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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by AJPro, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. AJPro Committed Player

    I was so happy to read they would put the styles in the style vendor that we used to get for influence while we got marks back in the day...the nth metal set, etc... I THOUGHT you would buy for cash like styles in war room or at worse the marks cost of the lowest tier set (like they originally were). I log on and go to get styles that were easy to get when I started but my new toons were too busy getting the higher tier sets to get ONLY TO SEE each PIECE is 150 frightening tokens of valor. For context the 87 set is 45 marks a pieces and you get 2-4 marks at 86 and the best is 40 in 89 gear....SOOOOO let me get this straight I need to play and for the most part win PVP arena matches to earn marks to buy gear that is going to rotate down each season while buying mods that cost marks and on top of that earn 150...a 150 frickin marks to buy one piece towards a style feat that I can't use in the arena. Why is no one but me flabbergasted by many marks and so unfair to new players. My original toom earned all three sets easily while playing legends AND new toons...lets just say with this system aint never gonna happen. I like PVE and the amount of PVP i would need to play for those ridiculous.

    Basically 1200 marks of valor for 50 point feat..yup sounds worth it at 40 (best case scenario) I NEED to WIN 30 arena matches at CR 89 to get one suit AFTER i have already bought all my PVP gear to use and modded it and mastered it....sigh.

    Thanks DCUO...thanks alot and I am "grateful" you made something so "reasonable". So basically if I have done so much PVP that I have 90 gear done i can then spend my tokens on pieces of gear for style...whoopie...
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  2. winter13 New Player

    Yes...this is absolutely ridiculous. 150 for one piece is robbery. The devs REALLY need to look at this. Not to mention the fact that they said these styles would be purchasable with cash.
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  3. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    So they are wrong for wanting you to actually put time into pvp?
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  4. LORD_SHOCKA New Player

    I think 100 would be fine. But its super easy for a 50 point feat you really had to grind before, they dont just hand those big points out.
  5. Seismicfesr Dedicated Player

    The price per piece is high, if they want to have you use marks fine but gotta lower the prices somewhat
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  6. HLAssassin Well-Known Player

    Well, I saved up my marks ahead of time and got them all...
  7. AJPro Committed Player

    ok, cash too easy but 150 marks and it towards nothing playable...that is too high all the other 50 style feats were tied to gear you used...
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  8. Seismicfesr Dedicated Player

    so since you got them already screw everyone else? Nice mentality
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  9. AJPro Committed Player

    OR AT least have Marks of triumph option and too earlier post...fine to make me play PVP but the AMOUNT this price requires...when are you supposed to play PVE??? like I said 30 WOn matches in CR 89 gear and how do you think you get that gear by plaing PVP arenas matches in lower gear for less marks...i.e. more matches so like 90 WOn pvp matches to earn one 50 point feat...while getting nothing else...even the alert 500 feats you get the stuff and side feat pints from the alerts or duos or challenges...
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  10. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    150 is a reasonable price considering that they were initially the spot where we have them now in tiers. You get a lot of marks of valor and these things are designed for you to go back and get the feats you needed not to start with. So when you get the max Red Tornado/Amazo gear, you can go back and use the marks you get each. Remember, the game no longer has weekly/daily lockouts. It's back to the old pvp as much as you want.

    I was pleased to see this. I was finally able to finish the last checkmate style I needed.
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  11. AJPro Committed Player

    finally the irony is the veteran player probably got under the old method and does not need more than a piece or too and its the new toon or player that gets totally hosed...i.e. i got everything and save up my marks and used on them after i already bought the latest seasons gear
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  12. GrumpySnot New Player

    Maybe be wrong, but i beleive they said, would be placed in a vendor. Dont car got me some hefty feat points today, thanks mepps
  13. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    *scratches head* You do know the marks go up in drop rate as you progress through tiers, or did they change that w/o my knowledge? You also need to get the current best gear out there for feats. You know, the ones you are complaining about now will be a problem later. I just don't get you. The style vendor is there for a convenience AFTER you have gotten the other style feats.
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  14. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    you realize you get like 20 marks per win right. They don't want you to be able to buy it quickly. They actually want you to play every part of the game. 150 marks is peanuts with the way they hand out marks. Imagine a piece costing 120 marks and you only got 2 for winning. That was true hell...
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  15. Radium Devoted Player

    Yes, getting so screwed for having to win a few matches for some styles.
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  16. Splinter Cell Dedicated Player

    40 per win, 20 on a loss. I think, anyway.
  17. AzraelR Committed Player

    I have nothing to complain about it. Now every victory you get 40 marks valor in arena. It's not so difficult to get 150.

    Oh, and just to warn you: I hate PVP arena.
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  18. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Looks good to me. I don't see the problem with OP.
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  19. HLAssassin Well-Known Player

    Well, if you choose to twist my words that way, sure.
  20. Canadian Justice Committed Player

    I hate PvP and even I'm OK with these prices. It's a vendor for outdated styles, I doubt it's going anywhere.
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