R.I. ComiCon 2017

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    So, as November approaches, I excitedly await my ticket to arrive in the mail for RI ComiCon 2017. Despite this one being a pain in butt to physically get into due to the horrendous parking situation in downtown Providence, RI and the line that wraps around the convention center that morning [though it does move steadily], it is a really fun Con to go to. The Panels on the satuday are really diverse and the selcetion of books and merchandise is really large as well.

    I am not going to lie, I check the updates on celebrity/artist guests and saw that Sam Keith [The Maxx] will be there and I kind of geek-ed out a bit. I really love his work on The Maxx and it is one of the few comics I collect the single issues of. His art style really speaks to me and I really strive to produce work as close to that as possible. I debate getting my Maxx #1 signed by him or even ask/pay for a sketch from him, as my wife informed me that for X-Mas she is turining one of our unused bedrooms into my Art/Comic room and a Sam Keith Maxx sketch would be really nice to hang on the wall.

    If anyone here is planning on attending let me know, it would be cool to meet up and say hey.