Rage Crash causing fake damage

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by hardlightX2, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. hardlightX2 New Player

    I was in monarch playing card challenge the other day, and decided to let myself rage crash. When I checked the board I noticed that something was off about my damage. Afterwards I went back into the same challenge, and decided to play around with the rage crash mechanic in the first room. I just used moves that cause rage crash, and then did nothing. Without ever attacking an enemy I noticed my damage kept going up. The damage that is delt to you when rag crashing is added to your damage out. I have tested this multiple times, and each time it's the same results.
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  2. TrueOlympus New Player

    Mother of God
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  3. TMadness Well-Known Player

    Are you saying you saw this on the score board or was it actual ticks of damage?
  4. ApocolypticShinobi New Player

    uh oh if this is real i feel sorry for healers now. community gets wind itll be timebomb all over again smh
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  5. Caseyyeah Committed Player

    Working as intended.
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  6. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    How on earth could this be working as intended?
  7. Caseyyeah Committed Player

    Yeah... Should have added the whole "/sarcasm" thing since it wasn't apparent. My apologies, bro.
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  8. Sumeric New Player

    And so it begins...
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  9. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    The dps I know don't use rage crash. So this wont affect them. This does however effect the rage tanks I know. Sitting there with there high damage, that 4th slot is for my Celestial healer darn it.
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  10. TrueOlympus New Player

    what the heck do we even have a test server for anyway?

    To get a chance to play content early!?:rolleyes:
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  11. Rebelled New Player

    So.. If I make a Red Lantern dps and rage crash all the time, I could top the charts when I really did nothing but hurt myself?
  12. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    They really, really need to let legendary PS players use the test server. If little signatures and crappy websites can pull info from PSN, SOE should have no issue.
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  13. Massah Committed Player

    It it is the same as using Sacrificial offering from Sorcery.
    If you use Sacrificial Offering without the Red Aura it will damage you which goes on the Scorecard as both Damage in and Damage Out with you not having to attack or be attacked.

    You can kill yourself in the War Room spamming Sacrificial Offering and having the Sparring Target grant you enough power to spam the move.

    I already assumed people were aware that the inflicted Damage from Rage Crash was shown as both Damage in and Out on the Scorecard- goes in hand with why a Rage Tank's Damage in and Healing out are so high with this mechanic. If you have a Rage Tank that crashes a lot they will have high Damage out.

    But the rate of burn is not fake....the added self damage may inflate the numbers but the speed of Burn when people were Kamikaze with Outrage Spam was evidentiary or fast burn.
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  14. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    lol Can you imagine how many rage dpses wont get picked up!? Delicious.
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  15. HHAAZZEE New Player

    No, unless you want to stand next to the tank and die a thousand times but you still wouldnt come close, come bottom most probably... dps normally and you will be topping the charts anyway more than likely, if you know what your doing. Only really effects tanks.

    They are technically doing that damage even if it is to themselves, it still shouldnt be showing as damage out though.
  16. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Yes, tested with my villian rage tank. It is going for damage out and damage in on the scoreboard. Even if you rage crash slightly in dps mode and it doesnt kill you it gets added to the scoreboard.
  17. Clutch Committed Player

    Don't even care about this. If someone wants to let their self crash and keep dying over and over, let him do it and get kicked while still having low damage anyway.
  18. HeirToThaThrone Committed Player

    Doesnt the Gadgets dummy still reflect on the scoreboard, too?

    Also, purposely rage crashing for fake damage is the dumbest scoreboard inflation available and is probably a loss of dps assuming you dont die, then it would be an obvious loss of dps.
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  19. IGotYA New Player

    Yea the damage only counts if you rage crash if you die before the crash there is no damage out.
    All good me thinks,i mean not a big deal, if someone wants to go for it let them lol
  20. Ice Lantern New Player

    Smoke and mirrors.
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