Quick Q: EUPS , EUPC OR USPC for most players.

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  1. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    Buddy asked me which of the 3 servers has most players.

    He doesn't care much about graphics and knows USPS has most but out of the 3 servers he has access to which do you think has the most players?

    I know nobody will be sure but a rough number of guesses may give a guess at things for him.

    So anybody thats played on all 3 and finds one pops more then the rest or is more active in general , please speak up now! :p

    Cheers folks


    Oh and he asked for which ROLES are needed aswell. Trollers right?
  2. Volkenraider Loyal Player

    I'm on EUPS and recently made a toon on USPC and judging from the LFG and Watchtower I can say that EUPS has more.. also from my understanding USPC pvp scrimms are non existent. Bear in mind my USPC toon is low level but still the LFG doesn't change. Bear in mind the time so populations vary

    no clue about EUPC but think it has less people than USPC

    Troll and Tanks are always needed, but I think thats in all servers xD
  3. La Shark Dedicated Player

  4. Deranya Dedicated Player

    Hard to tell from one person, cause the time zones play a big role. I was on USPC once and it was empty, but with my luck it was in the middle of the night or early morning there, so I can't compare it to EUPC. A real statistic would be much better suited for this question, I think.
  5. Redscreen5 New Player

    USPS has the highest from what iv'e been told and im sure EUPS would come second. I played on EUPC way back when there were more people but it's a ghost town compared to PS. Even though its the better platform (less lag etc.)
  6. Mr Rocky New Player

    EUPC is the smallest sadly, but we're friendly bunch...at least the villains are, ironically the heroes are SOOOOOO rude
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  7. AlwaysFumbles Well-Known Player

    I've only ever played on USPC. I would have to guess EUPC is dead last. As for EUPS and USPC, maybe we could compare rare items on the broker. It would make sense that the higher population would have a higher amount of super rare items.