<Rainbow Phoenix> Villains, US PS4/PC (LGBTQIA+ Welcoming)

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Melusine Midnight, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. K3str3lDC Active Player

    Discord's been pretty quiet

    I need to do Brothers in Arms and/or Family Reunion, and I'd like to do both, but I can never get an instance :(
    That's the problem with the older episodes.
  2. Melusine Midnight Committed Player

  3. Themyscyran New Player

    Hi! I haven't played this game in a while (a few years) and am looking for a league. You guys look great, and LGBT+ friendly is always a plus for me. My villain is named Lamia Medea!
  4. Al Uzza Level 30

    Can you please invite my villain Fearsome Agro please
  5. zedalfo New Player

    Any chance any members heading to the Switch? Haven't played DC in years but I'm going to start again on the Switch and would like some villains to play with. Discord link
  6. Dr.Gallifrey New Player

    Hi may i join you all ,my Villains Name is Dr Vulko? :) And Thanks in advance .
  7. Melusine Midnight Committed Player

    Hello rainbow villains,
    We're still at it. Still prestige cappin' and slinging full proficiencies.
  8. Kid Quark New Player

    I have a villain alt that I've taken to running again. He's up to the Titans content and at 180 ish skill points I think. My heroes are all in Task Force Q but I've been looking for a home for Big Bottom, the evil clown prince of Metropolis. :) He's hard light/iconic based (gag glove and clown box) and I'm still working on getting the HL combos down with him. Feel free to shoot an invite the next time you see me online. Thanks!
  9. Melusine Midnight Committed Player

  10. Melusine Midnight Committed Player

  11. Melusine Midnight Committed Player

    Come join the fun
  12. Melusine Midnight Committed Player

    Like very dangerous Skittles
  13. Melusine Midnight Committed Player

    Accept no imitation, for we accept no limitation
  14. Melusine Midnight Committed Player

    Lots of fun was had over the weekend!
  15. Amatoria New Player

    I joined recently and can vouch for the fun to be had. Lovely people; relaxed and helpful.
    OTOH they DID let me join so I feel compelled to point out that leadership can fall prey to an occassional lack of judgement :p
    Jokes aside, if you meet the reqs and are looking for peeps to knock out Feats, Events, Raids etc etc etc with then don't hesitate and join the party. LOVE
  16. Melusine Midnight Committed Player

    We love having you!
  17. NibellaRin Level 30

    More are always welcome.
  18. Melusine Midnight Committed Player

    Double Nth Metal time!
  19. NibellaRin Level 30

    Having fun running old and new content.
  20. Melusine Midnight Committed Player

    Yes, we've been farming a lot of old feats lately.

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