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  1. GLoRToR Well-Known Player

    Several issues, which are not a matter of being challenging or interesting, make these achievements not fun to attempt at all.

    1. The circles do not always register your presence.
    If you fly through them too fast, you'll sometimes randomly end up not being registered in a circle right in the middle which leads to forfeit.

    2. No immediate restart option.
    When the above happens, you STILL have to suffer through the race KNOWING that you have forfeited but you still have to. This is unfun and impractical. A restart option floating somewhere to the side would be great help in trying to shave off those seconds.

    3. Enemies still target you.
    I can't count the times I've lost time because of enemies deciding that I shouldn't complete this achievement.
    Would be nice if races existed in a separate phase of their own or if during races you were marked "out of combat", unable to attack or be attacked and/or drew no aggro.

    4. Invisible hitboxes on objects that you have to brush past or fly through are something to mention though I understand that probably none of the above will be fixed in such an old game and this is the least likely of them all.
  2. Millbarge Developer

    Do you have specific races where this occurs?
    We submitted fixes for a few of these that came up over time - but no one has reported new ones (that I've seen) lately.

  3. GLoRToR Well-Known Player

    That may be because this content feels like I'm playing russian roulette with my foot and a blender. No offence, not trying to diss you guys or anything. I like challenges, or I wouldn't be doing this same thing for hours on end until I succeed. It just feels untested and every friend I talk to says the same: races suck.

    For now I only have one issue of aggro to report because I'm exclusively attempting the "without speedboost" achievement at Little Bohemia Expert flight.
    Some of the drones will gain aggro of you under the bridge before the one where you fly under the debris and have to hold space to go straight back up through a close loop.

    I'd like to add that after succeeding Gold Time I don't think that 1:41 is realistic for plat without the speed boost. It's not a matter of skill, it's a matter of distance to go and how slow normal flight is to cover that distance where you are flying straight.
  4. GLoRToR Well-Known Player

    Correction: They just aggro you, regardless of their location, during that race.
  5. GLoRToR Well-Known Player

    I'd love to resubscribe but if fake difficulty is going to stop me from progressing with something as crucial as skill points, I'm having doubts.
  6. GLoRToR Well-Known Player

    Update. Mobs aggro you during races, period. Extensive testing proves that if your race circle is near an enemy it will aggro you even if your cr is way above their level.
  7. GLoRToR Well-Known Player

    I would like to recommend checking the times required for Platinum because they are perfectly doable with Supersonic but I'm always up to 2 seconds late due to distance vs average flight speed when I'm attempting the without feats. No races qualify.
  8. Kestral Committed Player

    This is a lag issue not really a bug. When I first got serious about playing this game I had to rebuild my computer because it just was not made for gaming only general internet use and some disk games. The only time I see this issue now is during the seasonal races like the valentine's daily race as the game is just generally laggy with the increased player base for seasonals. If you are having this problem only the last few days I would say the increased play and expected lag due to the new DLC is causing the issue. Give it a week or so then you should be fine enough. Otherwise if it persists there might be a problem with your own internet speeds.

    Ok yes that one does irk me especially when you mess up right at the start of a long race. Acrobatic races are evil btw this is the only game where double jump is a bad thing.

    I am so, so glad that I got that flight race finished before ACE outdoor area became a thing. With all the adds around now it is a nightmare to try to achieve and the concept of out of combat races should have been put into effect with that.

    It took me a bit to think of what you are talking about her but yes anytime you are boost flying and have to fly through like fire escape staircases or support beams you will instantly be slowed down like you were in combat. You have to use slow movement for these parts unless you are just that perfect at aiming. It's not a bad design per say, but a bit unexpected when you can just slam into buildings and skim along them without experiencing the same effect.

    To get that final feat for not having boosted flight as a skill I ended up finding the Little Bohemia expert flight as the easiest to make up the lost time of the boost as you could use Swoop when diving to pick up speed and on PC at least you can hold the spacebar to go straight up much quicker than the normal flight speed. Holding both spacebar and the directional keys makes slightly increased speed at an upward angle as well. I believe playing with a controller has the same capabilities but I have only done that once for this game so am not sure.
    Good Luck with your future races!
  9. Dragonnes Well-Known Player

    But there is a restart option. I don't know how it is on console, but on PC in the keybinds settings there is a button called "Toggle PDA" which is " \ " by default (it's right next to backspace key). Pressing it during the race brings up the option to quit the race and it allows you to retry the race immediately. It proved quite useful for me when I was doing race feats.
    Outside the race it just brings up pause menu.

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  10. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    Whaaaaattttt!?! :eek: I never knew this

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