Rage precision based?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Scotty, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. Scotty Active Member

    I was considering switching to Rage when I first heard that it is Might based. Since the 90 level vendor sells only a precision trinket, I'm led to see that it is precision based and the Might based announcement was a mistake?

    How is Rage as DPS? Is it better then Fire?
  2. Savage Mind Well-Known Member

    I bought a might trinket from the LvL 90 vendor.
  3. Scotty Active Member

    Really??? I didn't see it. I will go back and check.
  4. The dark knight Well-Known Member

    This question has been brought up so many times and answered equally many times.
    Rage is whatever you decide. If you don't rage-combo, it's might based, if you rage-combo, much of it's precision based.
    Oh, you should really scroll down a little in the lvl90 vendor window...he sells both, one precision trinket and one might-trinket.

    And to reply to your last question: Rage and fire - as every powerset - are what you make of it. You can be an awesome Fire DPS or a bad one, you can be an awesome Rage-DPS or a bad one. If you're one of those people who don't clip, then don't switch to rage.
  5. Scotty Active Member

    I went back and checked again...he does sell the Might trinket and I got it. I just missed it the first time.

    The subject came up a lot of times, yes, but I missed the threads and didn't feel like going through 100's of pages to find them. But thanks for your input; I will stay with Fire as I have yet to get the clipping down. You saved me $10 and I appreciate it :)
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  6. Elusian Well-Known Member

    It wasnt a mistake, it was a straight lie. Apparently its just another Precision Powerset with similarities to Light and a full working PI system behind it.
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  7. Derio Well-Known Member

    Its both really, If you combo then precision based. If you dont combo then your might based. The choice is yours. But why go might when you can go precision.:D
  8. Grid Ion Well-Known Member

    Well it has the best of both worlds. You just can't go wrong with it ;)
  9. Clutch Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't rule out a might based loadout. I'm sure it can be done but it seems precision based atm. It has 2 precision buffs that stack and a power which adds might ticks to your rage combos which are also precision based. Even one of the SCs favors precision because it raises crit weapon chance and crit weapon damage which means any white precision based damage. I went balanced red mods with precision gear and half precision mods for the other slots.

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