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  1. Prodigy_Deity New Player

    I dont know if this is in the right section but if not may a mod move it please.

    Anyways, i think that it would be good if the R&D scanners were account bound instead of being stuck on the toon you bought them in. If you buy them then obviously you would want to use them on the toon you need them on instead of having to use them and move the stacks to another threw mail or the shared box.
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  2. YodaDog New Player

  3. NurfEverything New Player

  4. Dead_Corps New Player

    it's like crack rock only you will smoke it.

    Easy fix would be to buy them on the toon that you want to smoke them with.
  5. iBehemoth New Player

    I agree but it's not much of an issue is it? Like you said, you can simply mail it/use shared bank to move them to the other toon.
    -Also, when you use them, it'd probably be a good idea to capture a video of the gameplay if you can. That way you can mimic the movements and have a new exo hunting route.:)
  6. Prodigy_Deity New Player

    Not saying its an issue at all. As most of you know you do get a feat for gathering these bits which by using the R&D scanners you gather quite a bit. The reason why you wouldn't have bought the scanners on other toons is like me I had bought them during the sale on the toon which at the time was my main. Now my secondary is the one I play on more and would be more convenient to be able to move the scanners the. By mailing them all which could take longer.

    Not a huge issue again but worth a easy update to make these account bound which then did to respec tokens if I'm not mistaken
  7. Phantasy2013 Dedicated Player

    +1000. If Tokens can be account bound, so can R&D Scanners.
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  8. Prodigy_Deity New Player

    Exactly my point. I know this wouldn't be a hard change since they have done it before.
  9. EconoKnight Dedicated Player

    Why are real world money items not all account bound? They're afraid I'll give it to myself? I'm stuck sitting on a name change device I can't use, delete or trade because it ended up in the wrong character inventory on my account. That inventory / bank slot is gone forever. How does that even make sense? I'm punished because I bought something? It's certainly made me reluctant to purchase other things; I don't want to end up losing more space forever.
  10. Luthia1281 New Player

    Completely agree. I have a ton of scanners I would like to switch to one of my flying toons... SS is horrible for farming
  11. Aiden Warren New Player

    Also add the timer to it In the Map menu and or let it stack -.-
    Meaning if you activate 2 of them it goes up to 30 minutes.
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  12. Prodigy_Deity New Player

    YES!!!! The scanners need some sort of timers.

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