Rage officially confirmed!!!

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  1. Cataclyzm New Player

    Heroes and Villains Must Channel the Power of Rage in

    Game’s Ninth DLC Pack Delivers Intense Multiplayer Action Featuring Red and Blue Lantern Corps

    SAN DIEGO – Dec. 11, 2013 – On the heels of the game’s PlayStation®4 release, Sony Online Entertainment, LLC (SOE) today announced the next installment in the DC Universe™ Online (DCUO) narrative – War of the Light Part I. Introducing a brand-new storyline, the ninth downloadable content (DLC) pack introduces the Blue Lantern Corps to DCUO and brings a new power set – Rage, which can be used by both heroes and villains. Players will also have access to new Legends PvP characters – Saint Walker and Atrocitus. The DLC will be available for download on the PC, as well as the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and PlayStation4 system early next year.

    “Our first DLC introduced Light Powers and allowed players to feel the awesome abilities of the Power Rings employed by Hal Jordan and Sinestro in the pages of the comics,” said Jens Andersen, Senior Creative Director for DC Universe Online. “With War of the Light Part I, we are adding another light power to the mix, this one fueled by the Red Light of Rage. Rage Powers will have a brand new tanking mechanic for players to master, adding a whole new strategy to group content.”

    Added Andersen, “War of the Light Part I will let players explore new and reimagined environments in DCUO. They will notice changes to Metropolis, which has been affected by this new war of light, and for the first time they will journey to Mogo, the sentient Green Lantern Planet, and Ranx, the Sentient Sinestro Corp City. These environments play a big part in the storyline and we look forward to expanding each of them as the trilogy unfolds.”

    War of the Light Part I is one of three upcoming downloadable content packs that focus on characters that manipulate power from the Emotional Spectrum. Players can expect to see additional corps introduced by the end of the trilogy.

    In War of the Light Part I, lanterns of all colors have lost connection with their emotional spectrum entities. Following cryptic evidence, four Corps – Green, Blue, Sinestro, and Red – converged on Earth determined to find their entities. The clash of Lantern Corps has resulted in a new war of light, centered in Downtown Metropolis and nearby sentient planets Mogo and Ranx. Players must team up with Hal Jordan or Sinestro in high-level multiplayer adventures to investigate the colored mists that have descended upon Metropolis and are affecting the citizens’ emotions.

    War of the Light Part I will include:
    New Rage Power – The game’s 12th Power Set is a product of red light of rage and can be utilized for both good and evil. Heroes and villains who wield the tank power will notice its abilities have a berserker style feel.
    New 4-Player Operations – Unusual colored mists have appeared and caused a new war of light, centered in Downtown Metropolis, Mogo and Ranx. With the help of friends, including Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner on the hero’s side, and Hank Henshaw and Sinestro on the villain’s side, players must uncover the origin of the mysterious mists.
    New 8-Player Operation – The Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps clash while investigating the mists in this new raid that takes place on Mogo and Ranx.
    New Legends PvP Characters – War of the Light Part I introduces two new Lanterns – the violent Atrocitus and the agile Saint Walker.
    New gear and collections

    DCUO’s War of the Light Part I DLC pack will be a free download for the game’s Legendary members and will be available later this winter for purchase by Free and Premium players via the PlayStation®Network, the in-game Marketplace, or for PC players via the DCUniverseOnline.com website.

    DCUO is licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on behalf of DC Entertainment. For more information about DCUO, visit www.DCUniverseOnline.com.

    *And... Discuss.
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  2. compasionate grenade Committed Player

    another one...why not :D
  3. Jamie New Player

    And it has been confirmed that Legendary members will get the DLC before March 21st (first day of spring).
  4. Bandee0817 New Player

    where you seen that?
  5. Jamie New Player

    Read the announcement. Towards the end it states "DCUO’s War of the Light Part I DLC pack will be a free download for the game’s Legendary members and will be available later this winter for purchase by Free and Premium players via the PlayStation®Network, the in-game Marketplace, or for PC players via the DCUniverseOnline.com website." They said it is being releaased this winter. Winter runs until March 20th. believing any sooner with out an official announcement (that gives an actual date) will just lead to disappointment.
  6. SLYDER X New Player

    I'm stoked..although I'm sure the game will be flooded with rage dps and tanks...and I'll be one..don't judge me lol
  7. Cataclyzm New Player

    Lol hey man I'll be right there with ya, I haven't tanked since when I first started as fire, time to give it another whirl with RRRRAAAGGGGEEE!!!
  8. Cadens Dedicated Player

    1 operation for 8 players? Jeez. :\
  9. Bandee0817 New Player

    this is a false info. test server will start with the dlc9 at the end of the january
  10. DrewCheech New Player

    Finally, something to pull me back into DC from the vile clutches of my Diablo 3 addiction.
    I can't wait, I haven't been this excited to play DC in a long time
  11. BrotherMutant New Player


    But FYI, "RageAgainstDaMachine" name is already taken on PC ;)
  12. SLYDER X New Player

    Im stealing that for ps3 lol...jk
  13. SLYDER X New Player

    Ah..a fire brethren...I use to be a tank like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee
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  14. oUnrealgodo New Player

    Can't wait to see this Rage. And glad they added another tank to the mix.
  15. Jamie New Player

    How do you know that? The latest announcements I've seen have said early 2014 which is open to intrepretation the same way that early December for the seasonal is. This is the first one that actually said it would be during a well defined time period. There is absolutely nothing false about my statementy unless you are trying to claim SOE is giving false information.
  16. Bandee0817 New Player

    i did not seen anywhere that will be march. last date i seen that was end of january, thats all :)
  17. Zeo Committed Player

    Red Lanterns aren't my favorite, but I want to see how this RAGE mechanic will work for tank, since it's my favorite role I will have a new character for this for sure!

    A new power from the Lantern universe, let the haters start to hate.
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  18. RawR New Player

    Any tanks with leagues that plan on switching powers better run with their league. Remember you're the first to blame and with no practice of your new power you'll for sure be blamed. Don't change powers and jump into the hardest tiers without even testing your load out. Honestly some of you won't even get invited or have a chance to Q with pugs.
  19. PainGod New Player

    Great post by user thumbs up brother!

    However I will ask that everyone who agrees please give me a like.

    With the new powerset coming out and being might based. I can hear the dps screaming now "I NEED MORE POWER!" SMH.
  20. SLYDER X New Player

    I'm sure nobody can confirm the rage will be might based..with the actual announcement being so fresh, I wouldn't get my hopes up for prec based or might based just yet