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  1. Xibo Loyal Player

    Yes, but is single target. You'll lose damage anyways.
  2. powerwoman274 Well-Known Player

  3. Illumin411 Well-Known Player

    I content where melee is a death sentence, like TT Elite, that is the best WM. Of course, there's somewhat of an art to staggering weapon buffs to maximize it's potential. And then there's the jump-clip trick but even that has it's downside in certain types of battles in my experience.
  4. Xibo Loyal Player

    I am talking about group damage but of course if you are in Doomsday raid or in any another boss you can use and abuse of WM Flurry Shot.
  5. powerwoman274 Well-Known Player

    Is it good for group adds? i like to use it range if i can't melee but i use bow wm with ma smoke bomb i just spam that if i am melee
  6. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    Water done right beats ALL other powers, and it can be done with using drowned, bubble, tsumani strike combo and ebb and flow.
  7. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    Someone with a lower cr than you was right on your bumper and had more boss damage than you. we don’t know anything about those players, their powers or sps the only thing we know based on that video is you were the most geared dps in the room. Water can’t compete with top tier dps. That was probably just a below average group of dps.
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  8. L T Loyal Player

    I haven't watched the video and you may be correct. I wouldn't just dismiss the idea in an off hand way though. I've seen some very good water DPS lately.
  9. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    Water does compete if you know what your doing. And in that video, I actually forgot I was recording and didn't position myself very well in most spots. Blitz is also electric. And Electric done right is beast. I only went to electric from water to do something different. I'm probably gonna change back one day to water.

    Also, your post was simply to put down a power you don't have any idea how it works or probably never played yourself....or havn't gone against someone who knows how to use it. EVERY video no matter how good someone can say "the other players could have been trash". It could be a video of the best player in the game and someone can always say he was playing with bad players.

    BTW, the water loadout....(and I will make a video demonstrating the DPS comparison of both Electric and Water) does more damage than Electric. on TS I have 31k might with 320 SP. Electric tops out at around 29k DPS over 30 seconds (no tricket, nitro, or circuit breaker), Water I get up as high as 31-33K damage also no trinket or nitro. The real reason water is good is b/c it's consistant. Other powers tend to dip in damage then burst in damage, then dip etc... Water has the most consistant damage with very little dip in damage.
  10. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I saw an electric dps and a rage dps playing ranged in a PUG group. Don't get me wrong, when I play, I generally pug everything. The one thing I've never been able to do. Compare my damage, which is usually higher than theirs. The damage you did was pretty good, but I believe water at its strongest is played with a weapon.

    To the others hating. Honestly, just about all powers can compete now. But what are you competing for? You finished the raid, you win. If your trying to say that water is a top tier dps power by itself. I'd have to disagree. Gadgets is hands down the top power in this game. Next is the bow, lol. Then duel wields. After that, you can throw every power in whatever order you want.
  11. Yaiba Well-Known Player

    Maybe you can run with him to know who is better? :cool: :cool: :cool:
  12. NotObsidianChill Committed Player

    The thing is he wasn't trolling Water isn't even the best or 2nd best even Healer class dps power. Prec water is a different story with the weapon buff and venom wrist I don't count that but PFTT Water isn't as good as Elec 4+ targets and Water is DWARFED by Nature on 3 targets. I honestly didn't think id see that Water video posted on the forums again cause I listed off at least 6 things wrong with it last time. I'm not hating on water but to say its a top power or that water has the ability to beat a earth, rage, gadgets, elec on aoe or nature is laughable.

    The only thing water has going for it is that Call of the Deep is an amazing supercharge with the shark frenzy trick to have it crit more often, a trick not even being used in the video.
  13. Balistical Ice Dedicated Player

    I must say, Water may not be a top tier power, but it can be very competent Precision or Might based in the right hands. One playstyle might outweigh the other, but the saying still stands true. I play an end game Water toon, at max stats. And I get very competent when it comes to skilled players. The numbers dont lie. But I also use nifty tricks like the Shark Frenzy and Call of the Deep supercharge.

    I think most of it comes down to the player
  14. NotObsidianChill Committed Player

    It's not about the player or in the right hands for this type of comparison we are making here. If you take 2 equally skilled dps with similar gear & sp 1 is water and the other is earth, rage, gadgets, nature, elec (depends on the raid) that water dps loses 100% of the time. Water is about on par with munitions. Certainly not a bad powerset by any means, im not trying to give that impression but to say water can be OP and beat anyone that is not a truthful statement at all.
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  15. Balistical Ice Dedicated Player

    I was just stating that it can be very competent. Just my unwanted two cents lol.

    I didnt say it was OP or could beat anyone.
  16. ANYDOGG1 Level 30

    Funny you say that.

    He used your loadout rotation from your youtube video NotObsidianChill...
  17. NotObsidianChill Committed Player

    That's on 3 targets, are we really now trying to say electric is good on 3 targets lol? Try that on the 8 sparring targets and see what happens. Water also didn't even break 30k on 3 targets where with the same might Nature can get 40-50k that's the funny thing here that for some reason everyone is trying to make water seem OP lol
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  18. Yaiba Well-Known Player

    Water can build SC very fast :rolleyes: , 100% crit on every power (including SC, iconics,..) - bugged maybe?o_O . If you use powers at right time, you can beat other powerset. In the end, it depends on the contents you play, for example, HIVE raid where Water can use Call of the Deep more than 10 times, I believe it can compete with other top powers.
  19. NotObsidianChill Committed Player

    Well despite how fast it may earn sc using a 10,000 SC supercharge 10+ times in a 20min raid deserves the :rolleyes: emoji as well. The issue is when water is barely parsing 30k and I mean barely and the other powersets like earth, rage etc are parsing almost 40k the entire raid water is constantly behind the entire time and hoping the supercharge will make up the difference. Also that player who posted the water video in question doesn't even USE the shark frenzy crit trick lol. Water has always been a middle of the pack DPS set, its strengths are that it does the same damage from range as it does melee so its consistent where other powersets drop off a bit if they can't melee.
  20. Mazahs Dedicated Player

    ^^^ This
    It's pretty easy to understand when one power can do 30k DPS -vs- pick a power doing 40k DPS you are NOT going to keep up.
    Say you run a raid that actual combat time is 8 min.
    8 * 60 = 480 sec. time in combat

    Water at max DPS is capable of doing 14.4 million VS Other powers (noted above) capable of 19.2 million
    in that timeframe you're NOT going to make up 4.8 mil in damage by using SC's.

    Water is no slouch, but in same environment it's not going to top a similar geared / skilled player using Rage or Earth.
    It's strength is like Obsidian noted "distance" but it doesn't benefit from melee
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