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  1. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    So, yesterday i switched back to tanking since tanks are a bit scarce, so for the time being i thought i could put my grain of sand.

    So I went rage and Ingrid (NGN first boss) was a pain, she is an easy tank EXCEPT for that darn stun-beam she does, by the time you breakout you are dead (and players sometimes can't lunge fast due to animations too, or she has immunities and can't be lunged), only thing that got us through was some OP healer that was OP healing, I then switched to Earth and while it has less Ingrid trouble, i just don't like it...it depends on the healer a lot and if the healer drowses at that critical second you need to raise your mitigation then you are toast.

    So my question is: Anyone out there has any pointers on how to tank Ingrid with a rage tank? (More precisely, how to survive that stun-beam?)
  2. Castrato Well-Known Player

    When the skull pops over her head anyone can lunge her, including the tank. When the skull isn't above her head is where I see tanks dying. I've seen, some; very limited amount of, tanks pop an immunity, so they can't get stunned, after the 1st lunge, the one with the skull. So, when she falls on the ground, the tank pops an immunity so when she gets back up she can't stun the tank and the tank can lunge her.
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  3. SGS_JonLegend Well-Known Player

    Not a Tank, so I'm not going to be much help, but I can share my observations with you.

    Tanking Ingrid seems to rely heavily on recognizing when she is going to use her blast attack, and lungeing her. I've not seen one Tank able to take that blast attack on his or her own unless, like you mentioned, the healer was OP or on top of their game that day.

    The real issue here in my opinion is DPS who refuse to sacrifice their numbers on the scoreboard, instead of taking turns lungeing her. I've been in rounds where me and another toon took the sole responsibilty of lungeing her each and every time without being distracted by "generating the most damage," and the Tank did not die, or even dip below 50% health.

    So if you are dieing as a Tank against Ingrid, then the players in your group ARE NOT doing their job. You cannnot allow yourself to take responsibility for dieing to an attack that is 100% intended to KO you if the other players in your group are not operating as a Team.
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  4. Longshot Well-Known Player

    I think it is instinct as a tank to want to block. So what happens sometimes is the boss block breaks you and gets immunity and no one can lunge the boss out of its attack.

    Just make sure you are blocking when the boss is actually doing melee combos on you. Have someone lunge the boss for you and make sure that they are the only one doing it, to not run the risk of giving the boss an immunity.

    Just keep your breakout and breakout trinket ready for when you need it and lunge if you have to. After tanking that boss a few times, it will be very easy for you to see what is going on and you will have no problems. The higher your CR gets, the easier it is also.
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  5. Ichiro Loyal Player

    I am assuming you use severe punishment as your main shield.

    When there are adds I stack my health as much as possible with rage bringer to survive the ice blast to the face. When she is alone and the rage crash cycle is about to end I Jump corner to corner when she is getting ready to do the ice blast to get out of range so I can cancel rage crash and restart Severe punishment. If I don't need to cancel rage crash when she is getting ready to do the ice blast I lunge. Immunity hit at the right moment helps a lot.

    The group needs to be on lunges as well or you are going to go down. she will catch you eventually in between rage cancel and restarting Severe punishment depending on how long it takes to burn her.
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  6. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    Thanks both for the replies, I agree with Echo on the DPS's not giving up their numbers, when in munitions i was usually the only one harrasing Ingrid's pesonal space and lunging. :(

    That's the one x.x!!! The skull one I do pop an immunity and lunge her myself, since i try to time exactly for the start of it, but the surprise one is the one that gets me, especially when she just does it out of nowhere, since in the time it takes for the immunity to breakout and the lunge to knock her, im usually dead, plus, there's also that thing (maybe just my luck yesterday) that she kept doing it exactly at the 2 seconds my rageheals were on cooldown.
  7. BRITTENY Dedicated Player

    What's your CR? That also plays a factor into it. It really comes down to your group lunging Ingrid. You really don't need to block against her unless you're trying to get a counter. Cycling through your immunities also helps. I had some difficulty when I was 115CR trying to tank this as rage, but once you get your CR up and your group knows when to lunge, the fight isn't nearly as difficult.

    The most important thing is getting the lunge. If your group isn't assisting with the lunge, then it really won't matter what tank power you are, you're going to die.
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  8. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    Jumping seems like a nice idea to try!! Have you seen any tell for the non-skull beam?

    About the burning, yeah a good burn could kill her in time before I mess up, but i don't wanna be the kind of tank that runs in just geared groups, i'd like to help new-to-the-raid CRs too, but i'd like to be rage, since i didn't like earth or fire...and i just hate ice lol x.x, however when there are not many adds, that surprise beam x.x

    I do just came back to tanking yesterday so my reactions may be a bit rusty lol, but it did felt like I may be missing somethig >_<
  9. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    It's 122 on the tank gear, not fully modded, only 4 Dom 110 pieces, so once i get my mods up it may get better, but judging by the size of the punch, i dont think it may result in a huge difference >_<
  10. Ichiro Loyal Player

    I have noticed a few tells that work for me that she is about to do the ice blast. She does a ground pound sometime as a lead in before the ice blast. This doesn't happen all the time though which I haven't quite figured out. There is also a lead in when she doesn't do the ground pound it is sort of a pause in attacking and gut feeling I get that I haven't seen the ice blast for a while. That one is a little harder to describe as it is not a visual just a slight pause from her attacking and me being paranoid that I get the feeling something is coming. I haven't notice any indication when she does a double Ice blast ( she does ice blast someone lunges her, then she gets up and does it again), I am still working on if there is a tell for that one.
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  11. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    You have to pay attention to her..normally a DPS should be lunging her when it looks like she is going for a range attack. Tank ability that does knock over works as well..Totem for Earth and Without Mercy for Rage....

    Ingrind is a ***** of a boss as her damage seems a bit high if you ask me...
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  12. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    Ugh yes, that double ice blast x.x
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  13. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    Here's what I do as Fire but you can do it as Rage or any other Tank power.

    Start the fight with a lunge, then keep lunging. She will do a second ice/stun blast if you don't lunge her both times.

    Then I just do my normal rotation and wait for the tells that another stun is coming.

    If the boss does the ground pound then I know I need to be ready to lunge so I pop an immunity power and wait for it.
    If the boss points at someone then I just immediately start lunging. As soon as the boss is knocked down I pop an immunity power and lunge again just to be safe in case a second stun/ice blast is coming.

    When the boss gets immunity, call it out, turn the boss as much away from the group as possible, and tell people to not lunge. Typically I tell people don't lunge the boss unless I call out for someone to lunge at the beginning of the fight. I don't need anyone lunging while she is blocking and giving the boss a free blue blinky.

    That's all I got. It's how my granpappy did it, how my pappy did it, and how I've beaten the content too.
  14. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    Also you cannot tank and spank her...One of the best tanking I have seen in that instnace was someone who was able to kite her between the three corners...

    The tank started on the far right hand side, kited her to the middle point where most tanks go..than kited her again to the left...than he kited her across the room....this triangle movement lasted 2.5 times around before she went down. Because she could not focus her attack on the tank, the tank did not go down...give it a try and let me know how it goes for you...
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  15. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    OMG It's true!!!

    Archive file 0003: Mr. Nekron Sr. vs Beta Ingrid.

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  16. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    I have seen too many player give Ingrind immunity...you have to be careful with the lunging or she gets immunity...it is why Kiting her works wonders...
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  17. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    Yeah, someone mentioned something about jumping and triangle kitting did occur to me, i thought of a smaller triangle, but reading your post i may actually try that!!
  18. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    Every time I try that a DPS get aggro and she jumps in the middle...I get annoyed and leave...LOL....I always try to start her on the right, very rarely does it work..

    If she is in the back, try that out....a smaller triangle may work as well.
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  19. Castrato Well-Known Player

    I've personally never seen a tank kite her, but that's just me. I have seen, on here, tanks talk about kiting her.

    I'm just so use to lunging her as a healer/dps that I always do it, unless the tank I'm with just tells everyone in the group to not lunge as he has all the lunges. I know when she is going to do the ice blast now, but every once in awhile she tricks me and I lunge her and give her an immunity on accident. That's when I call it out for the tank and I pop everything I have to keep the tank alive.

    By tricking, I mean, she ground pounds, which usually means ice blast is coming, then she blocks.
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  20. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    I see your point, as a dps, i also rarely allow her to get away with any beams, but when no one in the group lunges on time, even a slight delay can kill you, so any pointers i can get on tells and weaknesses are incredibly welcome.