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  1. RSL New Player

    i saw a note in the most recent test update thread that stated marks of reality will be removed in this update and drops and costs will be in triumph now. i also read that the rare style vendor will be using marks of fury once the dlc drops... in the interim between those two events... will we be able to purchase rare styles from the new rare style vendor with the marks of triumph or are we locked out because of an oversight? if a dev or mepps could comment [or someone who's seen what the state of this is on test i guess as well] that would be awesome. thanks.
  2. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    With the current Test Server build, the rare style vendor is using Mark of Fury.

    I was kind of wondering about this adjustment too. I'm getting the impression that the DLC maybe released a bit earlier than what we are expecting.

    I'm glad I finished purchasing the last style pieces I need from that vendor.
  3. DanXVII Committed Player

    How much?
  4. RSL New Player

    same. 70. i agree with the idea. it's a 50 point feat, it should be worth a good number [70] of the highest mark possible. i just want to make sure i buy what i can before i get locked out. once marks of fury drop, i have gear for stats to purchase with it and not just free marks to spend on old styles for feats.
  5. RSL New Player

    don't assume we're getting DLC sooner than later. ever. lol

    i figured they'd do some kind of stupid lockout like this honestly when i saw they converted the marks of reality to marks of triumph everywhere. you know... this is the kind of thing a know-nothing, "casual" player couldn't benefit from so the devs don't care. if it hurts "try-hard", "elitist" players who bother getting skill points they could not be arsed.
  6. DanXVII Committed Player

    Ouch, so the price of them currently will go up by whatever the conversion rate from MoR is to MoF, siiighhh looks like I'm not done with T5 after all, last minute grind time.
  7. No Aywok New Player

    The style vendor will completely switch over to Marks of Fury once GU36 drops. This means that HIVE Defender, Runes of the Norsemen, etc. will cost Marks of Fury as well.

    Mepps confirmed a few weeks ago that the style vendor will always be updated to only accept the current-tier Mark. The cost is the same as before, 70 Marks per style piece.

    T5 gear is switching to Marks of Triumph with GU36 as well, and the MoT cap is being raised from 50,000 to 175,000.
  8. RSL New Player

    yeah, it makes sense. otherwise in two dlc's you could run a few raids and buy 100 mark feats for it.
  9. RSL New Player

    yet we will be unable to EARN marks of fury at that point. do you miss that point?
  10. Iron YoJimBo New Player

    I think the rare style vendor is a cop out, instead of fixing the drops rates, sell it for the highest tier marks? But wait . . . I NEED skillpoints, right? the styles in the vendor are styles that by T5 most should have completed , IF the drop rate was in line with most other drops. I would have been fine locking it at the cost it is, at T5 but constantly bumping it up is a slap in the face to a lot of players.
  11. Superskull85 Devoted Player

  12. Sivulla Dedicated Player

    I believe it was said that they are going to adjust prices to match 70 marks of reality when going to fury.
  13. Zpred Dedicated Player

    That's weird cause I could of sworn either spord or Tunso (maybe another dev) when asked was T5 going to be converted into marks of triumph and what about the style vendor he said yes to both, I'm gonna have to do some digging.

    EDIT: apologies I found the thread and it was marks of fury not marks of triumph.

    But anyway, the only problem I see with this is you will need dlc 10 to purchase these styles, I know you can still try the old fashion way, but I thought putting it in the vendor for marks of reality was a bit silly tbh, i believe they should be a really high cost of marks of triumph for everybody to be able to purchase considering the vendor came as a free update, it doesn't really affect me as I'm legendary but I think it would just make more sense to put them in there for a high mot price ( talking Norseman, hive etc style not talking T5 or if T6 style goes in there) for everyone to be able to purchase. Obvisoluy having hand of fate dlc for Norseman etc.
  14. No Aywok New Player

    God forbid they "release" something early to lighten the load for when the DLC goes live...

    This is pretty much equivalent to someone complaining that they can't get the new seasonal feats the second they show up on the Feat list (weeks before event).

    Sorry that I decided to give out information rather than complain.
  15. RSL New Player

    hello ignore
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