignore my other thread; that's not what I mean lol)
    I have a league but it's been a while since I played the hero and there's so many new people that I don't know. :(
  15. Aqua New Player

    Hm an here I thought a ninja buff was coming for this raid.

    It can be done with full atlantean gear, maybe a little less, just make sure to counter sinestro and hank and tell the group to provide block breaks if you can't, the dps basically hold your lives in their hands in this raid.
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  16. thatnoob New Player

    Lol you know what I mean people want the extra burn and not more survivabilty
  17. thatnoob New Player

    There is an way of doing it let one of tanks pull the main boss by the door when he gets to 80 the adds and side boss will appear what the min tank(the one that pulled the 1st boss) should do then is pull the adds that spawn next time him. What the other tank should do next is pull the side boss that just appeared on the other side and the adds. While the team burns the 1st boss to death once he dies you move on to the other and you should pass it
  18. Remander Steadfast Player

    Communication is key, as others have said. You can run it successfully with many different group makeups. The only time I've not successfully completed it was when the security construct bugged. The mechanics aren't that hard to pick up.
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  19. MetalMario Loyal Player

    2 trolls 1 heal is ok for a decently geared and skilled tank. I've run that with no problems on my fire tank who has a mix of green, blue, and purple gear and synthetic IV mods. I personally prefer 2 trolls 2 heals and won't pug any other way unless everybody in group is on my friends list (probably doesn't count as pugging at that point). The last room is really all about knowing how to play your powerset and knowing the game mechanics (counters).
  20. thatnoob New Player

    Yes you can pass it with different set ups but IMO 2 every role is the safest