Ranged Rage DPS Loadout.

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by QuaTumTroLL, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. QuaTumTroLL Active Member

    Figured out a really good Rage Range DPS Loadout, check it out on my channel.
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  2. Green Lantern Fadi Well-Known Member

    Is it better than hard lightv?
  3. FullMetalTitan Well-Known Member

    that looks sooooooo cool!
  4. Magical Reset Well-Known Member

    Ferocity stacks with Bloodlust. It's a really nice prec buff. You already have Plasma Retch for spammable cancellable PI.

    It seems you aren't jump cancelling Plasma Retch with a ranged tap. Cancelling it and going into Dreadful Blast is a huge burst.

    The ground Plasma Burn is melee ranged AOE. At long range it wouldn't fit well with your build. I would suggest replacing it with a SC of some kind.

    On test we've reached a consensus on clipping Ferocity with Bloodlust for buffs. Plasma Retch for PI and clip with Dreadful Blast is also very popular for range. It leaves 2 empty slots for other powers.
  5. QuaTumTroLL Active Member

    Yeah I wasn't at that time lol wasn't really thinking now got it :eek:
  6. QuaTumTroLL Active Member

    Its Might be ;) Because you can put on DoTs and do your combos and it even has a prec buff so its better that HL :) to me atleast.
  7. Blue Spectrex Well-Known Member

    I'm curious on how Rage DPS compares to the top DPS powers now(HL,Celestial,Nature).
  8. Critics Active Member

    Me too
  9. QuaTumTroLL Active Member

    I will try and do a Dox and see how good it is against gadgets and HL
  10. Critics Active Member

    Wait whats your might and prec tho?
  11. Blue Spectrex Well-Known Member

    That sig :O
  12. Critics Active Member

    I know bruh :D
  13. QuaTumTroLL Active Member

    Prec 1720 might 3200^
  14. Electrizzaro Well-Known Member

    Loadout looks pretty decent but it seems like you are spamming the one power a ton. This is a loadout that I thought worked pretty well

  15. Wonder Bira Member

    I think it's so ****** when people put a vídeo with music and DONT EXPLAIN the powers and what they serve for...
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  16. ApophisCF New Member

    So are people leaning towards precision over might with rage?
    I thought rage was to be a might based power?
  17. xRyujin Active Member

    The power is more might based. I'm saying more and not just "it's might based" because you will need to do some wep attacks. When buying gear - go for prec gear. When getting wep - go for might one. When putting sockets put prec&might instead of pure prec and go for 2x mods might& power/health (either you mod both shoulders and mask or shoulders and chest...you get it).
    I saw high numbers from yellow dmg. Good numbers from white, but it's an overall burst dmg with some nice dots from gnarling eruption and plasma retch- that add up if you buff them.
    It is a great power as I can see multiple builds/loadouts for both pvp and pve. It's very heavy in dmg potential and I think that It is on par with mental, gadgets and celestial.
    It is a mid range - single target/close aoe - power hungry/rotation - powerset.
  18. Victor Sau New Member

  19. Magical Reset Well-Known Member

    I would replace DB with Eviscerating Chain for a single target pull and rage combo 2-in-1. Replace Ferocity with Ire, which gives the same control resistance and also heals you.
  20. Brinksarsenal New Member

    No one is giving love to the Mangle supercharge. When you got a lot of might, that supercharge will be a sharknado to the enemies, yeah its easily canceled, if by accident, but that is a powerful supercharge, and for only 35%!

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