Rage's SC Generator, no DoT?

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  1. Ash Inferno Well-Known Player

    I think it's called "Ragebringer". It inflicts "Plasma Burn" but there's no DoT. Seems broken. I still like it, makes for a nice clip at the end of a combo but it seems to me that there should be a some damage over time there.
  2. HooLeeCow Well-Known Player

    Dont even start it its gona end with nerf berserk for the 10th time !
  3. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    Ragebringer is a pull that also heals based off the damage. Some of rage abilities are "leech attacks". I never heard or seen ragebringer apply plasma burn. Relentless Anger is the supercharge generator and applies plasma burn to your enemies.
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  4. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    As said above, Relentless anger is your SC generator, applies plasma burn, does initial damage, lunges, but does not apply a dot effect. It would be the first power used, if you're using it to apply plasma burn.

    In my opinion, it's only really useful if you're using scrap of the soul cloak as well, so you can spam berserk. Otherwise it's a damage loss compared to a different setup.
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  5. Ash Inferno Well-Known Player

    Yeah! That's the one lol. I spent the day checking out all my alts (if I do that Artifact mission one more time I may crack :confused:), some of their SC generators have DoT, and some don't I guess. Not really a big deal. I just figure if they don't they might be better off doing the extra damage on the power interaction.
    Of course I could be wrong, been gone a good long while and the mechanics have changed so much in the last 3-4 years.
  6. Ash Inferno Well-Known Player

    Yup. My bad. :rolleyes:
  7. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Keep in mind, there is an artifact that applies your power interaction now, so that frees up a spot in your tray, so put something better in it.

    Grim verum artifact.
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  8. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    I have a rage battle tank that uses relentless Anger (sc generator), eye of Gemini and Black Adam sc generator passive for Berserk ;)
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  9. yellowflash9 Well-Known Player

    May I ask is this becoming normal with certain rage tanks uses relentless Anger. Eye of gemini, scrap of soul Cloak and black adam to help with the support or with the dps to abuse berserk or is that combination would be a damage loss?
  10. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    I've seen some Rage tanks (very few) running this, but it definitely could be fit into the build for using SC.

    As for DPS, berserk massively increases your damage output, so if you're in group with an EoG healer (that's paying attention and putting the greens in melee range), it would be quite the devastating amount of damage.
    Scrap, EoG, Quislet
    RSK, relentless, outrage, lacerate, e chain, berserk.

    With 200 scrap you get, I think, %7 SC returned on use, head mod will be %5, plus %12 on one green: that close to half the required SC to use again. Not to mention the % increase to gain from scrap, and Quislet: on top of the damage/hits you're getting during using SC.

    So, in the right team, you'll smash through stuff really quickly.
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  11. Ash Inferno Well-Known Player

    Yeah I've recently just discovered that one. A little choked that I opted for quislet now lol.
  12. Ash Inferno Well-Known Player

    So many artifacts and ally mechanics now, it's a little baffling lol. I was in the habit of distancing myself from the healer as to not get them killed (bosses really like to target the berserked guy apparently lol) and now this. I suppose that would explain how my damage improved and my sc seemed to be filled up so quickly.
    Think I bailed shortly after artifacts were introduced so it's a lot to take in. Not to mention trying to level up 6-8 artifacts at once o_O:rolleyes:
  13. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Wait for a double artifact experience week. Then get what you can up to 160 (which is usually the sweet spot). It takes a LOT to get from 160 to 200, so stock up and save until double is your best bet.
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  14. BrollyRage New Player

    Hey, can anyone help with a rage precision loadout?
    Also, absolutely needed dual wield and brawling?!
  15. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Rage precision doesn't perform as well as Rage might.

    That being said, yes you need those two masteries if you want to precision dps.