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    But they were, so...
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    I am sure there are, it just seems that if I were in the business and I knew a product sells well, why adjust it to make less. I'm not saying it is wrong by any stretch, the original thought, just chiming in that I don't see it happening anytime soon. If I have something that is making money and then drop it, well profits have to be generated at a equal or greater value to the product I don't sell. Eventually they could move into the realm of charging more for DLC's or even doing away with ala carte DLC's altogether. Not saying this would happen but the logic would then lean to options which IMO will never make everyone happy. On the other hand I will stand by the whole loot locked from elite for finishing normal. That in and of itself is wrong on so many levels I can't wrap my head around the notion and to reset you are looking at roughly what? One Dollar. Now multiply that by 1 mill. Not saying that is an accurate figure but it gives you an idea of the money you can make on the system in place and if 1 million people do that say 3 times a week well that is 3 million dollars right there.
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    I'm not against DBG making money, never have been and never will be against the game making a profit.

    I used to spend more than I do now.

    RB is the easiest way to generate cash but the driving motivational force to use RB is wrong.

    Once again,

    Content with Role Specific objectives (not objectives any role can do as it is now) will bring players back to doing other than DPS.

    DPS requires 1 armory which is free so having an actual MAIN Role would require a 2nd armory(purchased).

    Role Specific content would cause more replays to get gear for both roles( remember the RNG luck?).

    Rank Group against group not individual against individual.
    A group chasing TOP SPOT spends more than 1 chasing it. Even if the group is grinding for the best gear using RB the groups would still be using RB to chase #1.

    Do this and there are more RB being used on a daily basis than once/twice a week for most players.
  4. Backseid Devoted Player

    It's rediculous that this game is using the traditional "weekly lockout" on Raids, yet that's the ONLY content with any worth.

    Add to that, the Bad Luck Counter, and best gear as drops in one single instance. Now what do we have...?


    I wonder why my entire League quit in the last few months... :eek:

    Exit: oh, and by the way, you need seven other people in order to play that one single, monthly, instance...
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    Hey how u remove the replay badges being bad...Almost everyone complains about replay badges being bad for the game, but I never see an answer on how to remove them and still make the devs money. We know the devs have the tech to change your % chance of a rare drop on the fly (bad loot limiter).

    First thing needed : no more loot locks.
    Second thing needed : low % of rare drops.
    Third change replay badgers into an increase to the % of rare drops.

    I see 3 positive things for the game outta this: nobody will feel that gear is locked behind a pay wall (for the people that never spend replays). If you are willing to spend time in the game you can grind for whatever you want. For the people that use replays nothing really changes for them they just get a chance for more rare drops than the ones that don't, just as it is on live now.

    #2 more things to do mean more people on, and for longer times. I see thread after thread about how dcuo is dieing, maybe this will help keep the players we have and bring back the ones we lost to the idea that this game is just a cash grab.

    #3 the devs will like this one, replay badges can be spent in different degrees depending on what you want, not limited by what type of content it is.

    For example of how this could work. Numbers are completely made up, and the devs can adjust them to the actual way they need to be.

    Say your rare loot chance is 3% with a 1% for elite/OP/iconic.
    If you spend 12 replays it increases to 3.5% with a .5% increase to elite/ OP/iconic.
    If you spend 29 replays the increases are 5% and 1.5%.
    If you spend 87 replays the increases are 10% with a 3%.

    This could actually get people to spend replays on solos (if any iconic are ever added to them) seasonal (someone looking for the boo belt?)duos, alerts and raids. Not just the way people normally spam replays on raids ( although this will still happen).

    Now I didn't cover marks... marks are still locked but don't worry you can still unlock them for a small fee. 4 replays unlock marks in a solo. 7 for a duo. 18 for alerts and say 33 for raids.

    These are just my ideas (and truthfully I saw someone post something similar but don't remember who it was) to try and keep the people we already have playing more and at longer stretches. With the possibility on getting some of the people we lost back. Still make the devs money so this game can grow.
  6. GhostFly Killah Committed Player

    I would prefer to be guaranteed a purple drop per raid. Greens on 1st boss, blues on second, purple on 3rd. And u get a choice between 2 pieces on each. This would also fix the goofies who spam 1st 2 bosses lol. You should be guaranteed something for your hard work and/or replay badges spent.
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    The massive problem (among many others) is that this game is VERY expensive to play the way I want to play the game (the way I play all games), but it's also wayyyy to boring to play the way they want you to play (content locks).

    With all the great games coming out, I feel this should be looked at and reevaluated. Take the division for example... I bought it, I don't have to invest in any more money to run what I want to run and I still get rewards! Thanks UBI!!!

    Never been a fan of shooters, but this one has everything Im currently looking for in an mmo. Plus it's easy on the wallet.

    I feel as if DC is losing customer upon customer in today's MMO console market... And the locks are definitely a reason why.
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    I don't know if I'm just unbelievably lucky, but I haven't had ANY issues gearing up since Bombshells dropped. I'm fully geared within a month on raid months and within a week on alert months with MAYBE 1 reset every 3 months. That's more my issue than not gearing up. Because I don't have a reason to reset raids or try to craft my missing pieces or get the vendor gear, I'm just not logging in as much. I literally have nothing to do by the end of the month every month. For example, last month I got my 4 different pieces of gear from PZR/E within 5 days (3 reg pieces, 1 elite piece) and because I had gotten totally geared the month before, I had literally nothing to do for 4 weeks besides run my raids once a week.

    So to have MORE reset days a week would be brutal in my eyes. Maybe if they significantly lowered the drop rate i'd be into it, but if they were to keep things the way they are now, I'd be done everything each month within a few days.
  9. Entrust Committed Player

    As you said, "one does not preclude the other. Why not both?"

    More profit means more staff. Which means more robust content & fewer bugs. Players don't have to change how they currently play & we all get a better game. Win-win
  10. light FX Steadfast Player

    I wish they would do what other games do. Remove loot locks entirely and raise the mark cap to say 5k and raise vendor gear prices way up. Allow us to run whatever is in our tier for marks as many times as we want. Buy vendor gear and upgrade it to raid or elite gear with scraps. Sadly this will not happen. But its the way id like it to be.
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    U are lucky then. Yea i have had months where i gear up in a week or less. But other months like now its brutal. I have 6 toons at end game atm. Ive run BBS on all 6 3 times so far and not 1 weapon box :confused: I keep getting trinkets or pouches.
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  12. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    while we're at it can i have a shiny little red alfa romeo spyder?
  13. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    I created a new thread and actually agreed with Mepps assessment that best gear that is not elite or OP is in the vendor. I also provided a thought on how to get around the issues we see as players with scraps.

    I think that would solve some issues as 1-2 gear pieces a week could be achieve if a player runs all content that is relevant for them and some that is not relevant. It would be a much better system than what we have now.
  14. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    But keep in mind, we're only 2 months into the content. Not getting a weapon box after 2 weeks isn't really anything to complain about. I'm in the same boat. I've only gotten trinkets and a utility belt so far. Gearing up in a month is really what we should be expecting. Shorter would give you even less reason to log in.
  15. tinoman Dedicated Player

    Raid resets on Thursday and Sunday. Yes please.
  16. xXHeadlinerXx Dedicated Player

    I'm not saying it's right or it's wrong because I really don't know, but if you are going to go with the metered replay system for your best content (replay badges), maybe you'd get more customers and more sales if a raid reset cost closer to a dollar rather than closer to two dollars. Might help with game population (and membership sales) even though I suspect you'd see less pure income from replay badges themselves at that price point.

    But I think more people would think "OK, membership plus 7 raids a week will cost me around $10 bucks" and be willing to do it than people that would at closer to $15. Maybe it's just me, but a dollar for a reset seems more tolerable and I really can't explain why.

    Edit: And a 3-4 replay a week guy might be happier at around $6-7 a week since we are talking about 3 rests a week in the OP. I don't know.
  17. HideTheBodies Loyal Player

    Two points:

    1. Under the Replay Badge system, we still have a lot of bugs. Content is being rushed out (often before it's ready) because it's the main source of income (both selling the content and replaying the content are monetized). Since it's the main source of income, resources aren't used in other areas.

    2. I have a finite amount of money. I don't like the idea of spending it just to chase gear (I rarely buy/use Replay Badges). I would rather spend money (and more of it) on unique items rather than just another chance to maybe acquire a piece of gear that will be useless in 3 months.
  18. tinoman Dedicated Player

    I quite frankly don't reset that much on account of how much it costs to reset. It's crazy 2.50 per raid run. If it costed maybe 50 replays per reset i would reset alot more and alot more on alts. I just keep saving up replays for what reason i don't know because my brain thinks that 87 per reset is too much.
  19. Entrust Committed Player

    1) Hence ADDING more sources of revenue, instead of primarily relying on the RP/Episodes. As I stated, with more revenue they could increase their staff & hopefully reduce bugs.

    2) I too am limited on funds. As a premium player any RP badges I have were purchased from the MP. 95% are used to purchase feats on alts, with the occasional/rare reset. I don't have issues gearing up my toons in a reasonable amount of time. While I could care less about unique items, I know that many ppl like/want them. It would seem to be an untapped source of additional revenue.
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  20. HideTheBodies Loyal Player

    I get what you're saying. But I don't think added resources would be used for anything other than expanding the use of Replay Badges to unlock content for gear.

    That's been the pattern for several years. First it was the very occasional OP item. Then slightly better rare gear as a drop vs vendor. Then significantly better rare gear and elite gear. Now there's a new OP item every month. Every meaningful chase/progression at endgame revolves around random drops and the purchase of more chances at random drops. And it's increasing.

    Occasionally we get something like the Batman Base Item Pack or Batman Cowls. But usually it's just more content because (I assume) new content promotes using Replay Badges.