Raid Resets

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    I mean, adding source of revenue sounds great in theory, but what would they add that would sell like badges? I don't get the sense that anything else has sold anywhere near as well as badges outside of membership. And it appears that you yourself have bought badges but don't buy items (even if you use them for alt unlocks) so... you've kind of already voted with your pocketbook on what you think is important, and it isn't items.
  2. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    They make too much on replay badges to even think about that.
  3. Unida Dedicated Player

    yeah there are.... for other MMO's.

    this incantation has proved repeatedly that they don't understand customer demands or simply cannot dedicate resources into micro-transaction items at any scale as their dev team is so pre-allocated to everything else, that the only easy and viable way to clip a ticket is to run the lockout content + replay badge, carrot.

    you'd think it'd be easy to gauge consumer demand, but i mean, we can't even run a freaking POLL on the forums as it shows opinion and they'd likely get rekt all over the forum.

    long n shorts is, they have a model which generates X and is largely predictable with subs + episode purchases + replays, taking away any resource which facilitates any of the previous to generate purchasable items they 'assume' we want (and as past experiences have proven, they make stuff we don't want, say it failed, refuse to make more as its not worth the resource investment... smh) in a 'if we build it they will come' type of attitude, it's just so obvious where things fall down here.....

    Even booster bundles are yawn now. I used to spend a bunch of $ on these, haven't even considered it in the last 2 editions. There has been no evolution at all. They put all their eggs into one basket, and now that basket is shrinking they are albatrossed by only having eggs there, with no ability to pivot out. Sad really.
  4. Entrust Committed Player

    You bring up a valid point. Most MP items are one-time purchases. For me it was things such as armories, bank/inventory expansions, an extra deed & lair theme (when on sale). However, inventories have limits, & i only need so many bases. I understand that the Batman cowl & BvS items were big sellers (wow a lot of batmen running around, lol), but those sales will trickle off pretty quick.

    So what is there for a recurring revenu stream? Membership, yes (but remember that gets divided amonst the other DBG titled). Episodes, yes & now on a monthly basis. 7-day escrow access, yes (for premium) i like them but only use maybe 2 per year. Replay badges, yes (resets, alt feats, & eventually styles?).

    I like replay badges, & I like that they do more than simply reset content. What I don't like is people asserting that players HAVE to use them on content to get gear. Or that content is designed around them needing to be used. The devs have explained drop rates & gear progression several times. Players CHOOSE to spam replays & that is there choice. More power to them & more money into the game.
  5. light FX Steadfast Player

    Yea its not a big deal 4sure. I just ran it again on 3 toons and i get drops but its 2 necks in same choice or 2 pouches in same choice. And u not hitting 164 w/out the weapon. So its kinda lame not getting one.
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    Well I agree that not getting drops you want can be frustrating, but I guess it's just how you view the timeline on getting them that differs from me to you. I view an acceptable timeframe for me getting everything to be about a month an a half. If I can get everything from any one particular piece of content within that range, I'm fine. It seems like most other people expect it done ASAP. Not saying that's you, but the majority of the community wants gear right here and right now. Me not getting gear gives me a reason to run the content. Especially in alert months, I almost prefer to be super unlucky as opposed to the opposite.
  7. majosea Dedicated Player

    I dont rb spam , but some do that makes money for the game , that helps pay for severs , dev ect no to this idea it would hurt the game more then help at this point , please stop trying to kill this game
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  8. light FX Steadfast Player

    Yea i kinda view it the same way. What im having an issue with is running it on 6 toons 3 times each now and not 1 weapon box popping up. And seeing league mates get 2 in the same run.
  9. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    The Vendor Gear and Blue drops are not all that bad. Don't waste your money on RB badges.
  10. Fies Committed Player

    Not getting the weapon drives me nuts tbh especially for Pec Powers... didnt get one in BN on my main for 3 month but was "lucky" at 12th boss this time around. Imo weapon should be put into the Alert again.
  11. LT Schmitt Committed Player

    There should be an option to run the regular for loot or progress point.
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  12. LT Schmitt Committed Player

    I feel you pain but just look at the stat differential, the blue weapon box is not that bad.
  13. Fies Committed Player

    If you are a might power it doesnt really matter as long as it doesnt affect your overall CR (although weapon contributes the most to CR)
    As a Prec-Power your overall Prec is afaik calculated like this: number in your stat screen + weapon Dps * 10
    A 142 weapon has 735,6 dps while a 146 has 755 dps. Therefore the 146 weapon nets 194 more Prec overall than the 142 weapon.
    For Prec powers the weapon is huge (around 4 piece elite bonus regarding value). Maybe I should stick to might powers in the future...
  14. Kaio Active Player

    Off topic but you seem like you have some insight. Is there a max Crit Dmg / Atk / Heal mag precentage?
  15. SkullGang Devoted Player

    Or make the best gear in vendor and have us run raids to get guaranteed materials that improve the vendor gear. People will still reset but the annoyance of RNG is removed.
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  16. Fies Committed Player

    Afaik max-values/caps are set for Arenas only-> CritChance (DMG and Heal) = 33%, CritMagnitude (DMG and Heal) = 175%
  17. IceRaider Dedicated Player

    Then there's no replay badge sales, people get gear pretty easily now without replaying anyway so resetting raids every couple of days would kill replay sales, killing their main source of income (because for some weird reason they refuse to take advice about adding new stuff to mp). Without RB sales they'd wouldn't be able to afford to keep the game running.
  18. IceRaider Dedicated Player

    Don't believe that for a second.
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    Op has my support.