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    I was initially just responding to your first paragraph, which I interpreted as a downplay of goldsellers or full time broker enthusiasts. I think I skipped over your first few posts, so I missed your initial idea, and only read a couple of the responses.

    My one billion number was just a reference number, not to your idea, meant for everyone.

    As to your cap idea, although it might work for EVERYONE, as to it would turn this game into a DC dollar store, it would destroy the fun in broker. This is about excessive behavior, not ruining the whole experience ya feel me? I have just under 1 billion from my entire career, I just came back after years off, I totally missed the last duplication glitch....and what's happened is unreal lol. If we implemented your idea, as is, everything would be priced at a million, if I kept all my money, what's the point anymore?

    Some people want to be Bruce Wayne....and it's fun.

    But too many people became Lex Luther, and it's not good.

    We have to figure out how to regulate the system, without destroying it. As many have said here, its gonna make people upset, but at least we all pretty much agree it's totally out of whack now.
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    Its hate speech ? Why its not good to be Lex you got something againts bald people ?
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    I do at least kind of get what you're saying, or trying to say at least, but some of the details you mention sorta just prove why the solution i'm suggesting is necessary. Let me elaborate:

    "It would destroy the fun in broker"
    I'm not exactly sure how many people are still having fun with the Broker, but i'd bet anything I own that it is a helluva lot less than most people think. When something is fun and benefits all? Great, its fantastic. When something is fun to a small greedy minority and damages part of the game for everyone else? Its time to take a good hard look at it. And I cant even begin to describe how unhealthy peoples connection to fake imaginary ingame cash is. Whatever it is they're not dealing with, this exacerbates the problem, but only temporarily until they need to do it over and over and over. Thus the literal compulsion.

    "This is about excessive behaviour"
    100% in agreement. The difference is that the folks overpricing items have now had 4-5 years since the last money glitch to try to curb this behaviour on their own. And not once has there been a sign that they have, or wanted to. When dealing with destructive compulsions, sometimes people need help, whether they like it or not. I'm sure you're aware of the existence of Interventions, or at extremes, Sectioning/Involuntary Admittance.

    "Everything would be priced at 1 Million"
    I'm afraid thats just not true. I will absolutely admit that some of these Broker Addicts would try to make it that way. But again, they're the minority not the majority. Take away their ability to overprice items at such extremes as they do now and they fade away over time while the rest of us Trade properly. They'd be kids punching at the wind to try to change its direction.

    "Too many people became Lex Luthor"
    100% in agreement with this, and pretty much proves the necessity of the solution. As I recall, Luthor usually gets punished for his crimes. Well, these Broker Addicts price new players out of the game, create an environment where its necessary for everyone to rip off everyone, and literally hide some of the games best style items behind their own personalized Paywall. And its sure looking like Lex Luthor is getting off scot-free for half a decade now. Sounds fair right?

    Lets go over some of the other solutions and why they wouldn't work with a bit of foresight:

    1) Devs need to reset everyones Money:
    Would never even get to the implementation stage. People outraged that the cash they spent up to a decade collecting is being "stolen" from them. They're wrong ofc, but that wont matter. Within 2 days of this being announced, there'd be a literal mass protest here on the Forums. Even people who have no Forum Account would create one just to join. Pressure from this would force the Devs to stop it before it even starts. Even if, by some miracle, it was inacted, we'd be right back here at the mess we're in now within 2yrs. Thanos' plan was extremely idiotic folks, its time to face facts and stop trying to mirror him.

    2) Increase the Broker Cap:
    Its genuinely incredible that this was even a suggestion. People overprice things, so to solve it we'll ......let them........overprice......more. Round of applause, the situation just doubled its stock in "We're F***ed".

    3) Small changes to Broker Cap and Large Changes to Trade Cap:
    My guess is the people thinking this would solve anything at all have never heard of the saying "No Half Measures". Its a plaster, a bandaid. It "half" fixes things for a whole incredible second and then returns us right to the starting line again. I think they may have overestimated exactly what 5% is too. That or they just dont get that Every Single Item will raise in price to make up for the 5%. It raises in price because it can now. Everyone who had this idea just made that possible. You did it, you made the Broker worse. Cheers.

    Finally, lets use everything above to examine why the Solution I presented is the only one that will work:

    - First point is probably the most important. This isn't my idea. I've seen it mentioned by other Forum Members. Its important to start with this for 1 specific reason. Ego. This isnt an Ego thing. This isnt "my idea is better than yours :p ". It cant be, because its not my idea to begin with. The difference is i've actually sat down with pen and paper and ran through the Pro's/Con's of every "Solution" in here. And this one beats the others by a mile.

    - Nobody has their money "stolen" (Bad Solution 1)

    - We dont absolutely F*** the Broker because of someones poor understanding of how inflation works (Bad Solution 2)

    - Theres no half measures with this, no temporary solution just to end up worse than where we started (Bad Solution 3)

    - There is no Secret Society who will suddenly hoard all rare items and make them Exclusively available through a Bartering System (Previous Forum Member)

    - Forces a Maximum on people with no impulse control, and who clearly do not care about anyone but themselves

    - Helps those with an impulse control/Compulsion issue who want to be better

    - Makes everything in Broker "possible" to get
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    Replies in cyan
    Out of all the solutions, yours is the absolute worst.
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    TL : DR: Start proactive policing of this game and the bugs and start being consistent with the games ToS and play hard ball with the feckless individuals who glitch/exploit money and rare items.

    While I agree we could use this, but I think the bigger issue is the apathy that led RAMPANT inflation that has lead to this being needed.

    What we need is more proactive and strict policing when it comes to all of the money/rare item glitching and exploiting. The devs screwed up when they refused to wipe everyone's progress who glitched the TCs during that debacle a few years ago and they also s*** the bed when they announced to everyone more than 24hrs ahead of time that they were going to do a partial money wipe. Which was akin to announcing on the news that you're going to raid a drug dealers house 24hrs ahead of time, which gives them plenty of time to hide their bootie elsewhere.

    Lets face it though, raising the cap on the broker doesn't solve the underlying problem its merely a band-aid fix if its anything. Inflation has led to this as I stated above and raising the cap does f**k all except kick the can further down the road.

    I cannot believe what I'm suggesting, because I was against it in the past. But we need a money reset for every single account on every server and platform OR either that or the devs and/or GM's need to start looking into the account history of people with over x amount of billions/mass amount of money flowing and and out of the account and start putting those accounts on a watch list. Because I can name about 10-15 people off the top of my head right now that have a well established history of cheating/exploiting money/rare items and given access to the internal system I could have all of those people and their dummy accounts banned within a few days. And thats why Daybreak needs to do, have a 3 strike policy with these kinds of people. 1 strike=2 week suspension, 2 strikes=2 month suspension and to get unsuspended at the end you need to make formal apology on video and make that video public (other games have done this). 3rd strike is a perma ban; don't pass go, don't keep your account, bye bye, see a later, Auf Wiedersehen, you have been voted off the island, bye Felecia, don't let the door hit you on the way out, beat it!!!!! And when you get suspended they cite the exact day/time of the event and what you did not just the bog-standard "You account as been found to violate our policy of cheating and we have done [xyz] to your account" Because their were numerous false positive bans in the last ban that happened with the most recent money glitch that required the partial money wipe a couple years ago.

    Because when the game starts going hard on these people I guarantee you, you're going to see a decrease in glitching and thus a reduced need for solutions like the op suggested in this thread. Because lets say we did raise the broker cap to 5Billion. Well sooner or later theirs going to be another money glitch that dumps 100s of billions or even trillions of dollars into the game's economy and soon after rare materials from TCs/Booster Bundles are going to go for 10Billion+. I remember when the Phoenix mat in the Amazon TC was going for 150M +/- a few million and now you have materials of the same rarity that are going for almost 1Bil right out the gate (the release of that TC) and only skyrocket when that TC becomes more and more irrelevant. How much is the OG void going for? about 3-5B last I heard/saw. OG plasmics? People aren't even selling those for in-game cash anymore, most are wanting real-life cash for those thing and last I heard upwards of 500+ USD. The devs need to start either undercutting the market of these people or start policing it.

    Sorry for the long post but it needed saying.
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    Im sorry, but coming from the person who basically just said "the brokers already F***ed, so lets just make it worse", this comment means next to nothing. After seeing your "corrections" i'm actually glad you see it as the absolute worst. Means i'm actually on to something. The intent may have been to insult and/or discredit, yet it actually serves as confirmation.

    This thread is full of evidence that i'm willing and able to have civil discussions about this with rational people. Unfortunately theres no discussion to be had with those who choose ignorance. Every last "dig" you just made is fundamentally flawed.

    - You've made up an imaginary world where, if the Broker Cap is raised, all your fictitious illuminati barterers will magically collectively decide to use the Broker. And worse yet, any evidence you provided for why this would occur instead of them continuing to Trade boils down to "just.....because".

    - You state the term "Devaluing Money" and then not only fail to follow your own train of thought by giving one iota of information about why thats bad, but then suggest something that both genuinely IS the worst possible suggestion, and fixes absolutely nothing.
    Man: "Ok folks so the allowance of how high people can price things is the main issue, suggestions?"
    You : "Give everyone a Trillion!"
    Man: "Ok, whats Step 2?"
    You: "There isn't one!"
    Man: "Yeah ok you can leave now thanks, we'll handle this"

    - You actually made the awful mistake of saying something like this when replying to my point about forced maximums:
    "Those maximums already exist, and people still go over them."
    .......What? This is page 4 of the Thread, please PLEASE tell me you haven't actually skipped ahead and are replying with no context and no idea what you're actually arguing against? Because it sure looks like it. Let me bring you up to speed:

    Current System: 1 Limit. Broker has a max trade of approximately 2.2 Billion with a 5% Tax rate. Trade has neither.

    Proposed Solution : 2 Limits. Broker capped at 1 Million max with no Tax. Trade capped at 1 million max. Both operate the same to disqualify any favouritism of use.

    Similarity between both systems: 0%

    - Finally, you actually somehow managed to contradict a point you failed to even make earlier about Devaluing Money, which i'll admit is an impressive feat. I've never seen preemptive contradiction before, this is pretty cool. Anyway, on to the quote:

    "all the things you want are not put in the broker, because nobody wants to sell it that low"

    Cool, define "Low". Scratch that, i'll do it for you. See, everyones view of what a "Low Amount" is in monetary terms is directly influenced by the Value of Money at that specific time. Ask your parents what a Pound or a Dollar or any singular currency bought for them when they were kids. Genuine suggestion btw, you'll have a nice chat with your folks, with the added bonus of learning that what I just explained is absolute truth. Think for 2 seconds, why are literal currency's traded on the Stock Market? Euro, Dollar, Pound etc. The Solution that youhavent really thought about and are just throwing rocks in the Dark at, does indeed Devalue Money. In case you haven't noticed, 99% of suggestions to fix the Broker also Devalue Money. The difference is that this one achieves what the others cannot, it changes the Definition of what is high and what is low. If 1 Million is the top ceiling, thats the highest high, forever. Anyone else who also wants to throw rocks in the Dark at this once it begins can torture themselves realizing exactly how long THOUSANDS of Trades will actually take. But just like any spoilt child, they'll wear themselves out.

    I've already accepted that most of this likely wont be read. If not because of your previous ignorance then because it kinda easily destroys every "correction" you just tried to make. But its important its here regardless, to address any future similar concerns from Forum Members with enough maturity to hold a civil tone.
  7. Beat Active Player


    Inflation is definitely ridiculous, but I also believe in "Your Item, Your Price" so I try not to get too bothered by it. I just respectfully take my "cash" elsewhere.
  8. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'll skip the rest because we are obviously at an impasse with explanation/understanding on either or both sides....

    But yes... there are several people and groups who control a LOT of what goes on in the broker and trade sales. We all know one 'Super' guy who single handedly will drive up the price on hard to find goods by a factor of 5...and he's doing it in the open. I know one league where yes....they will have someone sit in trade most of the day (not the same person every time....but someone on league is doing it) refreshing the broker to pick off any 'mis-priced' high level goods and scoop them up before anyone else has the chance.

    When the money glitch was high, most anything that was listed of great value...yes all that 999,999,999 stuff like Neons and booster auras/materials...anything someone wanted to make a quick buck on, were bought up by many of the people who caused the money glitch...they had 100's of billions...some probably a trillion or more...im not sure where the cash cap actually 'caps' today. They still have those items (some of them) and WILL still have them all after a cash wipe (fi that's the way they went). If a trade/broker cap was instituted again, what is the incentive for anyone with a few 100 billion to sell YOU one of their items for 1 million...that's still my question. Yes, space...but again, space is relatively infinite with alts/accounts...so what's the OTHER reason they'd sell YOU something of great value?

    I'll give you an real example. I have a few OG items (cosmics, nimbus, solar, etc...) I hold on to them because A) I can't broker sell them and B) I don't want to bother with standing in the WT/HOL all day shouting to try and sell them for some insane price. I keep them in case I get a toon I'd want one of these things on (less chance of that as I run less alts today). I keep them for the eventual item I will not be able to live without and I will have those as a trade 'trump card' to trade for that item. I also won't sell them for an insane amount I might be able to(I was offered 100B for one of the cosmics during the money glitch...I passed), because... why? I have a few bil already...what will +10...+20 or whatever do for me other than make me a target for some requested cash wipe? And I'm not one of the 'big dog' players here....yes I grind...yes I horde, but I only do it to maintain a wealth level that I can make sure I can keep up with TC items (I don't buy TCS but have 100% completed each between free stabs and broker) or BB items I WANT (most I can live without). Under your 'cap' plan, that means every TC would cost no more than 50-60m to complete (if every item sells for 1M max)....so I can complete the next 19-20 TCs and still have a billion left over...that's pretty comfortable.

    So with a 1m trade/broker cap, even assuming they rolled in a cash wipe. Convince me to sell YOU my Solar or cosmic for 1m (I'm assuming you have that amount). BTW...it's not taking up any inventory space even on my main account...much less my main toon so don't bother with the space issue argument. It's sitting on a premium account toon (yes...I spent $5 on THAT account and a few others....$20-$25 bucks does not make one 'rich', but it added about 3600 spots to 'my' storage). Keep in mind I can generate 1m in about 3 or 4 days just vendor selling every drop I get on a few toons or off loading 100k-300k items in the broker...still under the cap. So I'd almost never NEED that 1m.

    As soon as you can convince me to sell you my solar for 1m, I'll 100% be onboard with this plan. Until then, I fail to see how you'd convince anyone else with MORE money or MORE items in stock to sell cheap by imposing a cap or even cap+wipe.

    PS to anyone ELSE who wants to buy these items...they are only for sale at this moment to Hunted2468....I'm not interested in selling them to anyone else so save your DMs or in game messages.
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  10. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    If I thought it would fix anything I'd be for it. I don't believe it will. First off IF there are still cheats going on, the cheaters will still take advantage of them. I only am 'hung up' on keeping enough wealth I don't NEED to buy TCs or BBs or grind monotonus runs to get what I need in game. I'm more hung up on my real world cash and having in game cash is a way to keep my real world cash in my real world pocket.
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    Ironically I actually just answered the question you have in a previous post to another Forum Member today. Post #66. You'll have to excuse the manner of some of the posts explanations, that specific Forum Member decided childish ignorance was a good look for some reason.

    If you want the full explanation you dont necessarily need to read the full post, although feel free to. If not look near the bottom of #66 for the part where I address the Forum Members quote about Selling for a "Low Amount". Otherwise the majorly cut-down TL;DR version is:

    Once this gets implemented, everyones definition of "what's a high amount" and "whats a low amount" changes. Literally forced to change. Not overnight of course, as explained a quick-fix for this is not near-impossible, it IS impossible. The idea that it can't change however is incorrect too. Before any money glitch we viewed 1 Million as an incredible number, and 100 Million as an impossibility. Now look at it.

    On the subject of the US Server Exclusive Hoarding Division, the idea that this group of hoarders would basically "kidnap" all the rare items, no matter what way you look at it, ends very badly for them, not the average player.
    It ends as 1 of 2 scenarios:

    - They do this for a period of time. Are forced to face the reality that the game will never EVER allow them to overprice items again, that theres no going back. They begrudgingly concede due to the realization that without the monetary value, the items have no other actual value to them, and start posting items on the broker again, or in trade for reasonable amounts. This assumes that some of them have common sense of course, which may be granting them too much credit.

    - The stubborn version of these hoarders don't learn anything. As you explained, they buy up all TC rare items before anyone else gets them, simply out of spite. But thats the funny thing about spite, it can make people very, very stupid. By performing these actions they've just "Outed" themselves, and this game records oh so much data. Be honest, do you really believe the Devs would risk the TC/BB revenue falling apart because of a few spiteful people? Forum fills with calls to take action, and eventually the Devs would. Maybe the Trade Function is disabled permanently as a result, leaving only the Broker. Maybe the Devs start opening investigations into each individual doing this, more specifically where their ingame cash comes from. The possibilities are endless, but there would be an end result, and it would not end favourably for them.
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    1) And your proof is....? And please dont make the mistake of saying something incredibly silly as "likes"

    2) Right, what? The only 2 ways to make money trading just got capped. There isn't a 3rd. So in your world these people will stand around for days to perform 1000 trades to get 1 Billion? Remember when answering this time, theres only 2 options, the 3rd never existed.

    3) Yeah, sorry but im not buying that excuse. You wanted to compare a 1 Million cap to giving everyone 1 Trillion. I honestly thought the Man/You conversational example would have pointed out how undeniably flawed that 1 Trillion comparison was, I mean there was a reason why "Man" was asking you for Step 2. I guess not.

    4) Yeah the first line of this reply proves you really dont understand it at all. The rest of that gibberish was skipped after the false accusation. Let us know if ignorance truly is bliss though, first time i'm ignoring a paragraph from you so i'm new to this. Any advice will help.

    5) Asked by Post #68 and answered in #71. And also by multiple posts throughout the Thread covering varying circumstances. Still skipping ahead huh?
  13. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I was going to skip past this but re-read it again and sorry....you are twisting what you said AND what I said...so let's try and untwist it a bit.
    So trinkets entered the conversation here...in your message.
    So you are associating space constraints on tradable items(which the highest ticket items are NOT trinkets/pets) with a request to have APPLIED trinkets/pets stored in a sub menu...there is also another ongoing request to have it so they will be available for re-issue from your base vendor...once you integrate them. Whereas today, if you want your Man-Bat commandos, you have to keep it in inventory or bank. Under either proposed system you could still 'keep' that style but delete it in the meantime....eliminating the need for a 'sub' menu. Both ideas were working off applied trinkets/pets...not still tradable ones.

    I replied
    I suppose you could infer that when I said mega rich, I meant Bezos or Musk, but I was talking about the mega rich in game, you know the ones who would would be impacted by an economy change/cleanse/cap. They know you can make many 'free' accounts. The fact they might be open to spending a FEW $5 ones, just means they need to open less accounts. A F2P account is only 2 toons, each of which have about 50 inventory/bank slots for use...so about 100 slots per free account. So if someone wanted 1000 extra slots, they'd open 10 free accounts. IF they wanted to though, they could open 2 accounts, spend $5 on each account and pick up 6 toons with 100 slots each....so $10 bucks for 1200 slots and the ability to mail items and hand to hand trade...as well as the cash cap increase.
    I'm not saying people would open 100s of accounts as premiums (you somehow came up with $1500 as a storage spend on 1/2 the accounts....that's 300 premiums on 600 accounts...that's a LOT). I suppose I could have made it clearer, but I'd guess NO one would open 300 accounts AND make them all premium. I'd guess they'd do much less accounts if going premium...5 or 10 maybe...($25-50 bucks...not $1500....$50 bucks in NOT 'rich' level)...you COULD open 100+...sure. And I'd guess someone (like goldsellers) who would, would leave most or all as F2P which again...cost nothing.

    Yes...In quoting myself here, I did say "90% of which are NOT tradable"....sorry....that was a typo...it was supposed to be "90% of which are NOT account bound/are tradable". I think I changed my wording in my head mid-typing. 90% are indeed tradable till integrated, meaning they would not need a sub menu or bank/inventory/shared/alts and COULD be mailed off to an alt account(which are free...or cheap). The few that are never tradable are some of the mission reward ones, or SOME vendor purchased ones, or are integrated.

    As to your 2nd part, if you sold 12 trinkets for 700m, that's 58m apiece. Sorry, but even under-priced that still qualifies as 'cheap' items when the conversation is about things being in 100s of millions or billions. It's still over your 1m cap, but they are not the same as where the 'problem' lies. If the most expensive items were 60m, we wouldn't be having this discussion. Those 2 reasons are why I didn't really feel trinkets were a factor...in space or in things being overpriced.

    Why write this up? Because I don't want any misunderstanding or mis-quoting going on...and I did see I made that typo. We can still disagree, but it would be good to disagree on accurate statements. Tradable trinkets would have nothing to do with space constraints and
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  15. Emoney Dedicated Player

    Lol, naw it's his name, Lex is not an appropriate shorthand of Alexander....it should be Alex!
  16. Tiffany6223 Dedicated Player

    WebiMax, NetReputation, Podium, or perhaps Netmark? I’m not sure which Online Reputation Management company he works for but he must get paid by the number of words written.
  17. Emoney Dedicated Player

    But you do understand, the cat is out of the bag. Without destroying money, capping everything at a million, willmake 90% of broker items become 1 million. If someone has 50 billion dollars, why would they price it any less than the cap? Why would they accept that today something is worth 3 Billion, but sell it for say 500k instead of 1 million? The only way we could force prices less than 1 mil, is if they nuke ALL the cash too.

    We all know how the RNG is with capsules and more importantly booster bundles. I've seen people on youtube open ten bundles and get 1 comic mat....that's 100$ real life money. Do you really think they would put it in for 1 million with a 5% fee? Do you really think they would trade it at all for 1 million? I think they would reserve it ONLY for item trades of equal rarity value...or realistically, real life cash since it's worth $100 to them. Or, they may just quit altogether and take their hoard of items with them....and many of those items were stolen off the broker with inflated cash imo.

    I'm still stuck on having to deflate the currency, or nuke it all together....then, we could lower caps as well.
  18. Hunted2468 Well-Known Player

    Not entirely sure why we're going backwards instead of forwards but ok, lets have a look. Before we get to the meat of this though, theres no apologies necessary for Typos. They happen. Pretty sure at least one of my replies has one too, or even a few.

    Ok so:

    1) The "applied" thing is likely to be the thing thats tripping you up here. That or the fact we didnt fully discuss the redundant Thread I mentioned. Better late than never though I suppose. So, the purpose of the Thread mentioned was, as you said, for the Forum Member to ask Devs to move "applied trinkets" into a submenu to free up inventory space. When prodded about the details, the OP revealed they had already known and gotten confirmation that the Devs were working on something months ago, making the Threads entire existence redundant. A Dev later confirmed on the Thread that they are looking into, as you said yourself, having "Integrated Trinkets" show up in the Player Base Vendor, so you can pick & choose and delete all you want. Theres no release date at all for this so you can assume 2022-2030.

    Its the "In-Between" details of the Thread that made it relevant. I mentioned before that several prominent Forum Members were in support of the idea, before they were likely aware of the ideas redundance. Well, a lot of them started talking about how at that stage, (which would've been maybe 3 months ago?) they were running out of inventory space and bank space and all space. Some of which specifically mentioning having Multiple accounts, though I wasn't interested in how many at the time.

    The relevance of me bringing up Trinkets and Space is pretty easy to explain. Because before both the newest TC and BB, prominent Forum Members were already stating that they are struggling with inventory management. As they explained, not only are a lot of them holding onto old and unique "integrated" Trinkets, but also tons of spares for Broker Sales as well as already holding Past TC/BB Items. If that Thread is to be believed, which I do have my own doubts and opinions on, then a large amount of players have Banks full of:
    - Pet Trinkets + Extras
    - Transformation Trinkets
    - Orbital Variants + Extras
    - Supply Variants + Extras
    - Backup Variants + Extras
    - Old Content Catalysts
    - Huge payloads of Nth Metal
    - Huge payloads of Augment Exp things (name escapes me)
    - Old OP Items
    - Seasonal Items and Buff consumables
    - TC Items of unknown amounts
    - BB Items of unknown amounts

    Purposefully, TC Items and BB Items were left at the bottom of that list, to specifically highlight everything that "could" take up space. Hopefully this clears a lot up, but if not then a summary would basically be:

    "Trinkets were brought up as 1 point because Forum Members were complaining about 3-4 months ago that Trinkets, among other items, have already left them no space to store anything else. Even players with multiple accounts."

    As for the 12 Trinkets I sold, yeah, I likely did undersell them. I usually undersell as I dont see any benefit to the game, the buyer, nor to myself by purposefully ripping people off. The 700m is definitely an estimate, could be 650m-800m as far as I know. Most of it was lent out anyway so I didnt pay too much attention to it. The truth is though, I honestly, hand-on-heart would've been just as happy selling each for between 0-1 Million if a system like the one suggested existed. I really would. But make no mistake, i'm not special here, i'm not miraculously able to be "above" all this. I'm trapped in the same loop as everyone else, forced to price things for ridiculous amounts compared to Pre-Glitch DCUO, otherwise I can't afford anything.

    Back in 2019 I made sloppy purchase choices and ended up with 2 Million to my characters name. And the worst part is, that was actually genuinely Stressful. To me. In real life. Not overly stressful like panic-inducing, but it actually triggered a real life negative emotional response. A fake, worthless game currency. Thats not right. First step in solving any problem is admitting there is one. Theres a problem if ingame currency does that to anyone, not just me.
  19. Hunted2468 Well-Known Player

    I cant do it pal, sorry.

    For a good minute I even entertained the idea of you responding to a post in a conversation that you are very much not a part of, nor invited to be as you're struggling keeping up with your own points, and then I got to the part about a Million being a ridiculously low number and it just felt like an Aneurysm.

    If you want to head outside, get some air, come back in and actually read the thread from the beginning for the 1st time, then, armed with actual context, think your responses through properly and redo them, then i'll gladly give it another shot.

    Otherwise we're done here, there's no value added by anything you've sent so far.
  20. Hunted2468 Well-Known Player

    I think the part I usually have difficulty believing is that everyone thinks a reversal is the modern-day definition and embodiment of the word "impossible".

    What I mean by this is simple:
    Why is it that everyone believes that the Broker/Trades' Top Selling Items can sooooo easily keep pushing the ceiling up, but that even if a solution like the one I promoted was successfully implemented, its absolutely, positively, unequivocally impossible for the ceiling to retreat back down?