rage tanks suck, no more lantern or light powers

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  1. Maxx_Watt Loyal Player

    I find the graphics to be pretty annoying with all the blood basically covering my field of view, hope they tone it down a bit as I could see having 3-4 in the same area being an isdue.
  2. TheAnticipated Well-Known Player

    How are they being lazy by adding another power? The Lanterns are a core part of the DC Universe and well liked and since their movie flopped and TV show was cancelled DC probably wants to get the Lanterns somewhere other than just comics and DCUO is a great place to do it. I personally love Rage and I think the devs did a really great job with it, and the content is really fun and immerses you into the Lantern lore. I agree with you on a Shadow power as well with more powers you can better diversify your character and make them into the hero/villain you want. There are at least 8 planned DLCs confirmed to come out (with the possibility of other DLCs coming out between them), and that gives them a lot of opportunities to add new powers, weapons, (maybe) movements, and new elements to add to the game, I'd hardly call that lazy seeing as out of all the games I've played this one has had more updates and content added in the past month than some have had in over a year. As to the Synthetic Mods, they're a quality of life addition to the game as to give players who don't have hours upon hours to hunt for exobits and plans to have a shot at gearing up properly. And I'll end this by saying that I truly do believe (not fact) that there will be another Lantern powerset, which one it'll be? I'm not sure.

    I just don't understand how someone would assume water as the power in a Lantern Themed DLC :rolleyes:
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  3. space outlaw Well-Known Player

    troll don't forget a troll with out power in the middle of your rage mode the sec you run out and taking major hits is the sec you get knockl out...
  4. ZEUSofGODS Dedicated Player

    I just completed the new raid wit a rage tank.... Obviously ice is still king... But this power is usable... Just most tanks are ice.., and when they switch to rage... They realize this power takes skill to play... So they go back to ice...

    They must increase the way progress is made.. I started when the game only had t1 and t2... It took weeks to get 1 piece of gear... It wouldn't be fair to have noobs grind through the gear progression for 6mths... So they lower cost to get lower people into new constant faster... This is to retain gamers and get them to a place where spending money is more likely... They are not selling out they are just closing the gap between nods and vets... Remember U were a noob once.. And I'm sure u disintegrate wait 3 weeks just to buy 1 piece of gear.. So be happy they close the gap...
  5. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    Learn to use a new power.

    Rage is an awesome tank and the FOTM of the month DPS

    Quit being mad there are thousands of rage users
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  6. Vermilion the Original New Player

    Aside from the OPs use of run-on sentences, this quote seems the be the real issue. I think every player would relish the opportunity to have an OPPORTUNITY power set. Those of us who have played using sorcery from the start remember how hard Final Ruin used to hit. Every power has in one way or another been nerfed. Stop living in the past with your sour grapes and move on. You will live a happier life if you let that angst go.
  7. H.. Committed Player

    Hey LL...

    Yeah, with the exception of just making busy work - I don't see why can't mods be made reusable so, you can pop them in and out of gear.

    Mod the Mod more so, than the throw-away gear.
  8. Dametria Loyal Player

    I played with rage on the test server and strictly in tank role, because I really am starting to dislike hl, and honestly I've always been a tank and I love it. Anyway idk if the op ever played WoW, but rage reminds me a lot of pally's as far as being self-healing tanks. The only real difference is the automatic agro dump is slightly more forgiving with rage. But I think given time rage will be one of the top tanking powers.

    Personally I didn't really care for it visually and I can't really justify it story wise to swap Dee's powers.

    I will kinda agree with op on maybe holding off on another lantern based power @ least until we get water healers and atomic tanks:D.
  9. Darkmoone1 New Player

    Rage tanks or not, I think it's great people(Including myself) are taking the opportunity of a newly released power to go into the tank role. I hear it kinda lacks a bit in population so more people playing the role of their power that isn't dps is always a good thing in my book.
  10. ZomBite New Player

    I'd LOVE for someone who is defending rage tanking to write a guide on how to use it.

    I'm a nature healer who has run A&B 6 times now. 4 of those runs started with a rage tank, and all 4 times we kicked and picked up a different tank in the end. I personally can't keep up healing rage. Even with two healers and my resto is 4646. Wiped more times than I can count with rage tanks at the last boss, only to beat it on the first attemp after getting a new tank. Ice and fire both I've had no probs with there. I do like the power, but really any advice I might be able to pass onto these tanks would be greatly appreciated. I for one HATE kicking someone at the last boss, but really after 10+ wipes for a tank that can't stay alive..it almost seems mandatory :/
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  11. Cannondade Level 30

    I wouldn't mind seeing the powers of Compassion and Hope. Compassion, would be harder, since they can channel every (lantern) power...
  12. Elusian Crowd Control

    Rage tanking sucks? Someone didnt got the memo:

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  13. Bendmetal Dedicated Player

    Hey guys, did you know that when celestial was released, people said it sucked? Now it is considered a top tier dps power, and if you say a power sucks on one of the first weeks of release that is really dumb (no offense). Let people figure out the the basics of the powers, and master them, I switched to quantum back in the day, and I hated it because I couldn't play it, I grit my teeth and mastered the power. If you can't do the same too bad for you,this is a power that requires mastering.
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  14. Vexedbit Well-Known Player

    Kristyana is working on one. She'll do it right. Just gotta give her some time.
  15. Darkmoone1 New Player

    I know it's a reason that won't hold for long, but I still think that a good amount of the rage tanks that are failing are still due to people using those re-spec tokens to change their power, spec into a rage tank format, and jumping into a high tier area without fully realizing or understanding how the power functions.
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  16. ZomBite New Player

    I look forward to the read. I feel bad for the guys I used to solo heal in Wave and Nex, now they can't stay alive even with a second healer..
  17. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Its painful confusing because sometimes you dont know if its the rage tank red aoe, or if its the red lantern aoe until you get hit and by then its almost too late.
  18. Cloud_9 New Player

    Then you're not going to like the most likely candidate for the next Healer power because at this time, there are Lantern powers for two roles. We're one short of a set, and the devs are probably too OCD to let it die.

    We have a Blue Energy weapon pack already, we have a Blue Lantern Iconic set to come in a future installment of WotL, we're one short of a Lantern set of powers, and Blue Lantern movesets exist in game now via Legends characters (we might even determine how a Hope healer would heal and attack from this). Brace yourself for a Hope Healer.
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  19. DEMONIZER1 Loyal Player

    Cry me a river...

    You could stop playing since Rage is soooo bad, we don't care!

    Don't like it, too bad!

    Go play something else...

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  20. cravex15 Dedicated Player

    Hmmm.... This thread sounds faintly like a particular raid I might know about.
    Were you in the A&B raid I was in last night where our rage tank kept crashing at the last boss and finally he opted to leave?
    Then someone called in a friend who was an ice tank and we finished it up real quick?
  21. Badname654 New Player

    Haha "Dom troll" ...I'm guessing your debuff stays up .75 seconds longer