Realistic Suggestions for the 5 Month DownTime

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  1. SuperBell Loyal Player

    People want something fun to do. People would rather leave and do something else rather than be forced to do something boring. Luckily I have the CC bounties, but if I didn't, I certainly wouldn't want to sit behind a computer screen for who knows how long trying to finish them. I'd rather catch up on some tv shows I've missed. Or take a nap.
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  2. SuperBell Loyal Player

    How about some community events? Surely, not every person is working production 24/7.
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  3. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    *zzzzz* wait flash is on someone wake me up! wait it's not October 4th yet... *zzzzz*
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  4. SuperBell Loyal Player

    Uh oh, I only have three month left to catch up on two seasons of the Flash? And I was going to do that after I'm caught up on three seasons of Arrow! And I still have Supergirl, Gotham, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Agents of Sheild, and Peggy Carter: Captain America's Best Gal to catch up on. Looks like my plates full for the down time we are going to get. Plus all the naps I plan on taking. I love naps.
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  5. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    An explanation of why there are items on the rare style vendor that are available from other vendors?
    Is this a way to get style items from content without buying that content where the vendor is available to purchase the items from?

    Is there a Premium user that can say, I did not buy the content that allows for access to the vendor that sells a particular style of gear that is available from the rare style vendor?

    I think they put items on the rare style vendor that they didn't realize was available from another vendor. That would be an easy change to make during the stretch.

    Removing common styles to hero and villains from Lockboxes. That would be an easy change to make during the stretch.

    I can't imagine of any other relatively easy changes to make to the game as they undertake the Large content release and systemic changes to the game. (I have Big Hope towards a new UI being done)
  6. light FX Steadfast Player

    I pmd loche a few weeks ago a bunch of ideas for a new SM. Hope u guys do 1. That would be great. A wonder woman themed in thrones map, a bat family 1 in i think its inner or outer, or a time travel kinda based 1 in paradox with all the bat council and lex council plus paradox minis as bosses. Imo any of those would be awesome.
  7. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    i'll be returning to the game next month and then i'll be levelling alts,catching up main and feat hunting ,i'm so happy that monthly garbage is finally going away
  8. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    The Flash Paradox story will reset this game. *soon*

    Flash/messenger. Flash/Flaxpoint. Was the instanced content a means for the original shot callers of design to alter experience on a dime? It's all instanced. Gateway based on CR.
    Gear meant CR, what if it no longer means Gear CR? Achieve through performance? AFK=no performance EXP.

    .... oh, yeah! scoreboards stats matter!!!??????
  9. Derio 15000 Post Club

    I hope you do add small things like Rare loot drop weekend, or little things like spawning random enemies on Saturday or Friday evenings. Or even exobit node yield increase one or two weekends. Little things to get people to pop back in or even stay subbed so people who purchased 1 whole year dont feel bad.

    I do hope however when you do launch AF3, the second and third month( PC players call this the dry season or when people drop their sub) that you include at least 2 of the following:

    New LPVE map
    New pvp map
    New SM
    Of course seasonals still remain
    Take an old alert and tune it to a T8 version( example: Arkham Asylum Elite, Hive Moon Base Elite) And would require the DLC purchase prior to its launch, ex( AF3 would have to be purchased inorder to play this content( or make it free))
    New game mode entirely( while this may take several resources to make, something simply like a PVE version of Safehouses at endgame level would be exciting, or even challenging PVE versions of the Watchtower and HOD pvp matches).

    If you guys are able to put at least one of these piece of content in each month a DLC is not out, it will help keep player retention and people will be more likely to stay subbed the full 3 months instead of dropping after the first month.
  10. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

  11. Ichiro Loyal Player

    How about new LPVE you alledgedly make those during lunch breaks
  12. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    ok. EXP gains through support roles are adjusted to relatively compare to DPS who outperform than other DPS roles in a raid.

    Priority? Relatively, balance all powers, ASAP. no??
    Is that too on the nose? Are casual users unaware of WM and AM? Pugging is less desirable? Searching the internet for builds is horrific? Being cornered into using 4 powers of 2 available trees is also horrible? Describe your horror! Do you want a MOBA? :rolleyes:
  13. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    Increased Prom box drop rate weekends

    Release some new Legends characters maybe.

    Increase rewards in DLC related PvP. Double Marks in 8v8's. Get people in the mood to running PvP so they can remember the mechanics and/or learn the mechanics. I know some of the instances we have now are hardly ran.

    New content in general doesn't seem to be happening soon so why not make changes to the already existing in game perks?

    Just some ideas that may help or not, worth a shot.
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  14. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    For mains or alts, playing for a Lockbox with subscription....
    If it's a common style item for both Hero and Villain = get common often.

    Getting the common often and never getting a rare. = end subscription.
  15. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    I'd like to expose that I have not played the game in weeks because I don't play games. I'm a journalist. Based on my say so. It's totally legal. Eat me. U VLOG slugs.

    Seen the movie Cindy? Your'e vlog is........
  16. Slade Wilson Devoted Player

    You're getting the idea ;)
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  17. eanur Well-Known Player

    As I mentioned before to save time and resources for you guys theres no need to make a whole new survival mode to bridge the gap just instead use the ones you have already created. Since the lvl cap is going to be the same for like 5 months bring all survival modes out at once and maybe take away the bragging right factor to it and give them purpose like have them drop some marks and have an new armour set with increased costs people have to work towards for the next dlc.

    Apart from the armour style, maybe you can just re-use an old style sure this would take the least amount of time to implement and yet keep people happy.
  18. Dragon1576 Active Player

    I know what i'm going to be doing during the 5 months there isn't anything new i'm going to be playing neverwinter on ps4 seeing as how i've never tryed it since it's new to ps4 should hold me over for 5 months lol
  19. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    0o ?
    what the..... hmmmm. broken glass. woke up on couch.
    yep. my late posts got weird. again. /shrug.

    Meanwhile. I like that aura. SuperBell.
  20. aortenruptur Well-Known Player

    Realistic Suggestions for the 5 Month DownTime

    • I suggest you prepare for a 8+ month DownTime o_O
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