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  1. HeavyWeapon Dedicated Player

    Thats not 28k dps.......not even close.
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  2. Saybro Committed Player

    Ohhhhhhh snap lol
  3. PillowHands Committed Player

    It says 20k in the video. The person that posted the video needs to correct what he said.
  4. sean04122009 Well-Known Player

    I thought the range am would work like press rentless anger for salavge state activator which last for 10 sec

    How I would like the range am to be is press restless anger put you in salvage state for 10 seconds ,,,, buff or any salavge ability(rage bringer if you make it just a beam without a pull in dps stance=3-5),,,, frenzy(salvage ability =5) ,,, dreadful blast(salvage=3) and channel hate (should release all salavge abilities similar to time bomb) ... Channel hate should change in size and deal splash damage showing that u maximized the damage..

    Channel hate end the salavge state
    Channel hate with 1-6(salavge) abilities -small beam
    Channel hate with 7-10(salavge) abilities- medium beam
    Channel hate with 11-15(salavge) abilities -large beam (max damage)

    Overview all abilities and buff with a instance cast =1 ,,,, pi activators =2 ,,,,, sc= 3
    Combo abilities will equal such as frenzy=5 if u hit all 5 times
    Load outs
    Rent less anger---- galling eruption(2)--- frenzy(5)--- channel hate {7 salavge abilities}
    Rent less anger---- galling eruption(2)--- frenzy(5)--- Dreadful blast(3) channel hate {9 salavge abilities}
    Rent less anger---- galling eruption(2)---- bloodlust(1)--- frenzy(5)--- Dreadful blast(3) channel hate {10 salavge abilities}
    Rent less anger---- galling eruption(2)--- ragebringer(3-5) frenzy(5)--- Dreadful blast(3) channel hate {13-15 salavge abilities}

    Pretty sure someone can capitalize off this ideal to make it better used my break to come up with ideal
  5. Xibo Loyal Player

    I saw 28.416.6
  6. PillowHands Committed Player

    Click on settings and change quality to the maximum, pause the video and expand it. Paused at 0:03 20,456.5

    Did you post the wrong video?
  7. Biester New Player

    Well it looks like rage will be added to that list of powersets that will need an additional update in the future. I'm really trying to figure out what the devs are doing with these endless revamp but it goes over my understanding. I guess I can look forward to continuing to rage tank only for another 6 months to a year. I actually had high hopes for this update, its a shame because it looks like Munitions took top priority over rage. Why release new powers when there is STILL an imbalance among existing powersets, even after a year-and-a-half of balancing?
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  8. Saybro Committed Player

    I am BEYOND.....upset and confused. Lol already has the same amount of dev comments in it as the rage test discussion...and its only 1 page. Would like to hear the reasoning behind introducing (not really because the power set was melee from jump) an AM (rage) that you can't even use. Have they tested it themselves (melee content)?
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  9. PillowHands Committed Player

    At this point it seems rage won't get any new combos or anything. I feel that it needs a damage increase on both the melee and range rotations. The range rotation will be the main rotation and it isn't competitive with several powers. The melee rotation is doing less damage than quantum and celestial from the combat analyzers that I have seen. If you're taking the risk of going melee, you should be hitting way harder, especially since you'll be dying a lot. I heal these raids every week, usually if someone other than a tank is even sneezed on by a boss or add they die.

    It'd be nice if someone put this in the test topic for me.
  10. Biester New Player

    PVE changes only

    Just make relentless anger never let you fall below 1 hp. If you can successfully cancel the rage crash then you cannot die while relentless anger is active. There's the 2-second window in which RA is on cooldown that will be deadly for a dps (it can be deadly as a tank sometimes), therefore, there will still be the risk with the high reward.

    To make it an even higher risk, nerf (don't panic) relentless anger's healing time to 8-seconds but keep the cooldown at 12-seconds to give a 4-second "vulnerability" time. Relentless anger is the dps version of severe punishment anyways so tanks will still have their "rage mode" power. Just be sure to fix the bug currently associated with severe punishment.

    This is the best I can come up with, post it please.

    Remember, this is coming from a player who tanks 99% of the time and I would be willing to sacrifice Relentless Anger as long as severe punishment is fixed.
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  11. CypherXone Committed Player

    Why are people claiming that this is a melee power, when it has many range attacks?
  12. ssJoniFoXss Committed Player

    Rage its a melee power.. Even devs said that..
    Anyway after 4 years I'm stopping to play dcuo..
    I already stop before 2 month and I thought I'll coming bk when rage get updated but I see devs keep doing what they wanna and don't care about feedback of ppl here..!
    All they care about is money..
    So good luck to everyone here hope u get what u wanna !!
    Devs one day your tactic will explode
    U think u can do whatever in your mind u dream
  13. HeavyWeapon Dedicated Player

    It has 1 ranged combo and it is a combo AM. Please to tell where you found these "many ranged attacks" that work with the combo AM. Even if we look at all the powers in the entire powerset and not just the AM we have 4 ranged attacks and 8 melee attacks with the rest being buffs, supercharges, or non damaging powers. So there are twice as many melee attacks as there are ranged.
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  14. Saybro Committed Player

    Why do people post about a power they know nothing about?
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  15. FlowerFly New Player

    It looks like this guys have no idea how to play rage ? or rage is 10-15 % less then ather powers ?
    When i c "Advanced Mechanics" like quantum 123456 or like this spaming over and over DB im starting thinking why its advanced coz to be honest using WM when u need to hit DB in right moment to get crit is more advanced for me .If u calling "Advanced Mechanic" advanced just becouse it gives power back for me its a joke and no wonder why ppl looking for new games coz what devs did to all DPS is bigest BS ever .I prefer tanking now coz playing as DPS im trying to not fall a sleep .Why we have 6 spots for our loadsout we should have one for power call BOOOOOM!!!! it hits hard and gives power back i mean really ?
  16. Disatria New Player

    I don't play rage but channel hate and rage blast have a very good combo potential if the devs would think objectively about the power and the viability of meleeing in actual endgame content. Then creatively add a precision version of said powers making rage range loadout more interesting than constantly spamming db like no tomorrow. I'd love to see a power in rages loadout similar to lacerate but at a range capacity. Shooting out a spinning blade damaging all mobs infront of ithe player stopping it on the targeted mob then pressing square say x3-4 times to expand and continue spinning damaging all mobs in a specific aoe range of the targeted mob. That would be sick.
  17. Bendmetal Dedicated Player

    Wow, this will actually give rage more survivability.
    Devs must implement this
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  18. Bendmetal Dedicated Player

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  19. Biester New Player

    From reading the testers' thread, it seems that rage will not receive any extra survivability while meleeing. Instead, it seems the devs are going to tweak all content to allow an overall safer way for all players to melee.

    I'm not sure how I feel about this. Since rage is the only melee-based powerset in the game, it seems to me that increasing rage's melee survivability would be so much easier and faster. Maybe the devs have intentions on making other powersets melee-based. The only powers that seem to possibly fit into this equation is an aftershock am for earth and the upcoming experimental serums tank powerset.

    I guess we'll have to wait until the update goes live to see if rage will receive a fair am. As for me, I LOVE the fact that the devs decided to stay true to rage's awesomeness (which is melee) but I see myself never getting to dps throne elite, only tanking it. I was extremely skilled at melee rage dpsing before all of the nerfs, back when A&B was the hardest content, but even highly skilled melee'ers know when they've met their match. TOTD Elite will continue to belong to celestial and hl dps' (I would've said quantum instead of hl but everyone can see the nerf coming to quantum, there's no reason for quantum to be as op as it is).
  20. Nemisor Committed Player

    i'm guessing serums or whatever the bane tank power will be called will be primarily melee