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  1. Thunderstrikke Well-Known Player

    I can test myself when I get home, but since I'm stuck at work working on DCUO (lol), thought I'd ask the question: How are the stat bonus' applied on the artifacts? So are the stat bonuses added first, then the stat is multiplied by the bonus %, or the other way around (it makes a difference). For example, artifact 1 = +3%, +1500 pts, Artifact 2 = +4%, +800pts. Base stat is 50,000. Is it:

    50,000+1,500+800 = 52,300*(1+.03+.04) = 55,961 or
    50,000*(1+.03+.04) = 53,500 + 1,500+800 = 55,800

    Realize not a huge difference in this example, but you get the idea

    And then whichever way, I assume all artifacts are added at once? I assume the effect is +7%, not 100*103%, then 103%*104% = 107.1%?
  2. spack2k Steadfast Player

    Good question, that has never been addressed by a dev, i guess one can look for himself ingame and do the math if one is interested.
  3. Berza Well-Known Player

    If I recall correctly, one dev said once that all percentages are added together on top of base stats. So Stat points goes first, then all percentages from any source, including SP, artifacts, league proficiencies or effects from powers.
  4. Berza Well-Known Player

    From Batuba in another thread:
    To give an example:
    I have 1000 Vitalization before artifacts and in DPS role. Artifact "A" gives me 3% vit. Artifact "B" gives me 5% vit, and Artifact "C" gives me 2% vit. My total gain from artifacts is 10% vitalization which would put me at 1100 total Vitalization.
    However, if I have Artifact "A" and Artifact "B" equipped (total of 8% vit increase), I see on my character sheet that I have 1080 vit. I then add Artifact "C" which grants 2%... but that is not 2% of 1080, but instead 2% of 1000.
    In your case... if you are in Controller role, you are getting 35% vitalization increase just for being in that role (as well as any skill points that increase vit). So adding 3% from Claw is really now saying 38% of base vitalization (35% from controller stance + and 3% from Claw).
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  5. Illumin411 Committed Player

    One day I took more time than I'm willing to admit and for the most part figured out how how all the stat calculations work, at last the ones that applied to my main character, including the venom wrist dispenser and cog of mageddon buffs. The only variables whose place in the algorithm I wasn't able to pinpoint were the league buffs and generator mods since you can't remove and reapply those willy-nilly. I think I still have my Excel spreadsheet saved somewhere.

    If I remember correctly all semi-permanent percentage modifiers (artifact % stats, A&B affinity mods, SP % boosts 5-100) are applied non-compounding to the sum of all static stats from gear, static artifact stats, static SP stats, augment stats (minus lvl15 bonuses) and generator mod stats.

    On a related topic, I have to say I was disappointed that the Metal II Dom adaptive augment defense bonuses at 18 and 23 don't factor in the tank role defense buff. Then again, a 12% total defense buff would probably be a little too OP if they did.
  6. Brav Well-Known Player

    The Base Numbers of One Stat is Added up and then Multiplied by the Total Percentage for that Stat, Resulting in the Percentage Increase, Which is then Added to the Base Stat, Finalizing the Total for that Stat.

    (Side Note: You can take a look at the break down, I created awhile back. Gear Mods are now Augments. Break down = Stat Calculation Guide).
  7. Walvine Well-Known Player

    My rough gues is load order will always maintain same over all Bonus regardless load order because they are bound to the primary Stat counter then the fixed values are stacked after not the percentages.

    S skill point = (point x asigned stat value)
    Rank = percentage from asigned counter set value
    Stat ,ID = (level up stat + gear stat + S)
    SP skill percentage ranks= (rank÷stat)
    Gm mod percentage = (rank÷stat,duration + power cells x3 duration)
    Am affinity percentage = (rank÷stat , duration)
    Ap artifact percentage (rank÷stat)
    Ae artifact effect percentage (rank÷stat,duration)
    Reactive stat,duration !!!
    Subtractor = negative effects some artifacts have !!!

    Bonus = (Sp + Gm + Am + Ap + Ae)
    Final stat = (stat ) + (Bonus - !Subtractor + content buff relevence - content debuff relevence )
    I'm sure they more hidden attributes thats been left out but ...shrug.
  8. Thunderstrikke Well-Known Player

    Thanks for the responses guys. I must have been busy the following few days and never saw the responses until now, so sry. I ended up doing my own testing and came to the conclusions most of you have above: all stat points added together first, then multipliers are all added together and applied to the total stat points.

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