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  1. AshenVoid Level 30

    How would one go about making a DPS build for rage going into raids and such? as of right now I'm CR 101 using a melee loadout which obviously get's you killed fairly quick. advice or a loadout would be much appreciated.
  2. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    For Ranged dps in Alerts and Raids: GE, RA, BL, Dreadful blast, infuriate. Not sure what you'd use for the 6th slot in there though.

    For melee in solos and duos: I'd recommend this one.
  3. The Jelly Bean Dedicated Player

    Dreadful blast, infuriate, bloodlust. All you practically need. You can use plasma retch for pi, robot side kick, or whatever you want.
  4. AshenVoid Level 30

    I already use that melee loadout, but speaking for raids and stuff i should use a ranged loadout, right? otherwise i'm too squishy it seems, so i was just wondering if there was a viable way to melee for raids and bigger instances
  5. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    It's all about positioning. Range simply is better unfortunately because if you melee, you either lose too much damage dying, or lose too much damage trying to position yourself and avoid big hits. Melee doesn't hit hard enough to make up the difference of having to play cautious. So while you can get away with melee if you're skilled enough, it's simply just not as vaible in raids.
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  6. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Unfortunately no, Most of the high end raids are loaded with one hit mechanics; so while you can melee you'll end up wiping a lot in the process.

    So if you want to stay relatively safe and not die as much, you'll have to work with a loadout that involves spamming dreadful blast for the time being.

    The lack of ranged options has thankfully been fixed out in the stats-revamp. in the stats-revamp, we have a new ranged DPS combo which should make the ranged DPS side of Rage less boring.
  7. AshenVoid Level 30

    Yeahhh, I've definitely noticed that a bit. If my teammates are actually helping though i find it easy-ish to live as a melee because of the health regen on damage received power (forgive me, I can't remember the name) but it's still kinda hard to get up there in damage.
  8. AshenVoid Level 30

    Sweet, that sounds like it should be fun. Now, just gotta wait for that revamp to hit .-.
  9. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    These videos are the best starting point I've seen for Rage DPS; I like that they actually explain the loadout (eg: power interactions). Since these were made, understand that the AM damage was improved, so he doesn't mention that the max AM starts on the first power that continues Savage after two completed combos. As with all things like this, it's a starting point ... find what's best for you for maneuverability, survivability, rotation and timing. There's someone I know who clips in Ferocity with much success, despite the timing not lining up. There's quite a few people I know out there who use Plasma Retch and jump-clip it, with some success (has a higher overall DoT and can be used at range, so you just gotta weigh that against jump-clipping instead of ability-clipping).

  10. AshenVoid Level 30

    It explains well how to do those loadouts, my only issue would be timing the range clips for a bit
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  11. AshenVoid Level 30

    The powers I currently have set are galling eruption, bloodlust, severe punishment, revenge, e-chain, and outrage. it does fairly well with staying alive for a good period of damage
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  12. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    my rage guy does about as well as my green lantern...amazing how balanced the 2 are considering the differences...btw...all this "I die a lot" stuff...how/why?? my red stays pretty full and my blue rarely gets empty..I do the standard load ...right off the forums btw...nothing exploited or even original...I mean put me in a boss room solo at barely there CR I die instantly...sure...but normal missions...normal everyday PUG type teams and Qs...I do fine...anyways...
  13. Gale Reaper Dedicated Player

    Dreadful blast and berserk is what makes rage compete with other powers. Not using them is a huge dps loss.
  14. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    yeah...not too sure about the ranged load shown...and lets face it...green/yellow is more for ranged while red is melee...by and large...or dont you agree. if you dont no big just would like someone elses take on these loads...i dont think ranged load shown would be best
  15. Killah Criss Well-Known Player

    Rage is my favorite power and I have been rage since 2013. I have mastered this power at this point. I'ma go ahead and give you the real 411 on rage. Alot of players hear things or read things about rage and never actually test it out themselves. They just believe it to be true. Everything that I'm about to tell you, you can actually test it for yourself.

    I'ma be real, as of right now rage is not up to participate with other dps powers such as munitions, ice, mental, etc. If you use any loadout just how it is, it will never be within the same rely of damage as those 1,2,3 BOOM powers. The best way to maximize rage's damage is to melee. When melee-ing only use either outrage, Dreadful Blast, or Revenge along with any plasma PI that you want to use. I personally use galling eruption because you can just clip it and you don't have to jump cancel it like plasma Retch. If you must do damage from range spam Dreadful Blast and always use a robot sidekick.

    DO NOT USE INFURIATE! Infuriate does not increase your damage from your rage combos or powers at all! When you use it and hit up on the D-Pad and go under the "effects" from it, it clearly says increases your WEAPON attack chance and your WEAPON attack damage. NOT your ABILITY damage. Most people will tell you that your rage combos count as weapon damage. It does not. I've tested this many times using only a Dreadful Blast combo and another time using only a weapon mastery combo while infuriate was active. I only got a damage increase from my weapon mastery combo. It will not increase your damage from your rage combos.

    Rage will be up there with other dps's once the stats revamp hits. Until then I suggest using precision soders