Re-speccing skill points - There has got to be a better way..

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by MsJonzz, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. MsJonzz Well-Known Player

    Ok so since there are changes to the movement skills we have to respec ALL of our skill points! Really? There has got to be a better way to do this. They can't just take the skill points out of the movement tree so we just have to respec those?

    It's already a pain to respec, why can't this be made easier? You know click/click again to set or unset a skill point?
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  2. One_Man_Army New Player

    Think about how much of a pain it is for those players with 150 or more skill points. I'm at 149. Next week, I'll be sitting with those in the 150 club and it will hurt when I need to respec, lol.
  3. Miahztwin Committed Player

    Yeah it sucks, I was thinking maybe they have like at least 4 saved respec files, so that way you click the spec you want. lol But of course it be too easy i guess. Maybe make it a Base Item upgrade? idk only a suggestion
  4. myandria Item Storage

    I understand your pain; however, since the devs have no way of knowing what the majority of players will want to respec into or out of, it is easier on them to just reset all skills and leave it to the players to decide which way they want to go for movement.

    For example, if the devs had only reset the movement skills as you have suggested, other players will say that they wanted to respec out of something else to put more into the new movement skills, and they would want it for free.

    In the long run, the players will benefit from this because it will allow a free respec to all skills and consider taking a movement skill not thought about before.
  5. Poo New Player

    I just wish we could deselect a skill after choosing it. That way we don't have to memorize over a hundred choices. How many times have you F**ked up and had to start all over again... and for a price?
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  6. Statman New Player

    I duel spec, and only ever respec powers. I'm lazy, lol.
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  7. Dogzday Dedicated Player

    When I was Electric about a year ago (~80 SP) I would respec after every other Raid because people would want me to Heal one then DPS one then Heal one... I still did it because I wanted the Marks. And of course, 80 SP isn't really enough to dual-spec.

    Now being a Controller Power, I only have to respec Power Points because the T5 gear gives enough Vit that I don't have to respec SP for Controlling T5 Ops (maybe) and T2-T4 content.
  8. H.. Committed Player

    Yes, there should be a reverse switch especially for those ...opps..moments!!

    I wish instead of entire Skill point reset - allow us to choose (or give us a token) which (that) - that we can use to swap skill points in and out on a 1:1 basis.

    There should be a Feat attached to respeccing:)
  9. Toren New Player

    Last I heard the spec preset tubes (or whatever they're called) would be introduced in a game update near the launch of halls of power dlc. I really hope it comes sooner than that.
  10. Redhot Well-Known Player

    really it will only take you 5-10 mins to respec it really is not the end of the world
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  11. Wilder Midnight New Player

    i would like to be able to spec into two options:

    dps and support role. hitting up on the d pad automatically shifts your skill and power points for that role.

    it should even auto equip the best gear you have in your inventory for the role.
  12. Solmes202 Loyal Player

    I'm sitting on 129 skill points and it only takes me about 8-10 minutes to do a complete respec and gear change. Are we overstating the inconvenience?
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  13. Cloud_9 New Player

    At 142, it sucks. Hard.
  14. Adonais Crux New Player

    i think they should leave it the way it is, and if you want the new stuff you can respec yourself
  15. Crimson Veil Dedicated Player

    Not really. People are usually respecing for a group run so 3 to 7 other people are waiting for you during those 8 minutes. Some people can only play a couple hours a day, respecing one or more times for them cuts into getting the real stuff done in the game. Plus occasionally you mess up and have to do it again or the group changes before you go into an instance and you have to switch back from the support role you just switched to back to dps etc. etc. It's a hassle and 8 mins here or there adds up. I really hope that the Halls of Power addresses this because I've always (2+ years) seen the current system as a game flaw
  16. PaperGirl New Player

    Kinda it is .

    If Soe used our money in the right way (rare) with all the forum feedbacks/propositions , it could take us 1 min to fully respec instead of 10 , you feel the diff ?
  17. The Johnny army New Player

    Of course it is not the end of the world, but it is an inconvenience when you are asked to switch from one role to another or when you just want to go from one role to another, especially if you do want to do your role to the best of your abilities. Jonzz's idea to click to select > click again to deselect seems like a good solution. Would save time and the need to go to a respec station.