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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Apollonia, Mar 30, 2021.

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  1. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    Dev team,

    This week we found out one of our leaguemates was perm banned for speed hacking. As part of the community I’m thrilled to hear anecdotal evidence action is being taken on these infractions. We probably all are. So. Cheers to that!

    Here’s the problem though; our leaguemate didn’t speed hack. His visiting teenage nephew was allowed to game using his account and did it without his knowledge. The kid was a rebellious teenager and rebelled I guess. Now, obviously this sounds like a “dog-ate-my-homework” type excuse but it’s legitimately true.

    Our leaguemate is a professional psychologist, in his late 50s-early 60s, educating at a Uni in Greece, who’s been volunteering mental health support for people in distress during the pandemic, whose loved DC comics since he was a kid and that’s why he plays here; the game is a distraction from his real life stresses for him. He’s been a part of our league, playing the game with us, and our friend for at least 8+ years now. He’s created dozens of characters over the years to homage favourite characters from his fav books, and levelled up many characters to endgame and gotten decent or better in every role he tries. We know him. We’ve spent countless hours playing with him, and getting to know him over Discord as a person.

    He’s a decent player, but frankly, he’s not *that* good (ahem), so we can easily and collectively vouch for him that he isn’t a cheater and can believe him when he explains what his nephew did. In all the years we’ve been playing none of us has ever questioned the legitimacy of his play (aside from his ridiculous RNG luck).

    On a personal note; everyone in our league is quite fun and we’re lucky to have thrown out all of our less savoury personalities years ago. So, this leaguemate is one of my favourite people to talk with about anything from global politics, social policy, and human rights to lighter topics like costume styles and vintage DC characters. We’ve spent hours talking about these things over the years and he’s been there for so many of us when we had stuff going on in our lives like when I lost my parents a couple years ago or another leaguemate struggles with self-esteem issues, and another coping a devastating breakup, or another with every other kind of human trauma normal people experience every day, and so on. Inevitably, we’ll lose him since he won’t have much reason to log into our Discord and chat if he’s not playing anymore. So losing him would be a tremendous loss to our league as a whole, our circle of in-game friends, and me personally too. I can’t imagine continuing to play knowing he’s never going to stay up until 4am (eu time) to raid night with us on a Sat night ever again. I can’t overstate how devastating this is.

    I realize the normal process is probably zero tolerance and so on, but I’m asking the Dev team here to reconsider and make an exception. Please manually intervene in this situation and at least give him a second chance by changing his discipline from perm to some time off as appropriate? You could even make it probationary since there’s no chance this would reoccur with the teenage offender responsible being gone anyhow.

    Please DM me for further information related to his account if needed. I’m happy to answer more questions etc and help if I can. Thanks for your consideration on this issue.
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  2. TheRealDemon Dedicated Player

    Damn that's rough
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  3. zNot Loyal Player

    If he gets a exception everyone should. Not fair deal with it.
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  4. C3alix Committed Player

    Cool story, better have 300% proof.
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  5. inferno Loyal Player

    Same thing happened to our League leader. He's a business man and while away on business, his nephews played on his PS4 and got banned for bad behavior. I contacted support for him on his behalf. The answer is simply that they can't release any information or do any action on any account unless it is yours due to privacy concerns. Support suggested that he create another account and then he can submit himself whatever information they need. I'm sure they will look into that account''s history and take things into consideration.

    Good luck! I sent that information to my league leader but, lol, he's away on business and busy atm.
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  6. Scytthe Well-Known Player

    Lol speed hackers get banned in DCUO that’s new?

    I got a speed hacker in my friend list cheating since 1 month everyday without any problem, come on don’t lie to me.
  7. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    I’ve known your leaguemate for a long time, and I believe his story. He’s one of the good ones, and his overall history in the game logs will show that. If the perma-ban stands here, then a good customer and player will be flushed when it’s not necessary. The company should be trying to hold on to as many customers like him as they can.
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  8. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Damn that’s super rough if true (is which it sounds like it is). Unfortunately, without proof, he might be up schitt’s creek. And you posting this might possibly hurt his chances of appealing because if anybody on here knows your league in game and/or knows who you’re talking about and sees that their ban got lifted, you’ve now provided a potential blueprint for successfully tugging the right heartstring of whoever makes decisions on ban appeals. It’s also coming smack dab in the middle of significantly higher than normal demand from the players for the devs to crack down.

    This game is a hobby that people invest money and time (which is money lol) in so If I were your leaguemate, I’d treat it the same as if his hobby was rebuilding classic cars and his nephew came over and ruined an expensive paint job. I’d ask my sibling (his parent and legal guardian) to compensate for the lost value which I’m sure would roll downhill on his nephew in a major way (ie, somebody’ gonna be mowin the entire neighborhoods yards all summer and not see a dime!). He’d have to start all over but hopefully would have sufficient budget to get his new toon caught back up. Obviously there’s time investment that would simply be lost. But maybe the sibling/parent is wiling to compensate for that as well similar to how civil court judges and lawyers calculate monetary compensation for lost hours. That’s the best insight I can give. I wish him luck on finding some kind of resolution
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  9. FiremanMac85 Well-Known Player

    Don’t believe it. Sorry.
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  10. Proxystar #Perception

    Yea... don't buy it sorry.

    I'm simply responding because you've made a public thread instead of just sending a PM so I'm assuming you were comfortable with receiving comment from other players.

    So many people use the "oh but it was my little brother" excuse and Im sorry it's just BS, you say he's a professional psychologist, no offense then but he's far from uneducated, he must understand the concept of accountability etc and therefore understands that letting someone else play his account comes with risk, he should not have been letting his nephew play his account unmonitored, you're also suggesting that he was oblivious to the fact his nephew had downloaded third party software to his PC.

    I know this is going to sound harsh to you, but I wouldn't unban him if whats happened is hacking, it's one thing if his nephew hopped on and said a bad word in trade chat, it's another entirely if he's gone about actively speedhacking, sorry.
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  11. Knightmare Active Player

    I don't post often. In fact, I usually only post if the topic is something I truly have feedback in, or occasionally add some inconsequential whimsy to a thread.
    That all being said, I'm here to vouch for this league-mate's character as a good will public gesture to garner some support for his ban to be lifted. He has spent an inordinate amount of time and effort into the game, this past year especially, to risk having it all taken away with a bannable offense.
    I'm someone who has played this game since beta, and the thought of a mistake costing me one of my preferred past times that I've invested so much time and money in is incredibly empathetically frustrating. I'd further like to thank those in this thread that have offered their positive responses. I know it of itself may not hold sway to the powers that be but I do appreciate it, as I'm sure does my league mate.
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  12. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    And this is why you should never give someone access to your account.
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  13. KiaserX Level 30

    The person banned is a leaguemate of mine as well. When I heard about the ban yesterday, I went to the devs privately on the players behalf. I, like previous poster stated, was given the fact it is a private account and that they could not or would not give me any information pertaining to the account holder. I too prefer away from public views to avoid any potential methods to get serious cheaters bans lifted. However...

    Since the gates were opened and this forum post was created, I feel I should publicly support my teammate as well. He is a good guy, He is a person that loves his comics. He hurt his back several years ago but still tried to raid with us. He still raids with us, even in the wee hours of his morning. His love of comics and knowledge of comics translated well into this game where he spent hours and money to craft his characters to live the superheroes dream. I have faith he told the truth about his nephew messing with the game. Just because a person is educated from 30+ years back does not mean they are tech savvy. Simply look at teachers on Google Classroom or Zoom meets as they conduct classes.

    Why do I vouch for him? Because he is a friend and a good team player, that helps others both in this game and in real life. We make mistakes and sometimes the penalty is much worse than the crime committed. I do not have the details about the actions or why the team chose the perma ban over a simple few day suspension but what I do know is that a little mercy and clemency can go a long way. I understand that other people may not agree and will not agree if the ban gets lifted, but I ask for my friend to be forgiven. I ask for another chance and if something happens and things get screwed up then by all means do the hammer loud and proud.

    Thanks for those that see and comment and hopefully a resolution can be made and our leaguemate can return to us.
    Stay safe everyone.
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  14. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Hahaha remember what i said about sweeping legislation and it will take people out of the the game even if they weren’t directly hacking & how YOU in particular belittled me? He pooped in his diaper, he deserves to get whooped. How else will people learn?

    Im no rocket scientist, just applying past history to the present. This thread will be locked tomorrow, i dont feel bad.. you asked for this
  15. IonHero Well-Known Player

    Probably not the popular opinion, but I am all for giving people a second chance.
    Yes give them a week or so suspension.
    If it happens again or something else action worthy, then ban
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  16. Solarbound Committed Player

    I didn't type this. My stupid baby brother did:D
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  17. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Not that my 2-cents are quite worth 2 whole cents but I'm tossing them in as well, for whatever they're worth.

    This is a guy who avoids the trash-talking in /shout, /trade, etc. and has gone out of his way numerous times to help not only other league members but strangers in the game just because it's who he is. I can't even begin to count how many times he's single-handedly built up bounty zones by making then filling groups, dropping from them once full, starting new groups, filling them, then repeating the process over and over just to either log off or go to another phase and start over once that phase was finally full. And that's not even touching on his RL philanthropy.

    He made a mistake. He trusted someone who turned out to be not worthy of that level of trust. That sort of mishap happens to all of us in some form or other. If it hasn't happened to you yet, it either will or it has and you just don't know it... yet.

    He's dealt with it on his end and the devs should deal with it on theirs but they should also look at the totality of his history with the game and the length and depth of the infraction. Taking the infraction alone within a vacuum (ie: without any sort of context) is every bit as short-sighted and ridiculous as those who criticized ObsidianChill for outting the speed hackers in his videos not long ago.

    And in the words of a wise, old sage...

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  18. ALB Dedicated Player

    Becareful what you ask for
  19. FiremanMac85 Well-Known Player

    Lol yeah my little bro downloaded the speed hacking program and learned all the macros when he visited. IT WAS TOTALLY HIM.
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  20. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    So sad to say it but...

    Why even have rules if all 1 has to do is allow someone else to access an account, commit a violation, aquire rewards or earn something even if it holds no value, then the other person comes back to the said account and basically claim that they committed no offense because they were not on the account themselves.

    To me the OP statement whether true or not will allow for people who will and can, if given the opportunity to do exactly just that.

    It is not so difficult to get a relative or a friend watching the dog, or someone's cat to show proof that the other person had no knowledge of the rules or TOS, because quite frankly, it is not like there is a big red letterhead warning not to cheat or allow others to cheat or any other TOS after the initial login to and even if there were it flashes so quick that someone who would cheat will use that excuse whether valid or not.

    If they are going to take back a permaban, then they might as well be fair to the others and take out the penalty or just call them time served.

    People asked for those who used speed hacks to be permabanned, I am sure others will have a valid reason as well.
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